Fake Cosplay Guns Banned From GamesCom Due To Terrorist Attacks
Payday 2 Cosplay
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

The terrorists are making life dull for everyone the world around. Security concerns have kicked up over the latest terrorist attacks in Germany and France, prompting the organizers of GamesCom, which takes place between August 17th and August 19th in Cologne, Germany, to ban all imitation guns, fake guns or toy guns used in cosplay costumes.

Sky News is reporting that GamesCom organizers issued the following statement for attendees, where they explained…

“Due to the terrible incidents of the past weeks, the safety and preventions measures at Gamescom 2016 have been adapted,”[…] “The measures apply for all participants of Gamescom.”


[…] “Due to the incidents of the past days, we would kindly ask for your understanding that all imitation weapons or weapon-like items forming part of your costume are not permitted at Gamescom 2016.”

You can read the full press statement over on the official GamesCom website.

As the headline image shows, pretty much all 1:1 Payday cosplays and cosplays similar games will no longer be possible. Cosplays will now have to feature the characters holding non “weapon-like items” simply because their iconic weapons are no longer allowed on the show floor. Expect to see some rather odd replacements for some characters and their guns.

Exhibitors who plan on having cosplayers walk the show floor as part of their promotional campaign will have to have their imitation weapons pre-registered ahead of time and approved by the organizers. Also, no one is allowed to use imitation weapons, toy guns or fake guns off of the GamesCom premises, as explained in the press notice…

“As well as cosplayers, walking acts of the exhibitors are also still welcome at gamescom. However, these must be registered in advance and possible imitation weapons or weapon-like items will be examined and labelled before gamescom begins. After being examined these parts of the costume will not leave the fair grounds again throughout.”

[Update 8/16/2016: According to the CBC, rubber swords, replica weapons of any sort and crafted melee weapons are also prohibited.]

This event follows recently on the heels of one of Germany’s television networks banning the airing of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive e-sports tournament due to the Munich shooting.

Terrorists seem to be making gaming worse even when gaming has nothing to do with terrorism.

Even still, these sanctions, restrictions and acts of censorship have been slowly increasing over the past two years in the world of gaming, both in terms of the topic of sexism in gaming and games in relation to real-world violence.

Social activists have been increasingly trying to condemn and conflate gaming and gamers with various forms of gun violence or sexual violence while clearly ignoring some of the religious attachments many of these recent heinous crimes have to Islamic sects, such as the attacks in Brussels that were covered up by the media, or the other multiple attacks that have occurred in Paris and Germany, as reported by New Observer Online.

Unfortunately, the corrupt media have been attempting to put the cause of a lot of societal issues and turmoil on the gaming industry’s plate and they’ve been doing it quite aggressively since 2014, after gamers exposed lots of corruption in the gaming media circuit and documented it on the website Deepfreeze.it along with bringing it to the public’s awareness using #GamerGate.

In the meantime, however, gaming will have to take responsibility for actions no one in the community actually committed and that means no more imitation guns being used in cosplay at events such as GamesCom.

(Main image courtesy of CoolFrank96)

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  • DizzyGear

    [Update 8/16/2016: According to the CBC, rubber swords, replica weapons of any sort and crafted melee weapons are also prohibited.]

    While I could reluctantly understand banning props resembling firearms in light of recent events, this is just fucking retarded.

  • Horrorstorm

    Thanks islam.

  • Alistair

    Do not know what to say about this, sure protection of lives is Top priority then anything esle.

    Some will say its a knee-Jerk response & why as you see those guns are clearly marked orange.

    & what about getting on with our lives do not let terrorists change our dairy routine. As for these murderous terrorists they are no better then normal criminals.

    In the end they quite sad & the aim of terrorists is take out many people as they can. but if they cant they take a disruption for a win. either way we screwed.

    So in a way by changing you give the terrorists what they wanted.

    I say above i do not know what to think of this. As there no answer some people would agree about the changes others Wouldn’t.

    I know 1 thing for sure they not gamers.

    • In the end they quite sad & the aim of terrorists is take out many
      people as they can. but if they cant they take a disruption for a win.
      either way we screwed.

      This is what makes no sense to me.

      World police: “We can’t let terrorist win!”

      *Terrorist attack*

      World police: “Sorry, but all your freedoms are now locked down to prevent terrorist attacks.”

      Terrorist win once you start restricting and taking away freedoms in order to protect… freedom.

  • C G Saturation


  • scemar

    1- this is actually a reasonable thing, considering there’s a different jihad incident daily somewhere in those countries, toy guns are fun but protecting lives should be priority

    2-however, this might ultimately prove futile as we’ve seen they’ll use explosives, guns, knives and vehicules to get the results done anyway, that’s the sad truth

    3-In the end they reap what they sow, they created this dangerous status quo situation by not even having the most basic of screening filters whatsoever when importing millions of people from dangerous regions, with and abnormally high level of dangerous people, that was both stupid and irresponsible

    • durka durka

      the utter idiocy of europe is not having a common policy on anything. if it was like usa it would have a coming policy. But hey “muh sovereignty” Also i doubt muslims will cosplay.

  • Mr.Towel

    Coming up in 2017… Germany’s Council for Women’s Equality bans all phallic objects from all conventions!

    Burqas and bomb-like objects are allowed though. It’s insensitive to not respect cultural differences.

  • LurkerJK

    I bet if they do finger guns or bring walkie talkies they will still get arrested