Former Mighty No. 9 CM Tried To Inject Feminist Politics Into Game
Mighty No. 9
(Last Updated On: August 28, 2016)

Dina Abou Karam, the former community manager for Comcept’s Kickstarted side-scroller, Mighty No. 9, discussed her side of the story of what transpired with the crowd-funded game. A detailed account on the Dina controversy was cataloged on Know Your Meme. Furthermore, leaked chat logs from Crash Override Network reveal what she had intended for the game and how she felt about the people behind the project.

There’s a mega thread over on Kotaku in Action that contains links to the full chat logs, but user IE_5 put together a small collection of the logs containing Dina’s portion in a separate post. The quoted text below are excerpts from the logs, formatted for readability purposes. The particular discussion in question took place on December 28th, 2014.

Dina is asked by some of the individuals in the chat about her involvement with Mighty No. 9, where she explains…

“Oh ask away, I never got to publicly defend myself in fact I was explicitly forbidden to.


“We could not figure out how to ban because the forums were broken until 2 months in so I had to moderate abusers for 2 months. the outrage was because I said when I was a backer that I’d like a playable female option Beck actually haha”

Dina goes on to explain that Comcept – her employers – were sexist. She explains that she had to work hard to get things changed in Mighty No. 9, stating…

“You all have no fucking idea how sexist my employer is and what I had to do to get them to 1) change no.2 into a girl 2) make Beck’s rival Ray into a black woman presenting androgynous 3) add another big character as female which I can’t tell you about because they have not been revealed yet.


“Oh [Mighty No 9] still has the trademark japanese underlying sexism. […] I was just gonna keep my head down and not say anything SJW-ey when I first got the job but after they tried to get me fired/kill myself I went full feminist and it kinda worked haha.”

For context, many gamers had felt as if Dina being part of the project was borne out of nepotism because she was dating one of the people working on Mighty No. 9. There was a lot of disgruntlement shared on social media (well before the chat logs were leaked) that Dina appeared to be trying to inject Social Justice Warrior ideology into the project. This was in addition to claims of lots of censorship happening on the forum against backers who said things that Dina did not approve of, as well as general antagonism towards backers whose views did not align with her own.

The news about the chat logs managed to make their way to the Mighty No. 9 sub-Reddit, where some of the users referred to various sources stating that what Dina claimed about injecting feminism into the project is false or contradictory to other information out there.

NackTheDragon did a point-by-point breakdown sourcing information that states that a lot of the things Dina is claiming credit for was already in development before she joined the team.

B-Volleyball-Ready links to a post on Gameranx where a Comcept representative denied that community managers had any sway over the development of the game, where they state…

“Will the community manager be skewing things the way they would personally like to see the game? Will the community manager ignore views that don’t match with their own personal ideals? Will the community manager lose the community’s desires due to unfamiliarity with the type of game we are making? Will the community manager be creating their own robots and levels and programming, or changing the game in any way, from what the core creative team wants?! A lot of these or similar questions have been raised.


“The good news is that the answer, in all cases, is no.”


[…] “As far as affecting the game in other ways, rest assured all direction and decisions are still in the hands of all the same people they have been from the start. Everyone should know that choosing a community manager is not something the team took lightly — all the key players at Comcept were involved in the selection and hiring process, all the way up to and including Inafune himself. We are supremely confident we made a great choice, as we think you will all agree as you get to know Dina and see her work.”

Whether or not Dina had any effect on the outcome of Mighty No. 9 is something only Comcept could confirm, but according to their public statement regarding the role of the community manager (made in response to the backlash that they were receiving in regards to Dina censoring a large part of the community based on personal ideology and making statements that made the community worried about the direction of the project), it sounds like her role did not affect the development of the game.

However, in a video archive from the Internet Aristocrat, he goes through some tweets and other logs that appear to show that Dina was working with the art team on the character designs, which seems to indicate that she may have had some influence on the game’s direction after all.

Of course, regardless of the outcome, the chat logs do reveal that Dina did appear to want to inject feminist/Social Justice Warrior ideals into the game, which was the fear that many gamers had when she first joined the project.

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  • SR

    FUCK YOU Dina Abou Karam! Fuck your feminism! It was you who destroyed Inafune reputation!

  • Cosmic Squid Queen

    I think the thing that always annoys me the most about this whole thing is the nepotism in the end. I’m not against the idea of FINDING connections and showing them you have the guff and skill to land a job. It’s just the idea of companies and teams refusing to go outside their shit social circle for talent they need and going for less simply because they fit an ideal and other mudane shit that at the end of the day should not matter. On top of that, Dian wasn’t hired for her skill but rather because she is another example of someone banging their way to the top and offering nothing. She wasn’t really on the creative team, was she, even with her artwork. She was just a community manager. So even with the skills she had she still was not part of the ACTUAL creative team and was just there on the side because her boyfriend gave her a little ‘fun job’ but somehow she wormed her way through and tried to inject….something into the story.

    What EXACTLY was she trying to do? What was the point? At the end of the day MN9 was more or less a piss-poor alt universe fan-fic game that cost a good million so what 2edgy4u story were they trying to put into this and why? I can tell you it wasn’t for the benefit of actual interesting storyteling but rather more of the same ‘Ain’t we smart n edgy’ bullcrap we see with these guys who try to act as if they’re so political and worldly. If there is anything I have learned from people who are too obsessed with politics in stories its that they can’t WRITE plot or characterization or even a good message. What they CAN write are strawmen, right from the protagonist to the antagonist, everything being so black and white and in the end it comes out so god damn BORING. Remember Sunset? How it couldn’t hold attention with its story because the only thing it had going for it was the protagonist’s skin color and gender. Outside of that, it was an awful game with awful characterization and I can only guess that had Dina gotten her way, MN9 would have been even worse than it was.

    I never backed the game because at the time I COULD NOT but after all the fall out I am glad that I didn’t. Something as simplistic as a Megaman clone should not be weighted down and delayed because of things such as a COMMUNITY MANAGER fucking people over because the game wasn’t feminist or PC enough for HER. Not EVERYONE on the team; for HER.

    She was NOT the main programmer, she was NOT on the creative team or story writing teams, she had nothing to do with the larger portions of the game or the actual building of the game in general. She was a god damn community manager. I could have understood it if she were PROMOTED based on actual skill rather than who’s dick was in her, but she wasn’t yet she acted as if she should have been allowed all this free access and privileges WHY? JUST because she is a woman?


    SJW always bitch about privilege but they sure as hell act as if they are entitled to everything they’ve never worked for. And the comments about ‘trade mark underlying sexism’? Did she ever explain WHAT those were and WHY she thought it was sexist? Just saying ‘trademark underlying sexism’ doesn’t answer any questions because no one knows what the fuck that means? Is she talking about titty and ass flashing? I don’t remember MM ever doing shit like THAT? Is she talking about jokes that don’t translate over to English well? WHAT WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

    tl;dr- the whole thing just sucked for me simply because of the nepotism like I said. Dina really didn’t ‘deserve’ or work for all her power she got but rather only got it because she was in bed with the right guy at the right time. Maybe if she had actually contributed something positive to this, okay. Good for her. But she didn’t. All she did was talk out her ass and abuse the power that was gifted to her and act as if she was in charge of more than what was really happening. This is just depressing because it shows that its not skill that gets people to their dream jobs but rather ideology. If you fit into the clique, you can get in no matter how shit you are.

    • Well said.

      I actually think MN9 could have turned out a lot better if a CM had taken some of the proper grievances to the devs and there was more of an honest communication between both parties, instead of it turning into a funkfest with the forums getting a bad rep as a “sexist” and “misogynistic” den because the views of the backers didn’t align with Dina’s.

      It’s such a shame because I was really looking forward to a cool new Mega Man game. 20xx is okay, but it’s not quite up to par to the old Mega Man titles.

      • Cosmic Squid Queen

        I know a lot of MM fans are looking forward for a new game and I think a new game would be a great way to introduce NEW fans to the series rather than having MM star in cameos and porting the same games over and over on different platforms. I mean, think about it; all the classic Mario games have been ported over but Nintendo doesn’t rely on JUST the old classics being on new platforms to carry the love of the series. They will KEEP making new games so I don’t see why the same shouldn’t happen with Megaman. MN9 seemed like a good idea but the wrong ideals were enforced and by wrong ideals I mean ideals based on politics and pleasing people who had nothing to do with the fandom instead of focusing in what could have done with the art, the gameplay and the like, things that are CORE to the game.

        And it says something that a oh-so-smart community manager can’t keep ahold of the game that she had been given, From the way Dina inflated her own ego, she made it seem like she was some invincible tower of power that the ‘lol neeeerds’ wouldn’t be able to knock down but as we saw, she folded, I can get people getting TIRED of assholes in forums but what is it with these people folding in and crying at stupid forum assholes? I mean, speaking as a woman myself these bitches are making all women look incapable of being on the internet. I’ve been called Nigger, retarded, and all sorts of shit over the years online but I never cried over it. I never thought about killing myself and I’m just an average lass with no high power jobs that requires you to spend a lot of time online. When I see these people crying, calling for censorship and so on it makes me realize that as introverted I am I am no where near as thin skinned as this shit. Seriously, take care of the issue if it gets that out of hand. You’re the fucking CM for gods sake. But nope, banning only happened when people asked LEGIT concern over the game.

        And people say these are the women we’re supposed to look up towards as LEADERS? They have absolutely NO people skills, hide behind their labels rather than standing on their own merits and don’t even have the sense of humor to know when they can stand above shit that is stupid and then they attack people who have NOTHING to do with the real issue.

        Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker. It’s no wonder we’re still getting shit done when it comes to ‘diversifying’ characters if these are the assholes who are in charge of it. They haven’t gotten shit done yet they still take in the dough from what little work they do.

  • Phasmatis75

    Anyone remember on the way out she bragged about all the things people claimed about her were true, and even told people not to purchase the game. Mighty Number 9 fans are honestly delusional if they believe she didn’t do any of this.

  • I agree absolutely that she’s bullshitting herself and others about her impact on development.
    I also think the devs are absolutely full of shit for defending her (professionalism, they’re fine to defend her personally from abuse she may receive) or for saying a community manager have zero influence.
    The community manager can curate the information the dev teams gets from backers/fans.

    That is a MASSIVE about of power.
    The only way for it to be meaningless is if the devs are going to say they ENTIRELY ignore backers. Which would be a mistake.
    Now, I’m actually AGAINST development being democratised by every fuck with an email address and a few bucks being taken seriously by professionals (it ruins MMOs when forum whiners are considered too much) but there is a balance to be achieved where you address concerns and check to see if you’re going in the right direction. Which we know mighty no9 failed to do ><

  • TT

    so basically i gave 280 dollars for a shitty mega man ripoff ruined by an invasive self-absorbed cunt? Cool.

    • TT

      I just have to wonder how they thought she was a good idea for a hire to
      begin with? I heard about the bf thing(didn’t hear about the
      controversy until GG started), but surely Inafune would know it would
      make them look bad.
      Either he really didn’t care, or like all other professional feminists, maybe she slept her way to those positions…

  • Forte

    We said this was exactly what would happen day 1. Mighty No. 9 and the backers who defended Dina and every poor decision made from start to finish got what they deserve.

    The question now: When it inevitably happens again to a different game, will any one believe people like the backers of Mighty No. 9 that tried to stop this, or will they too be shrugged off? I’ll wager that no one has learned anything from this ordeal.

    • Well… if it happens again at least you have a link to point to for proof of what happens when people don’t listen. Sort of like a preemptive “I told you so.”

    • C G Saturation

      They will shrug it off. People will just hope it won’t happen, and attack anyone who tries to warn them. That’s what always seems to happen.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    “Of course, regardless of the outcome, the chat logs do reveal that Dina
    did appear to want to inject feminist/Social Justice Warrior ideals into
    the game, which was the fear that many gamers had when she first joined
    the project.”

    And as long as Comcept stays quiet on the matter, as they have throughout the entire project, we’ll never know for sure how involved she was with the process. However it is good to now have some proof that the concerns of the backers were founded and justified.

    But at the end of the day, I still don’t really care about Dina’s ideals. It might have affected how she handled her Community Managers duties, but it was Comcept that let her and her volunteer mods turn the forums into a joke. And all of this could’ve easily been forgiven and considered trivial in the grand scheme of things if the game turned out ok, but we all know that didn’t happen.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    “Of course, regardless of the outcome, the chat logs do reveal that Dina
    did appear to want to inject feminist/Social Justice Warrior ideals into
    the game, which was the fear that many gamers had when she first joined
    the project.”

    And as long as Comcept stays quiet on the matter, as they have throughout the entire project, we’ll never know for sure how involved she was with the process. However it is good to now have some proof that the concerns of the backers were founded and justified.

    But at the end of the day, I still don’t really care about Dina’s ideals. It might have affected how she handled her Community Managers duties, but it was Comcept that let her and her volunteer mods turn the forums into a joke. And all of this could’ve easily been forgiven and considered trivial in the grand scheme of things if the game turned out ok, but we all know that didn’t happen.

  • C G Saturation

    Last I heard, “community manager” does not mean “creative director”. Anyone with a brain would fire the blatant lunatic sociopath as soon as she outsteps the bounds of her job.

    Meanwhile, the mainstream media still defends her and silences anyone who even mentions her. The sheep follow suit, blindly defending her because the media told them to. Modern society = undying support for crazy sociopathic assholes while suppressing intelligent discourse and people with talent or skill. Yeah, that’s real great for humanity in the long run. Not.

    • “Anyone with a brain would fire the blatant lunatic sociopath as soon as she outsteps the bounds of her job.”

      It’s a hassle to fire these kinds of assholes though. Because the moment they are told they are fired, they’ll immediately scream “sexism”, and then log on to Tumblr, Twitter, etc. to let everyone know. And that’s when the lynch mobs go after the employer.

      The drama and “sexism” card has created a fear-mongering climate which makes employers afraid to sack female employees.

      Therefore an employer better have a good lawyer and some water-tight evidence and reasons to justify firing said person.

      • C G Saturation

        Well, that’s true, too. She said some bullshit like that already, that they were trying to get rid of her and “make her kill herself”.

  • Hawk Hopper

    The way SJWs try to inject their nonsense into everything reminds me of a disease that has a gender studies degree and a ton of college debt.

  • LurkerJK

    this is supposed to be a black woman ? who the fuck cares, its a fucking robot, last time i checked robots are not mammals and need no gender

    I love the megaman x series but the “story” has always been their lowest point, i dont think the regular megaman series even has a story outside a page in the manual

    I was quite surprised at how much dialogue and text mighty n°9 had when i watched a stream, i guess you cant insert agendas without that

    • Cosmic Squid Queen

      To be honest, no one would have cared what skin color the characters had if the people behind it not acted as if they deserved to have their asses kissed BECAUSE they choose a certain color.

      The best diversity happens when people just DO and have fun with it. The worst happens when people act as if they’re saviors and should be praised and then get into hissy fits when people don’t give them the loads of attention they want.

  • Alistair

    She started her job well as community manager as polite but Couldn’t resist to play the femmist SJW card.

    Such a shame though in the end there only 1 outcome she resign or sacked.

    • scemar

      sounds like she was waiting for a chance to act out of her true intentions since the beginning

      it’s like the sort of people who give of one impression to get hired, but then act a different way once they are in

      • C G Saturation

        Sounds like what tends to happen with boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • Mr. Greis

    A lot of these logs are posturing, people need to remember that.

    Dina is probably lying about what sway she had. Take much of what she said happened with a grain of salt. Zoey is a notorious liar as well, she may have deliberately attempted to sabotage the Game Jam — but I question how actually effective she was. Probably would have helped if she behaved like an adult instead of a petulant child.

    Her greatest concern is breaking the NDA at this point. Also, she said she had no problems with JonTron during interviews after the fact – if I remember right – but now we know that not to be true. She found him an irritant at the start, the producer didn’t push for anything it would seem.

    I wouldn’t believe all of her story, but that’s how you know a good liar. They pepper it with truth to make it believable. She’s learned a lot since her time as a model and with that photographer. That she failed to ruin the career of. She exaggerated too much, then, as opposed to now.

    Shame Polaris doesn’t have the balls to pursue litigation. PR nightmare may be right, but at this point Zoey isn’t exactly the same media darling that they tried to sell her as.

    Just saying, all of these logs you need to realize are a bunch of manchildren bullshitting with each other. Take a lot of what they say as you would joking around.

    There may be underlying truth to their jokes, but in the end you just have to realize that extremes are bad. They may feel as they say, they may genuinely want this or that, but the problem remains they say a lot of this stuff in confidence. Along with sucking up to one another.

    There’s gonna be a lot of… I wanna say interference. It’s all bravado. Keep your head cool and read between the lines.

    • LinKurosawa

      Its a shame cause ligitation is the one thing that would destroy these parasites once and for all.

    • scemar

      No thanks, I’d rather use anything they use against them

      of course I doubt she is responsible for N2 being a girl, but why care?

      why give her any ounce of benefit?

      • Mr. Greis

        I’m not defending anyone.

        I just prefer things not to blow up in anyone’s face. Particularly when they’re trying to prove something about someone, makes that person untouchable.

    • I agree.

      However, I have no idea what the actual truth is because all of the media websites reporting on these matters have lied greatly about these events to the point where there is no trustworthy source on these matters, including the people directly involved.

      I wish JonTron and TotalBiscuit would go on record since they are trustworthy, but they really don’t want to go any further than what they’ve already committed to saying about some of these matters.

      • C G Saturation

        They know the media will just take anything they say out of context, anyway. Recent leaks prove they are paid by you-know-who to do that. I can see it now:

        Mainstream media headline: “Misogynistic male celebs block women from sexist industry”

        What they actually said: “I worked with her”

    • C G Saturation

      Lately, I keep thinking back to when people assured me that things get better after school in regards to adults acting more reasonable and mature. The reality is that adults are often even worse than children.

      Of course, I already knew that back then, thanks to the tons of teachers I met who acted like spoiled brats and abused their position to ruin people’s lives. Seeing the same shit everywhere in the adult world.

  • ” “Oh [Mighty No 9] still has the trademark japanese underlying sexism.
    […] I was just gonna keep my head down and not say anything SJW-ey when I
    first got the job but after they tried to get me fired/kill myself I
    went full feminist and it kinda worked haha.” “

    Absolute scum.

    And fuck the fanboys and backers who insulted and attacked the concerned people who tried to warn them. They deserve Dina Karam.

    This case should serve as a warning to any developers, publishers and localizers that hiring these SJW-feminist fucktards is the road to suicide.

    • scemar

      I find the racism remarkable

      SJW are racist, not “lol racist” like when the word gets thrown around 99% of the time now, it is meaningless

      I mean they are legit racist, they have hatred of japan and anything japanese and it pours out of them

      and of course she knows what she is doing, this is the same people who later ask why am I being targeted I did nothing wrong? they know people hate them, and they purposely try to get away with as much as they can

      their mindset is “gee I wonder how much of a cancer I can be without getting fired” that’s why there should be no mercy for them, they know what they’re getting into and going all out against them is the only real way to make them stop

      • “going all out against them is the only real way to make them stop”


        GamerGate at the very beginning tried to reasonably debate with SJWs (to an extent), but they won’t not accept. After all, SJWs and feminists do not operate on facts, reason and logic, and they never will.

        GamerGate being the nice guys has made themselves an easy target for the SJWs.

        Going all out against them is most likely the only way. But we must always remember to use facts, reason and logic when doing so. SJWs have the mainstream media, news media and games media on their side, which means that they have access to the ‘normies’. So any ‘wrong move’ by GG and they’ll go straight to the mainstream games media to spread it.

        It’s been 2-3 years now, and these bastards still haven’t gone. Unbelievable.

        • scemar

          yeah but facts and reason should only be there when others are watching, and if it matters

          they should be there as a disclaimer for future reference

          “see, we argued, and they could not argue back”

          but facts don’t actually beat SJW because SJW are fact immune

          what has actually managed to hurt the SJW more than anything has been once this sort of anti sjw sentiment has reached a critical mass, and people stopped even bothering to argue why SJW are cancer, and just outright started calling them cancer in big enough numbers the SJW had to run away with the tail tucked in

          SJW fear 2 things, legitimate fear
          one is being caught on the record and exposed to the public
          SJW in real life are two entirely different creatures if you show them you’re recording them, they go from angry rabbid beasts to scared and confused
          and the other thing is no longer having the upper hand
          once people are allowed to speak their mind, and they do it, SJW suddenly find themselves unable to shut others down and control the argument that way, they lose the illusion of outnumbering others they have

          outraging them is actually really really good, doing so in subtle ways ,well, basically trolling
          just makes them show their true side right away, that’s great

          facts are good but they’re only good so others can see the SJW could not deal with them, but they’re not really what has managed to put the SJW on retreat

          • As strange as it is, you’re actually right.

            The facts have been available since day one and many people ignore them or brush them under the table. Even when the proof is there that SJWs are wrong, people hand-wave it away.

            It isn’t until SJWs are either caught red-handed in the act where their own words can be used to crucify them, or they’re exposed to the public (e.g., Trigglypuff, red-headed SJW) do people finally wake up and realize that SJWs are cancer.

            Using logic and common sense all before then means nothing. People were warned that they’ve been trying to “take our games away” for a while, but no one listened until the U.N., finally came in to LITERALLY say they wanted to take away Japan’s games.

          • scemar

            I recommend checking scott adams and what he has written on his blog about the american’s presidential election

            a lot of it deals with persuasion, and how facts don’t actually have that much impact on the public opinion by themselves

            it’s all really interesting

          • C G Saturation

            I’ve learned that people don’t care about facts or truths, they just want to believe what they want to believe. If they don’t really care, then they will just believe whatever they heard first, or whatever they heard from someone who they believe is “reliable” (ie. someone they like).

            I’m sure the mainstream media is aware of all that, so they can manipulate people effectively. Tell people what they want to hear, pay someone popular to push an agenda, intentionally misreport with misleading headlines, and then quietly “correct” the errors later, etc.

          • You are correct, well said.

            Which further proves that the GG ‘Moderates’ and GG ‘Ethics-Only’ groups have been wrong.

            These SJWs simply cannot be reasoned with.

          • Holythirteen

            Okay, go scream into your echo chambers, let us “moderates” know how that goes.

          • scemar

            fun fact being moderate doesn’t automatically make you more right, it often correlates with it, but it’s not a true causation

          • Cole Pram

            I think being “moderate” actually means you’re at least willing to see more than one point of view, and sometimes you’re willing to make a compromise.

            Being and extremist on either end isn’t good. It tends to mean you see everyone that doesn’t agree with you as an enemy and you end up chasing off anyone that can help advance your goals.

            To “win” you need the majority on your side. “SJWs” do that by using PC culture to force people’s hands using scare tactics. “Either you do what we want, or I might have to use an ‘-ist’ word on you and ruin your career.”, It works because people feel like they’re individuals and no one will come to their rescue if the “SJW” mob descends on them. That’s why anonymity is the only way to fight them.

            Unfortunately, “anti-SJW” extremist don’t have that tactic available. They try to get people on their side by pointing out “SJW” hypocrisy and think that’s enough to get the majority to side against “SJWs”, but it’s not. Because 1. They act like assholes people don’t want to associate with in the first place while doing it. And 2. people are still more afraid of having their reputations ruined.

            The only way to “beat SJWs” is to convince the majority they don’t have to side with nonsensical ideals. To get the majority on your side you have to be able to take a moderate position and not be an asshole people don’t want to associate with. Otherwise, like Holythirteen said, all you’re doing is screaming into a crowd of people that already agree with you and instead of convincing new people to take up the cause, you’re chasing them away. Or worse, you’re forcing them to actually side with and become “SJWs” who are going to vocally oppose you.

          • “I think being “moderate” actually means you’re at least willing to see more than one point of view”

            Correct and that’s a good thing

            “and sometimes you’re willing to make a

            And that’s where they fail spectacularly

          • “I think being “moderate” actually means you’re at least willing to see more than one point of view”

            Correct and that’s a good thing

            “and sometimes you’re willing to make a

            And that’s where they fail spectacularly

          • Cole Pram

            “And that’s where they fail spectacularly”

            Maybe compromise wasn’t the right word, but we definitely need to be tactful.

            The alternative ends up alienating the masses, which also fails. If you lose support from the majority you can scream and stamp your feet all you want, but nothings going to change. In fact, you might have the opposite effect because you’re pushing moderates over to your opponents side.

            When people start saying, “Well, I guess X is right, Y is kind of extreme… Maybe Z isn’t such a bad idea”, then you end up losing things like anonymity and speech on certain topics, which is necessary to spread truth to convince people X is wrong and only trying to stack the deck in their favor.

          • Alistair

            I agree to a point but it hypocrisy of them they suppose to uphold they moral compass.

            Anything unmoral must be uprooted, they champion of online bullying but leaks in another thread shows.

            They the ones doing the bullying so of course it double standards.

            I too have said i do not care if they use kickstarter to ask help making they own games maybe the mainstream media would help out too.

            Let them show us they kind of games after all it a free market but they not thinking what i have said.

            So it doesn’t matter what i put does it and im okay with that too.

          • No echo chambers and no screaming from my end. I’m well aware of the situation from all sides, such as the Hardliners, Moderates, SJW-lites, Ethics-Only, Alt-Right, etc… it’s become a bit of mess to be honest.

            Of course, I don’t tar all Moderates with the same brush, I know that they’re some of the most nicest and reasonable people who can understand the situation at hand. So if you’re one of these, then my apologies.

            What I do find baffling however are the ones who seem to be dead set on wanting to listen to and accept SJW ideology and defending them as if their lives were on the line…… now this might sound “echo chamber” of me but do hear me out: we all know that SJW/feminist ideology operates on heavy censorship of video games and other entertainment media, not to mention the injection of political correctness. Therefore if one decides to accept SJW ideals, then that means that person is basically welcoming censorship and PC into the media. Which of course, completely goes against the core principles of GamerGate in the first place.

            You can maybe argue that some SJW ideas may not seem like censorship… but from what I’ve seen, their ideas are always either censorship OR political correctness. Which of course, is trumpeted under the false mask of “equality” and “diversity”.

            I have no problems with SJWs/feminists making their own games and putting as much Social Justice and feminist bullshit into it as they want. I actually encourage them to do this.

            What I do have a problem with however is when they try to censor and inject their own crap into existing media which means compromising a lot of material. Which of course means that the original fans of the compromised material (such as fan-service) lose out. This is apparently so-called “diversity”.

            ANALOGY: It’s basically SJWs turning up at my house, forcing their way in, changing all the decor, furniture, electrical, etc., stating it’s now THEIR house and kicking ME out of the house.

            Sorry for the long-winded post, but that’s my take on it.

          • Arbitrary

            “Okay, go scream into your echo chambers, let us “moderates” know how that goes.”

            Oh, dear. Someone feels a bit threatened.

            As well you should.

          • Uraharasensei

            This explains why they tend to dogpile on social media, they need that comfortable echo chamber

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    A community manager should NOT have that kind of pull over a game. Fucking ridiculous. Well, now we can rightly say that she contributed to it being an awful game.

  • Ardens Anima

    This makes me recall how people tried to defend her, saying that people were just being whiny assholes about her getting her job.

    So not only was she shit at her job, but she actually was trying to push feminism in the end.

    • scemar

      oh and she knew she could get away with it, she was doing exactly what people accused her of doing, while denying it, and ridiculing those that called it out and even before she started she speaks of keeping her head down until she can go all out

      this is a dishonest deliberate injection of her personal ideology against the will of all the backers and community, really disgusting