Free Shadwen Update Offers 14 Reworked Levels
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2016)

Frozenbyte announced that they have 14 reworked levels available as part of a free update for PC, Mac and Linux users for Shadwen, their recently released action-stealth game.

The update and the levels are redesigned where players must escape from the castle in reverse order while dealing with a new difficulty curve and focusing on trying to achieve some hidden treasures.

The update also features some much needed bug fixes, AI tweaks and a little bit of tender, love and care to ensure that the game runs as smooth as possible.

Shadwen’s 14-level free update is part of Frozenbyte’s celebration of its 15 years of being active within the gaming industry. You can see the video tribute below featuring a decade and a half of great games from Frozenbyte.

The video tribute starts with Frozenbyte’s lesser-known trilogy called Shadowgrounds and then moves on up toward their more popular series, Trine. It’s amazing that it’s been seven years since the first game came out. It seemed like it was just a couple of years ago when it was making waves on home consoles and PC.

The video covers other Frozenbyte titles such as Splot, along with the enchanted edition of Trine before moving on toward their latest outing, Shadwen.

The third-person stealth game sees players having lots of options at their disposal in how they traverse through the environment and take out enemy troops.

It’s possible to use traps, physics and plain ‘ole knives to cut down, crush, trick and outwit the guards in the game.

The latest update is available right now for those of you who already own a copy of Shadwen, so you can hop into the new content right now. Alternatively, if you’re not entirely sure that it’s a game worth getting, you can download the free demo to play-test the title to see if it’s something that suits your gameplay tastes.

For more info feel free to visit the official Frozenbyte website.

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