Officially Shuts Down
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

Penning the final piece on, owner Nick Denton takes time to reflect on the 13 year history of the tabloid website, which is closing up after losing a lawsuit to Hulk Hogan and being bought out by Univision. The piece is titled “How Things Work”, and it’s a follow-up to Max Read’s damage control piece that places blame on any and everyone but the one thing that destroyed Gawker: Gawker.

With the self-awareness of a Charley Chimp toy, Denton brazenly tries to position Gawker as an underdog punching up at some oppressively bloated strawman all throughout the piece. One quote in particular sums up the facade of Denton’s chivalry, where he writes about one of the tools of the trade that Gawker has used throughout the years to serve their own brand of internet justice to everyone, writing…

“Mockery, of course, is the cheapest and most available tool that the powerless have against the powerful; it has historically been the one thing that they can’t silence.”

But it’s in discussing how Gawker operated – the philosophy behind the tabloid taint – that belied Denton’s supposed “good intentioned” direction for the site. He lets slip that Gawker was about creating targets, not formulating useful public information posts, writing…

“The celebrities, the politicians, the capitalists, the publicists, the journalists—Gawker viewed them all as subjects, and cultivated none as allies.”

And that’s exactly how we ended up with misreports on former Nintendo rep Alison Rapp, on a sextape going public of Hulk Hogan, and the outing of a billionaire for no one’s gain but Gawker’s.

Despite being defeated by a number of their own mishaps, Denton still tries to displace blame elsewhere, creating a fictional tag-team of Thiel and Hogan as some sort of storyline villain out of the crude machinations of Vince McMahon’s own WWE sent as henchmen to body-slam Gawker out of existence, writing…

“Hogan was the most popular celebrity in Tampa. While a federal judge and a Florida appeals court panel found the story was solidly newsworthy because it touched a matter of public concern, it was always going to be a challenge to go up against Hogan against a home-town jury. When Judge Pamela Campbell allowed Hogan to pursue a privacy case in her circuit court, Thiel’s combination was ready.”

The story wasn’t newsworthy because there was no public concern to be had. Public concern for what?

It’s a lot more simple than that. Revenge porn in the state of Florida is illegal.

Gawker simply got caught breaking the law and any jury with a half-way working moral compass could have seen that a mile away.

Denton continues to try to run the angle that Gawker was a vigilante of the press; a hero without recognition doing due diligence for the masses, even going as far as to reiterate Max Read’s comments about the press not coming to Gawker’s aid, writing…

“[…] even Gawker’s natural allies had no enthusiasm for a free press defense of a story about a sex tape. Journalists were aware of the public’s growing sensitivity to anything that could be characterized as revenge porn or cyber bullying.”

“Could be” works on the premise that it “was not”, at which point any time someone has sexual relations made public without their consent or against their wishes, it’s labeled as revenge porn. Anyone stepping into the bed with Gawker on that defense may as well have written an editorial defending The Fappening. There’s no outlet out there that values what little integrity they have to dare defend the right to spread Hulk Hogan’s sex tape while arguing against the spread of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos.

Denton side-steps the history of Gawker’s own tawdry dealings to claim that the site avoided muddying itself in its own controversies (save for the Hulk Hogan trial), writing…

“Gawker’s record for accuracy is excellent. For a site as reckless as it is purported to be, there have been no Jayson Blairs, no conflict-of-interest or plagiarism scandals, no career-ending corrections. The chief rule of establishment journalism that it violated to its detriment, it seems, is the one that recommends against pissing off billionaires.”

Actually, the Nathan Grayson and Zoe Quinn conflict-of-interest is precisely what kickstarted #GamerGate. And if Max Read attributing #GamerGate for its persistence in helping to bring ruin to Gawker, well then it was Gawker’s own hubris (denying that a conflict-of-interest took place) that led to their ruination, because had they addressed the COI from the start, #GamerGate never would have existed.

The comment section on the site is closed, a fitting gesture for the fact that it’s the last piece to published on, signifying the end of an unwanted empire.

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  • Dawn Blast
  • Alistair

    Even sweeter just found out, 6 months later femmist Antia a SJW has moved on.

    She not forces on video games. But good lord you never told Me.

    So yup been a great week for gamers and kotaku had change its Tone hmm wonder why.

    • Unfortunately her work has created a lasting effect in the video games sector.

      From what I read, her videos are considered to be acceptable educational standard and is used in schools and colleges to indoctrinate children and young people. It’s shocking how material that is so biased, spiteful, misandrist, racist and sexist is allowed to be taught to children.

      Don’t forget, this lying cunt (along with another lying cunt) made it all the way to the UN a few months back. She’s taken seriously by the entire mainstream media and academia.

      And from what someone told me, apparently Barack Obama hands the USA’s Internet domain naming service over to the UN on October 1st 2016? If that happens, say goodbye to free speech.

      As for Anita Sarkeesian, every second this sack of shit works means something somewhere is being ruined. I’m thinking of looking into her next project (I remember it being something about women in history), and if it involves her and her feminist mob taking over and fucking some other existing culture up, I might join in to defend the culture and inform the original people of what this person is about.

  • Alistair

    Matter of fact while UK Is more lay back with sexual content on Telly, and games. Among our some tough laws like every were else apart from a few places.

    Does it carry over to other parts of our Media? The Answer is No.

    Tough gun laws, tough knife laws, (tough child abuse porn laws), etc etc.

    All these difficult taboos apart from one are in our present media Films, Tv, And video games. Expect from drawings or computer generated that is exempt from all above laws.

    If not Pegi would have ban senran & Gal gun & Valkyrie Drive GOD of War GTA & Many others. Etc etc

    So yes we do have strict laws but it based in the real world and not some knee jerk reaction of a vocal minority.

  • Alistair

    about revenge Porn it is illegal in UK Now, so our journalist better be careful too.

    • As someone who lives in the UK, almost everything is illegal…

      • Alistair

        Not everything is illegal, censorrd gaming had published a Vid the other day of why VD Was refuse a rating need to confirm it and with CG2 the age of characters.

        In UK We got a tough law on child porn, so why in gods nqme VD, senran, menqi, gal gun, and other very questionable content passed uncut by PEGI-UK Overseer of VSC.

        PEGI Is split up in two 1 in Holland and the other in UK The one in Holland rated the lower rating upto 12.

        While UK Of it rate 12 16 & 18, then you can played nutaku, watch ecchi loli BBFC Rated it a 15 magic shool DxD Shows a Loli tiny breasts.

        Watch hentai porn. and channel 4 got called out for full frontal nudity, im thinking we more layed backed.

        Edit: OMG I put VD In my post i mean Valkyrie Drive LMAO. :O

  • Alistair

    Having read what Nick (SJW) Denton the over losses of salt proves to much for them in denied.

    It remind me of some-one, the Iraqi ministry of information that said no USA Troops was in Iraq while down the Road they were. A true denied classic.

  • Bitterbear

    The best part of it is watching professional journalists news anchors cry and defend Gawker.

  • HisShadowX

    The hubris of a SJW in his or her Ivory Tower is what caused this. They surround themselves with like minded people purging anyone who thinks differently. Growing up in the 90s on the internet I learned this first hand.

    I also watched others on the Internet evolve on their politics and after many lines in the sand where SJWs attacked gaming eventually people who supported or tolerated SJWs had enough.

    When right wing Christian conservatives attacking gaming the SJW Press and gamers defended gaming. When SJWs attacked gamers the SJW Press stayed silent or attacked gamers.

    It took years for many gamers to switch sides but when it got to the point where gaming suffered gamers left and right joined together to combat SJWs.

    Gamers are loyal to their hobby perhaps it’s time for those in the gaming press who dislike the hobby to perhaps, move on? Problem is they can’t get jobs in the real press

    • Alistair

      And what job will these SJWs press be good at?

      Answer: They good at shit stirring so this xmas im going to buy them a wooden spoon so they can stir some more. Till they blue in the face.

  • Mr.Towel

    What really gets me on this piece it’s how open they are about their agenda. They aren’t even trying to hide anymore. They tell pretty clearly that Gawker was always more about rhetoric, about mockery and pushing a certain line of thought than it was about truth, partiality and balance. It’s truly like a revolutionary manifesto, “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution”.

    Even worse… there are many people out there who agree with their behavior will defend this lunacy.

  • C G Saturation

    “Gawker’s record for accuracy is excellent [in a reverse parallel universe]”


  • scemar

    where’s the party at now

  • giygas

    So much melodrama. Gawker is like the tabloid version of Chris-Chan. On a downward spiral into self-destruction and everybody else but themselves are at fault.

    • C G Saturation

      That sounds like an accurate description for most of the world right now.
      In a decent world, Gawker would have self-destructed a lot sooner.

  • Good riddance.

  • ragething

    and nothing of value was lost…

  • Hawk Hopper

    If Denton and his goons had listened to the judge who told them to take down the Hogan video, Hulk and Thiel wouldn’t have needed to assist Gawker in its suicide.