Gran Turismo Sport Delayed Into 2017 For PS4, PSVR

Polyphony Digital co-founder Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will not be making its debut this November on the PS4 and for the PlayStation VR.

In a post over on the PlayStation Blog Yamauchi doesn’t hesitate to get right to the point, stating…

“I am sharing some news today that we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Gran Turismo Sport to 2017.


“[…] However, as we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, which we’ve already dedicated so much effort towards since announcing the title.”

Well, the game is now scheduled to arrive at some mysterious time in 2017 for the PS4 and PSVR. It will feature a Scapes photo mode that allows players to bring their cars to specific locations and snap photos and share them with friends and their social network. The game also sports modes designed for e-sports competition, with official support from FIA.

Polyphony really wants to get in on the budding e-sports scene by making Gran Turismo one of the premiere racing games within the market. Right now racing games haven’t really kicked off in the e-sports scene other than iRacing. If Sony isn’t careful it could backfire on them and the whole thing could fall flat. E-sports growth requires natural progression from a naturally competitive community, something that Blizzard quickly fostered and grew with Overwatch.

As for Gran Turismo Sport, I wonder how well the game operates on the PlayStation VR? Because Capcom did not have a good go of it when they showcased Resident Evil 7 on Sony’s device and the poor frame-rate and optimization made a bunch of people sick.

I’m sure we’ll get a good gauge on how the game works on the PSVR and what the time-frame for its new release will be like after the PlayStation VR launches and user feedback on the headset start to come in. If it turns out to be a huge hit expect Gran Turismo Sport to be fine-tuned around that experience. If it turns out to be a massive flop, expect Polyphony to adjust the game accordingly.


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