GTA 5 Nissan Skyline GT R32 Rocket Bunny And Deadshot Mods Become Available

If you really want to add some sexy flair to your vehicular line-up in GTA V, look no further than modder erfet’s Skyline GT-R32 Rocket Bunny template.

The mod is based on the Need For Speed reboot from 2015, which featured the Nissan Skyline in the game as one of the prime cars you could own. Erfet took the time to modify and rig up the modded parts from Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport to give the Skyline an even sexier look.

GTA 5 Skyline Rocket Bunny

GTA 5 Skyline Rocket Bunny

The mod contains a template support for custom liveries, colorable wheels, three different tuner spoilers, an HD, high-quality 3D engine, along with three additional custom liveries by Liut Levi.

Some of the trimmings and lower-body kits are coated in carbon fiber, giving the Skyline a sleek look whether you’re admiring it in your garage or taking it for a spin around Los Santos. There’s also a sexy reflective shine across the body of the car. And as showcased in the video below, the front wheels are indented to ensure that it’ll practically never spin-out on you. It’s something that was used often in Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport for mastering tracks with sharp corners. Check out the video below or download the Skyline GT-R34 Rocket Bunny from over on

The second mod is based on Will Smith’s depiction of Deadshot from David Ayer’s controversial and critically panned (but commercially successful) Suicide Squad.

The mod replaces the Niko Bellic pedestrian, and you’ll need a trainer to be able to switch to playing as Deadshot. In fact, the mod page suggests getting the Skin Control tool so you can easily swap between characters.

As for marvellous’ Deadshot skin… it features the white mask with a red undershirt and a gray tactical vest over it. He has cut-off gloves with cargo pants and boots. You can grab the mod right now from over on the GTA5-Mods website.


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