GTA 5 The Purge Mod And Easy Mod Folder Completely Change The Game

GTA 5 The Purge

Two new mods have been made available for GTA V that really help give the game some new life. If you’re into more than just swapping car meshes or adding in new skins, you might enjoy the new Purge mod for GTA V that brings The Purge to Los Santos.

It’s a map editor mod put together by modder map editor fan. It ruins Los Santos in a way that makes it look ripe for purging… based on the popular series of low-budget films that have come out in the past few years.

The map features various scenarios that seem inspired by the movie The Purge, including roadblocks on some of the major streets, a crashed airplane, as well as execution squads. The scene featuring the two vans and the guy surrounded looks like things are going to get real nasty, real fast.

The only thing they need now is a proper script to accompany the map edit to really bring the mod to life. It’ll be like a bigger, badder, meaner version of Manhunt. You can get your hands on the edited map by grabbing the file from the downloads page on

There’s another new mod in town from CSYON that makes it a heck of a lot easier to mod in new vehicles, characters, skins, meshes and weapons right into GTA V.

The name of the mod is called Easy Mod Folder (EMF) 1.3. It makes it easy to drag and drop mod files into the game for quick modding.

As explained in the description on the mod page…

“This mod makes it easy to replace cars, weapons & peds (skins). You dont need to search for the patchdayX or x64X-folders anymore. Just put all your mod-cars into vehicles.rpf, weapons into weapons.rpf etc. Pls don’t put META or other files into a rpf! Put only ytd, ydr & yft into the rpfs’s! META files have a “meta” folder.”

This makes it convenient for those who constantly put in and take out cars, or possibly swap in and out clothes frequently. There’s still a process involved with changing meta files, tuning parts and handling, but it’s slowly getting easier and easier to use with each new iteration.

CSYON is still updating the mod and adding compatibility for each type of modding category, so if you still find it difficult to use, don’t sweat it because eventually an update will arrive that caters to your needs.

Now if you’re curious about scripts and whatnot, this mod folder utility doesn’t deal with that sort of thing. Scripts can be dumped in and out of the folder with the simple click of a button, you just need the Script Hook in the same folder where the dlls are placed. This particular utility is designed to make it easier for those who hate having to mess with the rpf files. So you should have an easier go with all the maps, cars, skins and meshes you would like to add to GTA V.

You can download the Easy Mod Folder utility from over on