Japanese Idol Battle Game, Idol Wars, Launches On Nutaku

Weeb games, otaku titles, fan-service, visual novels and ecchi software have all been under attack lately by a group of people in media known as the Regressive Left. They espouse strong views on censorship, heavy content curation and restriction in the free marketplace, and are commonly referred to in the colloquial sense as Social Justice Warriors. These groups have managed to get a number of games banned, censored or barred from being sold.

It’s not all bad news, though. Online distribution network Nutaku have been extending and growing their business to service gamers who just want to pay for the games they want and enjoy them without having to worry about all the nonsense for which the mainstream market has been buried under as of late due to a scary and rapid growth in political correctness.

One of the new games joining the Nutaku library of games is called Idol Wars and it sees gamers battling against others online themed around J-Pop culture. The trailer below sums up how the game looks and what it plays like.

The game sees players taking on the role of a manager of an idol group, seeking to take the group to all new heights of super stardom. Players will have to coach, teach and scout their way to the top of the charts.

The game’s more ambitious features include the 25 vs 25 group battles that take place live, online. The game sports guild battles, cross-compatibility between PC and mobile devices, a visual novel-style story that unfolds involving multiple characters, along with RPG-style leveling and 80 different pop stars to help rise to fame.

Now the main thing you’re probably asking yourself is “What’s the difference between this Nutaku and Steam?” Well, the main difference is that Nutaku hosts the standard all-ages version of some games along with the uncensored, 18+ versions of these games.

In the case of Idol Wars, you can get your hands on the standard version over on Nutaku by playing the SFW version, or you can enjoy the version that includes uncensored, hardcore sex scenes by playing the NSFW version.

It will be very fascinating to see how Nutaku grows and develops over time as gamers see some of their favorite titles or upcoming games getting banned or censored in order to release in specific regions. Nutaku offers an alternative to all of these restrictions.


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