King Of Fighters XIV Opening Cinematic Preps For PS4 Release

With just a week to go for SNK’s return to form on the PlayStation 4, the opening cinematic for King of Fighters XIV was let loose to the public courtesy of All Games Delta. The intro is just over a minute and a half long, quickly covering all of the teams present in the game, along with some of the new faces and old rivalries.

Graphically, SNK has been facing an uphill PR battle because King of Fighters XIV is neither as nostalgically rich as Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator nor as it as stylistically distinct as Street Fighter V. The game sort of has a generic 3D palette and generic 3D designs for the characters. Said designs are neither as iconic as the artwork that helped separate King of Fighters from everything else back in the mid-to-late 1990s, nor are the designs utilizing any other sort of gimmick that would instantly make people recognize the game purely based on art direction alone.

Even still, SNK is gunning for a different kind of audience… the hardcore gamer who wants a solid, skill-based fighter.

Super cancels are back, a new combo system has been implemented, new specials have been made for new characters, and new ways to counter should give the game some legs to stand on when it comes to skill depth and replayability.

The game is jam packed with modes, options and characters, so there’s practically one fighter amongst the 50 that should appeal to each player who steps foot into the arena.

It won’t be long now before King of Fighters XIV arrives on store shelves for the PlayStation 4. The game has been building up hype by appearing at various grassroots FGC tournaments leading up to its release, so we’ll see if the FGC will show up to support the game on the PS4 and give SNK some love for all of the great work they’ve put into the fighting game genre throughout the years.

Hopefully the game sells well enough that SNK will consider a PC port. And we all know what happens when the PCMR gets their hands on a game like King of Fighters XIV… mods… lots of mods.

Anyway, the game will launch next week on August 23rd, exclusively for the PS4 both digitally and physically for $60. A special collector’s edition is always available for the game along with various pre-order packages. Let’s hope that this will be a critical and commercial winner for SNK, because I would love to see a potential SNK vs Capcom 2, with SNK headlining the line-up and offering a more technical take on Street Fighter characters for the new generation.


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