King Of Fighters XIV Team Ikari Explodes With Ralf, Clark And Leona

SNK Playmore released a new trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV, which is due for release on August 23rd later in the month for the PlayStation 4. The trailer highlights the three soldiers from Team Ikari, featuring Ralf, Leona and Clark, as they battle it out in the King of Fighters tournament on behalf of Heidern.

The trailer is par the course like the rest of the team trailers, clocking in at just under two minutes and featuring all of the explosive action that characters like Ralf and Clark bring to the table. You can check it out below.

Ralf’s super-damaging combos and hard-hitting power moves make a return to form. Ralf has always been one of the strongest characters on the entire roster, and in the right hands the guy is practically unstoppable. He has a lot of tank moves to absorb attacks, along with military-style MMA techniques to ground opponents and pound their face into the pavement.

Leona pops up next in the trailer. Many of her quick slashing attacks and knife hand chops make a return. It’s an underrated fighting style that few characters in gaming utilize, executing plenty of arcing blows, su-dos and kwon-dos on opponents while leading into her V special attacks.

King of Fighters XIV

Clark rounds out the trailer with his grapple attacks and grab moves. A lot of the same moves he’s had for the past 20 years are still featured in the game, including his toss up and burning driver toss. However, with the new special Max Power mode on he manages to combine the throw into a tackle and link it into a DDT.

His special sees him running back and forth across the screen, doing a running shoulder driver into a sitout shoulder bomb, which is new to his arsenal in this year’s outing of King of Fighters XIV.

Clark’s ultimate special is a jumping, inverted chicken-wing, cloverleaf, arm-bar driver. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen… but it works.

You can look to get your hands on King of Fighters XIV starting August 23rd. A special premium edition is available, along with a pre-order bonus that includes a free classic Kyo outfit.


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