King Of Fighters XIV Team Women Trailer Mixes Dangerous With Sexy
Alice King of Fighters XIV

SNK unveiled the Team Women Fighters trailer for King of Fighters XIV ahead of its launch on PS4 next week, starting August 23rd. The trailer spitfires fast and furious with the “Splendid Soldier” theme while taking place in the splendid mansion garden stage.

The trailer clocks in at just under two minutes and features the women fighters headlined by the exquisite kickboxer King, the ninja Mai and the newcomer. You can check out the trailer below.

King gets things started with her flurry of kicks that she’s become renown for. She has a number of front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse kicks and jump kicks at her disposal as she unleashes a mixed combination of moves on her opponents, all while having projectiles and some devastating supers to dispense.

If you’re a serious King of Fighters player then everything you see King unleash looks about on par to what you expect from one of the consistently ranked high-tier characters on the tournament scene.

King’s specials look pretty good and her design is one of the few that I think SNK got right for her 3D debut on the PS4.

Mai Shiranui is next up on the list, utilizing a mixture of footsie attacks and specials to throw her opponents off balance. She was never one of my favorites either to play or play against. She’s a tough character to master and even an even tougher character to beat when she’s in the hands of a formidable player.

Last but not least is Alice, the newcomer to the group. Sporting short-shorts, boots, a long loose hanging sweatshirt and a bikini bra underneath, Alice seems to appeal to the new-age young’n. Her fighting abilities seem to match. She’s not particularly technical like the long-legged Luong, and she lacks the grace of a character like Mian or Muimui. Even still, if you wanted to play a somewhat younger, clumsier and presumably more hip version of Blue Mary, Alice seems to fit the bill.

Also also seems to have a striking resemblance to Cidney from Final Fantasy XV.

You can get your hands on Alice, King and Mai (amongst many others) starting August 23rd when King of Fighters XIV launches exclusively for the PS4.


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