Kotaku Will Be Auctioned Off With Other Gawker Assets On August 16th

While many gamers are excited about the fact that Hulk Hogan’s suing Gawker has actually crippled and collapsed the company, they aren’t quite dead… not yet. In fact, Gawker’s assets are being auctioned off now that they’ve filed for bankruptcy.

Kotaku In Action – the sub-Reddit that keeps track of Social Justice Warrior politics, corruption and censorship in media – spotted the news in a recent update over on Gawker’s main page by Alex Pareene mentioning that they will be auctioning off assets starting August 16th. It’s a short and sweet post, absent of candy but full of justice being served.

Pareene keeps the post minimal, only occupying two paragraphs, part of which states…

“The publisher of this site, and many of your other favorite (Kotaku) and least favorite (Deadspin) blogs, will be sold at auction next week. We’re celebrating 14 years of hard-hitting independent journalism and also dog with a week of fond reminiscing, a few stories we’ve always wanted to do, and some fun surprises.”

This all comes after Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit against Gawker for what could legally be considered in the state of Florida as the publishing of revenge porn. It didn’t take much to convince a jury that Gawker was in the wrong, and they had Gawker hit with $140 million in damages. They’ve filed for appeal but in the meantime they’ve had to liquidate their assets by putting them up for auction, this follows on the heels of Gawker filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the owner of the company, Nick Denton, also filing for bankruptcy.

For those of you who don’t know, gamers have been fighting against Gawker and Kotaku for quite some time, particularly during 2014 at the height of #GamerGate, where an organized e-mail campaign was put together to help remove advertising from Gawker and its subsidiaries. It worked. The company reportedly lost seven digits worth of revenue due to the Operation Disrespectful Nod e-mail campaign, as reported by Politico.

Just ahead of this news about Gawker auctioning off their assets, former Kotaku writer Patrick Klepek took leave from the site, jumping ship to the new Vice Gaming section headed up by Austin Walker.

This also comes at a time when the Daily Mail is attempting to settle its defamation suit against Gawker, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. They don’t specifically say what they’re settling for but Gawker’s tawdry run of drudge journalism and tabloid news appears to be coming to an end.

Previously, reports swirled that IGN’s parent company Ziff Davis was interested in purchasing certain Gawker assets, specifically Jezebel, Gizmodo, Jalpnik and Kotaku. We’ll see if they follow through with that next week.

(Main image courtesy of Financial Times)


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