Lost Castle, Castle Crashers-Inspired Beat-‘Em-Up Launches Sept 1st

It may share a similar name to Castle Crashers and it may share a similar art-style as well, but Lost Castle from Another Indie Studio takes a loot-and-slash approach to the genre, fusing dungeon crawling and looting with beat-’em-up antics.

Featuring a procedurally generated dungeon with lots of stat stacking, enemy blasting and bad guy beating, Lost Castle is one part Phantom Breaker, one part Castle Crashers and all parts fun.

The dark-comedy, action RPG will be exiting Early Access and launching in full on September 1st. The game will be available for only $7.99. If you’ve never heard of it or never seen it in action, a video is available below so you can check it out in action.

There’s a multitude of outfits to acquire, plenty of weapons to pick up, lots of items to discovery as well as the ability to use close range, mid-range and even long range weapons.

The game sports some rogue-like elements, permadeath and unpredictable enemy positioning and generation. There are 270 different weapons, armor and items to collect along with two-player online or offline cooperative play.

Iain Garner, the global developer relations and marketing director at Another Indie Studio, talked up the game in the press release, saying…

“Not only does Lost Castle stand out visually because of its hand-drawn graphics, but its roguelike gameplay pacing differs from current trends, prioritizing real-time strategy action over twitch-based reaction times,”


“Since most Chinese PC games are very casual and free-to-play driven, Lost Castle’s local performance is also trend-defying given its premium pricing and humorous gameplay that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master.”

There aren’t many beat-’em-up games that come out and even fewer with proper procedural level design like this. It reminds me a little bit of Enter The Gungeon meets Fist Puncher, both really good indie titles.

You can look for Lost Castle to go live starting September 1st on Steam when it official exits and graduates from Steam Early Access. For more info feel free to visit the game’s official website.


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