Megalomaniac Aims To Be The Ultimate Greed And Corruption Simulator

There is a bit of some meta concepts going on here, because this game is developed by Rich Savage Global Media, and as it turns out, the main character in the game is Rich Savage, one of the world’s most notoriously handsome and rich Megalomaniacs on the planet.

The developer of this game went all out with the Megalomaniac theme, making sure to really play on giant egos, greed, wealth, and corruption. Heck, even the main website has a special URL, that’s right, instead of a basic .com website address they went with a .ME site domain name to keep with the theme of being a Megalomaniac. That’s some serious planning and dedication right there. However, the website’s footer lists the real creator as William Foulser… sorry to break the awesome illusion, but it had to be done.


The entire concept of the game is to utilize your wealth and privilege to expand your influence to gain more money. Megalomaniac plays out similar to other business management games, but with a darker sense of humor.

You will be able to unlock new skills to manipulate people to do what you want, deal with scandals and attempt to twist the truth in your favor, and of course, lie, cheat and steal your way to fame and success. You know, pretty much the average stuff you’re used to reading about in the news for most major businesses, but in video game form.

The developers list a few of the key features in the game, and you can see just how ridiculous this simulator really is.

– Own everything in the world!
– Become a master manipulator of the press!
– Kill your dad!
– Climb the rich list!
– Keep the masses at bay!
– Experience being handsome!

Megalomaniac follows a retro art style, and includes some pretty funny situations, such as the scene in the trailer below where you manipulate your father and twist his arm to spew out more money to increase your own wealth. How far are you willing to go to obtain total control of the world and wealth beyond your wildest dreams? According to Rick Savage, it seems he will do whatever it takes without holding back. Take a look at the two Megalomaniac trailers that I linked down below to see how the game actually works.

That speech has me sold, I’m in Mr. Savage! You’ve also got to love that music! I can’t wait to hear more of the soundtrack to see if the rest of the game has more music like that.

At the moment, Megalomaniac is currently on Steam Greenlight looking to receive votes from the community. So if you are interested in business management games and supporting Rick Savage’s campaign, you can follow the provided link to learn more. Furthermore, you can visit the previously mentioned official website for additional details.


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