Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord GamesCom Trailer Previews Siege Weapons
(Last Updated On: August 21, 2016)

Taleworlds’ upcoming Mount & Blade II has been receiving some brand new assets in light of its appearance at this year’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. The latest details for the game center around the siege warfare featured in the massive scale, non-linear RPG.

DualShockers picked up some of the screenshots and the video demonstration, the latter of which you can view below, featuring close to seven minutes of raw footage.

It’s fairly impressive seeing how well Mount & Blade II runs with the amount of AI on the screen at once. They aren’t the most impressive AI – the routines are fairly elementary and the combat mostly boils down to choke-hold clutters with guys wailing and poking at each other.

Some of the new upgrades are extremely delightful to see in action, such as a group of soldiers wheeling along siege weapons to break down the doors, or the player having the option to throw giant stone boulders down upon the heads of enemy soldiers. The back and forth tussle with the troops attempting to climb up the tower with the ladders while they were being cut, hacked and shot down was eventful, and the fact that the soldiers had to actually ram through the door made for some tactically intense moments.

Some of the major drawbacks from the previous iterations of Mount & Blade are still present, but I get the feeling that the issues with the AI, the formations and the cohesiveness of the battles could be resolved with mods.

The combat is still about on par to what you would have expected from the previous games, but the environments have undergone a major upgrade, containing far more layers, roaming hills, and uneven terrain to mix up how the battles play out.

I do wonder if there will be support for console mods on the Xbox One and PS4 or if the consoles will have to stick with the vanilla version? I guess we’ll find out closer to release.

You can learn more about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord by visiting the official website.

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