No Man’s Sky Cheat Trainer Grants Unlimited Resources, Health
No Man's Sky
(Last Updated On: August 13, 2016)

Have you already grown tired of mining for resources in No Man’s Sky? Have you already become fed up with working hard in a game where you feel like you should be relaxing? Well, there’s a solution for you. WeMod released a new cheat trainer for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky on PC, giving gamers an opportunity to cheat their way through the universe.

Over on the WeMod website, the No Man’s Sky Trainer v1.0 trainer works and has been tested on version 1.0 of the game release on PC.

The trainer went live the very night of the release of No Man’s Sky, giving PC gamers an opportunity to modify six different stats in the game, including unlimited health, no overheating, unlimited mining beam, unlimited jetpack, unlimited resources and unlimited stamina.

This will likely be a huge boost for anyone who wanted to make it through the game quickly and get out of solar systems they don’t like or off planets that are lame.

In fact, this particular cheat trainer would be ideal for gathering up the necessary resources to quickly build components needed to travel to new locations or upgrade specific components.

Unfortunately, the cheat trainer will not help PC gamers suffering from performance issues in No Man’s Sky. The game has been ridiculed and lambasted for the poor frame-rate issues and the lack of stability for a lot of players. People with GTX 980s have been having problems with No Man’s Sky, even though the GTX 400 series is supposed to be the bare minimum to play the game.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have too many problems using the cheats in No Man’s Sky since the multiplayer supposedly doesn’t function as a traditional multiplayer game and there is no PvP… well, not as far as anyone has reported so far.

Even still, as a mostly single-player game there shouldn’t be any problems from Hello Games or Sony with PC gamers cheating it up in a trainer.

You can download the trainer right now from over on the WeMod download page.

(Main image courtesy of hi-kakin)

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