No Man’s Sky Cheat Trainer Grants Unlimited Resources, Health
No Man's Sky
(Last Updated On: August 13, 2016)

Have you already grown tired of mining for resources in No Man’s Sky? Have you already become fed up with working hard in a game where you feel like you should be relaxing? Well, there’s a solution for you. WeMod released a new cheat trainer for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky on PC, giving gamers an opportunity to cheat their way through the universe.

Over on the WeMod website, the No Man’s Sky Trainer v1.0 trainer works and has been tested on version 1.0 of the game release on PC.

The trainer went live the very night of the release of No Man’s Sky, giving PC gamers an opportunity to modify six different stats in the game, including unlimited health, no overheating, unlimited mining beam, unlimited jetpack, unlimited resources and unlimited stamina.

This will likely be a huge boost for anyone who wanted to make it through the game quickly and get out of solar systems they don’t like or off planets that are lame.

In fact, this particular cheat trainer would be ideal for gathering up the necessary resources to quickly build components needed to travel to new locations or upgrade specific components.

Unfortunately, the cheat trainer will not help PC gamers suffering from performance issues in No Man’s Sky. The game has been ridiculed and lambasted for the poor frame-rate issues and the lack of stability for a lot of players. People with GTX 980s have been having problems with No Man’s Sky, even though the GTX 400 series is supposed to be the bare minimum to play the game.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have too many problems using the cheats in No Man’s Sky since the multiplayer supposedly doesn’t function as a traditional multiplayer game and there is no PvP… well, not as far as anyone has reported so far.

Even still, as a mostly single-player game there shouldn’t be any problems from Hello Games or Sony with PC gamers cheating it up in a trainer.

You can download the trainer right now from over on the WeMod download page.

(Main image courtesy of hi-kakin)

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  • A Guy.

    I cheated to upgrade my gear, the grind is annoying and i play other games where i have to grind. Its hard schedule it so i cheated and now im feeling bad.

  • Michael P

    Check out MrAntiFun’s trainers if you’re looking for an NMS trainer, his has all these options plus a super speed cheat to get around faster and he keeps his trainers up to date too.

    I’m one of the lucky ones in NMS it seems, no crashes nor have I encountered any bugs…yet *fingers crossed*. Spent all yesterday mining a planet littered with gold so I can get me a sweet $3+ million ship, the trainer significantly cutting back the time it takes to get there.

    Not too sure how much replayabilty there’ll be in NMS though, there’s really not all that much to do. There was a reason that Sean was keeping mum on in game activities, there was fuck all to actually show.

    • STN

      Not to mention he also steals from other people –

      But anyway, he doesn’t need people to advocate for his trainers. His site is already ranking number 1 and he has so much traffic. I am incredibly thankful to Billy (William) for mentioning my trainers because even though our trainers might be a lot better and we the victims of mrantifun’s ripping, nobody vouches for the rather unknown trainer-makers like us. Instead, they try to steal the only few visitors we get to these big guys. I don’t even get to see a hundred users for my trainers even if i have more cheats and more hours of work spent into each one of my trainer.

      But just so you know, i have been updating and adding more cheats to the trainer each day and if you look now..i have 21 cheats in it and i am not even done yet. But yeah, hijack my thread why don’t you :S.

      Gorgon: There is a way you can remove the FPS cap that seems to improve it that involves modifying game files –

      • Michael P

        Damn….sorry mate. Excuse my ignorance and apologies for the thread jack, I’m only vaguely aware of ripping accusations within the trainer sphere (MrAntiFun had a message at the bottom of his trainers accusing EMPIRE /Game Copy World) and I’m completely ignorant on who the big and little guys are.

        I only mentioned Mr A because I’ve tried several different makers and he’s the only one I’ve found that keeps his up to date but if he’s stealing others work, that’s the last time I donate and mention him anywhere ever again.

        • MrAntiFun

          Don’t listen to him ,I was the first person to release No Man Sky trainer on the internet , I was ripped off by STN multiple times but the only difference between me and him is that when i did a mistake i admitted it .

          For example when he ripped off my Total War Attila trainer which i was the first to release and i confronted him he started acting like he don’t know what a trainer is ,Besides the accusation by CheatHappens that i stole something from them is laughable , I never in my life had a CheatHappens account and asked them repeatedly to response to that and they never did .

          Most of the time i’m the first to release a game trainer even before paid websites do and if you truly were a user in our community you would know that,Also don’t forget that when STN was doing trainers on his own he was selling it for money and he wants to lure users to his new platform then he will start asking people to pay for it ,On the other hand i been doing free trainers for over 3 years now and never asked anyone for a penny, Over 3500 free trainers for over 1300 games , We have a donation button and that’s how far it goes .

  • Gorgon

    Is there a cheat that grants unlimited FPS tho?

    • You’ll likely need the “better dev upgrade kit” for that.