No Man’s Sky Tracker Website Tracks Planets, Discovers, Wildlife

With nearly countless amounts of planets to discover in No Man’s Sky, it’s important to be able to have some place to keep track of all those discoveries… from plant life to wildlife to dangers, languages and everything else in between. Well, there’s a cool new website called NMS Tracker that has gone live that allows No Man’s Sky players to log in, register their info and keep track of the progress they make throughout Hello Games’ galactic exploration game.

As described over on the official website

“This website was developed to help No Man’s Sky players to keep track of information about planets they visit through their journey in the game’s immense universe. This web app allows you to add planets to planets that you want to track and use tagging to describe each planet that you want to keep track on.”

This seems like an important system that a lot of players will make use of given how vast No Man’s Sky is. On the site they give an example of using the tagging system so that when you find and locate a planet with certain resources, you can tag it and name it so you’ll know what’s on the planet. Some of you might be wondering “isn’t this just like a Wiki?” well, yes and no. While it is like a wiki, the likelihood is that a lot of the planets discovered in a game like No Man’s Sky won’t be tracked or indexed unless people who run the wiki come across those planets. Given the size and scope of the game, there are lots of planets that the wiki editors will never, ever see.

NMS Tracking is more personal, as it allows you to keep track of the planets you’ve discovered in the game along with the resources and wildlife inhabiting that planet.

The site also offers a personal travel log page so that you can share all of your discoveries with the public, along with a timeline and tags so everyone can see what progress you’ve made in the game.

It’s a comprehensive system that will bound to be popular with some gamers who take cataloging very seriously.

You can learn more about the NMS Tracker by visiting the official website.