Overwatch’s Animated Shorts Return With A Look At Bastion
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2016)

Blizzard Entertainment released another animated short for one of the characters from their popular first-person, team-based shooter, Overwatch. The short stars the character Bastion, the proverbial robot with a heart of gold.

The seven minute short is beautifully animated, continuing to highlight Blizzard’s impeccable storytelling skills even when there is no dialogue shared between characters. The Pixar-quality visuals are on full display as Bastion is seen in a field, deactivated and covered in moss out in the middle of nowhere. Things pick up when a bird wakes the robot up and they go on a short walk until something unexpected happens.

The short film juxtaposes Bastion’s seemingly docile and peaceful personality with his unfortunate penchant for violence. The short film reveals that Bastion and his fellow robots were actually evil and waged a war against the humans and Overwatch.

There’s a really cool flashback scene showing Bastion and his fellow compatriots engaged in a dark, violent war against the humans. Bastion has the choice of moving forward toward the city to complete his mission of destruction or returning to the forest with the bird who accompanied him while he was in the forest. The short ends with Bastion choosing to head back into the forest. Although, it doesn’t really explain how he ended up there or how he ended up getting back into battle.

As far as character progression goes, we don’t get to learn much more about Bastion other than his pre-programmed violent tendencies. As far as visuals and animations are concerned, this is easily one of Blizzard’s best. There are a lot of small visual nuances in the short that help bring the atmosphere to life, from the waving blades of grass covering up the destroyed robot war units, to the droplets of water on the feathers of the bird… there’s a lot going on that helps make the short pop.

It’s sad that the most exciting thing about Overwatch, for me, is seeing these short films because the game itself is so boring. But so long as people are talking about Overwatch I’m guessing Blizzard probably doesn’t care.

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  • Mr.Towel

    Damn, best cinematic Blizzard has produced in years!

    The last one was Wrath of the Lich King cinematic, and that was 8 years ago. Also, It only worked if you knew the backstory of the characters.

    After that, most, if not all, of their cinematic was more geared towards their inner teenager, it was all about awesomeness and coolness but very little in regards to direction, insight or content. It’s depressing, for me.

    But this one… daaaamn. This is the kind of thing that blizzard was known for back in the days. Too bad this one is only a glimpse of it since Overwatch is just a PvP Deathmatch with very little narrative.

    Still don’t care for the game.

  • scemar

    I think this is their best short yet
    it’s low on action and has 0 dialogue, but it doesn’t feel like an add for the game or as heavy handed with the exposition, it feels more like a real genuine and touching short story dealing with bastion’s experiences all the way since his beginnings as a unique individual different from the other robots

    we see what makes him tick directly, it’s not told but instead shown, it’s not clearly experienced but we see he’s an old broken down relic, we see his moment of PTSD, we see him experiencing the flashbacks of the war which conveniently lets us take a peek into the heat of the omnic war and we see him show what seems like his first moment of self awareness or as close to it as he has it

    those are very likely the most crucial moments in his existence as an “individual”

    it’s all very touching, it has some good emotional gear shifts between the gentle atmosphere of the forest and the sudden bursts of violence which really encapsulates the essence of the character, he’s as peaceful and gentle as they come but he’s still made a weapon, and that nature still part of him

    very cool short