Overwatch’s D.Va Model Joins Garry’s Mod And SFM

Overwatch D.Va

Modders have managed to make a playermodel and ragdoll for Overwatch’s D.Va, the StarCraft e-sports champ turned mech-wielding heroine. The character was moved over thanks to Garry’s Mod thanks to the efforts of a group of modders who are dedicated to bringing the gaming community all their hopes, desires and dream content.

The mod’s port from Overwatch to Garry’s Mod was headed up by The Forgotten Architect. They managed to rig up a playermodel that can double as a ragdoll (which means you can use D.Va in the Source Filmmaker) and they have six different skins along with Faceposing options and the original proportions from her appearance in Blizzard’s game.

There’s a video demonstration you can check out below that gives you an idea of what she plays like in the game.

Noticed that SWEP in there themed after her weapon from Overwatch? Well, yes… it’s usable, too. Modder Nopeful ported it over, managed to get it working with reloading animations, firing and even shows the stats when you hold down the function button.

So what does this mean for you as a gamer? Well, the dream of a complete Gamemode overhaul of Overwatch being remade into Garry’s Mod is now one step closer, especially considering that Mercy, Reaper, Widowmaker and Tracer are already playable in the game. Now they just need their SWEPs and the stages and it’ll all be complete.

Now if you want to play as D.Va in Garry’s Mod right now, you can grab the 45MB file from over on the Steam Workshop… but first, you will need the TFA-VOX mod. This mod is what allows the characters to react with their proper voices during kills, deaths, victory and defeat conditions. So before you get your hands on D.Va you’ll need to download TFA-VOX from the Steam Workshop.

After you get TFA-VOX you can then download D.VA (without her mech) from the Steam Workshop.

And if you want her Light Gun, you can also get that from the Steam Workshop.

Alternatively, if the only thing you want is the ragdoll for your movie creations in Source Filmmaker, be sure to grab that model before Blizzard’s lawyers sweep in from over on the download page right here.

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