Patrick Klepek Departs From Kotaku
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2016)

After joining Kotaku on January 2nd, 2015, Patrick Klepek has zipped up his bags, buttoned his coat and tipped his fedora “adieu!” to Kotaku.

The video game journalist posted a message on the Gawker subsidiary today, August 2nd, 2016, saying “Farewell, Kotaku”.

Klepek keeps the post short, opening up with a succinct goodbye…

“It is with a heavy heart that I begin to say my goodbyes, readers. It’s been an honor to be part of Team Kotaku for the last two years.”

Klepek joined after leaving Giant Bomb abruptly back in December of 2014. He was in the middle of building a new studio in Chicago when a couple of days later things can to quick end. Some readers asked if it had anything to do with the Game Journo Pros and the blacklisting allegations that surfaced a few days before he left Giant Bomb, but Klepek laughed it off.

At this juncture, the writer from previous outlets such as 1UP, MTV, G4 and EGM is sticking with the journalism gig but he hasn’t revealed where that is… not yet. He does state…

“I’m staying in journalism, building on my work over the past decade, but my byline will appear elsewhere. “

Earlier this year Klepek led the charge in reporting on former Nintendo representative Alison Rapp, resulting in misreports going around about Rapp being a victim of #GamerGate with no real evidence to share. That didn’t stop others like former Playboy Gaming editor Mike Rougeau – who was a former member of the Game Journo Pros – from reiterating Klepek’s claims, only for the real news to later spread that Nintendo let go of Rapp for moonlighting as a Seattle escort.

A lot of the twisting of the news and mislabeling of information has led to a lot of negative feelings dumped onto the gaming industry, creating more divisiveness and chaos than anything else.

Klepek doesn’t explain why exactly he’s parting ways from Kotaku, but just recently the owner of Kotaku’s parent company, Nick Denton, had to file for personal bankruptcy due to the Hulk Hogan sex tape case, where the Hulkster is looking to zap every penny possible out of the online tabloid.

It will be interesting to see where Klepek ends up next. You can learn more about Klepek and his career over the years by checking out his page over on

(Main image courtesy of Kotaku)

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  • Even a douchebag needs a soft place to land now and again.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Apparently he’s going to work for Vice Gaming with Austin Walker. I’m sure they will continue to add to Deepfreeze with conflicts of interests and other forms of corruption. Cancer tends to stick together.

    • greenleif .
      Maybe all of the gang will all eventually start/live in a commune.
      After a while, only 1 of them will even need to talk per day since they all just repeat & echo each other anyway.
      And how soon would they turn on each other?
      It’d make for good typical reality show. ofc unless zq torpedoes it to start her own rebel commune reality show & collects PATREONBUX for 2 years but the show, nor the commune itself ever materialize.
      The End
      @ moonsugarlily (´മ ‿ മ`❀

  • Wonder where Klepek will head to next?

    I hear NeoGAF and Feminist Frequency has some vacancies.

    • I used to be a mod there.

      • Cats736

        You should go back, better to keep the trash all in one place.

        • Fear Me I Am Free

          Yeah, then he can help them cultivate the echochamber they are working so hard towards.

      • So you had practice which means that they set you up all ready then.

        I guess you’re going to keep pushing that Social Justice feminist anti-GamerGate narrative like a real pro now huh?

      • Holythirteen

        Not even a “I didn’t lie about Rapp to fit my narrative”? LOL

        You don’t have to apologize, nobody would have accepted it anyway.

        But grats on the new job, I can’t believe somebody so blatantly dishonest can still find work in your dying circles. Even Grayson is more honest than you, and he’s probably gonna get fucked after this. In the figurative sense, of course.

      • bryoneill11

        How do you feel to see that other people dont block you and let you express your shitty comments?

      • Fenrir007

        You fit like a glove with the mod team there.

      • aliensshow

        Of course you did.

    • DiegoOfJuarez


  • Alistair

    Welp Run for your lives Patrick grace us with his presence.

  • Ghost

    Rats deserting a sinking ship.

  • giygas

    Klepek was a hard worker.

    • EroBotan

      that’s not enough,he also need to be a gamer if he want to be in this industry but he choose to be a drama queen instead

      .. or are you being sarcastic lol?

      • giygas

        Click on the image to see it full-size.

        • EroBotan

          ah right. There is no image before most likely thanks to my crappy internet, it appears properly now XD

    • He apologized for making that remark, you know? It took five seconds out of my day to recognize a cool thing that Scott Cawthon did; it had zero impact on the rest of my work day. Given the size of Kotaku’s audience, it seemed worthwhile to let them know that Cawthon is a nice person with a big heart.

      • Dighunter

        I’m sure trying to drag down your competitors had nothing to do with it.
        Priviliged whitey.

  • Hey, I don’t have facial hair anymore.

    • It’s like #GamerGate in the media… we’re trapped in a time warp.

      • FWIW, I don’t mind if you’re critical of me. We may disagree on how you interpret my work or intent, but I support your right to be open about what I do.

        • To be honest, it’s nothing personal.

          In fact, if Kotaku et al want to espouse whatever views they want, they very well can. The biggest issue I’ve always had is that opposing views have always been censored or snuffed out or pulled from the public view. There NEVER should have been huge arguments with the staff running aggregators about gaming industry related news.

          I still cannot believe to this day that Reddit’s top gaming sites are still censoring anything related to game industry corruption because “it’s associated with #GamerGate”.

          At the end of the day, I really, genuinely, honestly do not care what most people write on most sites. I would rather spend what little free time I have playing games in my ever-growing back catalog or interviewing developers who are actually passionate about their projects/games/etc. But, when news turns into propaganda and propaganda turns into witch hunts, and witch hunts turn into people losing their jobs, their livelihood or possible detrimental effects that hamper the growth of the industry in one way or another, then yeah… I do have problems with that because it could mean that — as a gamer — I may not be able to play an upcoming game because someone’s studio got shut down or they lost money based on lies and propaganda.

          It’s disheartening.

          • Alistair

            For a time I’m not writing I too play my games unchallenge but this fear climate doesn’t help me one bit.

            Every-one has a opinions even lobbyists (SJWs) opinions is one thing force opinions onto others by censoring or by other means I got issues with.

            Anyways who has the right to tell others what to do & you are a bad person to play this kind of games not necessarily ecchi games but other games too.

            I haven’t got the right to tell others if I say I’m boycotting a product it up to others to either still buy it or buy it cheap or boycott it.

            In the end censorship is a double edge sword you get stab either way.

          • The goal of my work, as it’s always been, is to try and write stories about what’s really happening in games–the messy, ugly fights that you don’t see most places. Like I said, we may disagree on how I go about doing that, and that’s fine. I’ll be happy to keep reading critiques.

            The only problem I have, really, is continuing to perpetuate conspiracy theories about my career. Giant Bomb wanted me to stay, but given they’re a video-based website centered around personalities, I felt I was no longer as happy or contributing as well by being away from the rest of the staff in Chicago. They tried to keep me, but I thought it was better for everyone to move on, so I did. It’s actually a pretty simple story.

          • The only problem I have, really, is continuing to perpetuate conspiracy theories about my career. Giant Bomb wanted me to stay, but given
            they’re a video-based website centered around personalities, I felt I was no longer as happy or contributing as well by being away from the
            rest of the staff in Chicago

            Well thanks for clearing that up. What was with all of the secrecy and blind-pulling during December when it happened? One e-mail from Gerstmann could have cleared a lot of things up, similar to how Orland helped provide quotes and context for the GJP e-mails (same with Chris Grant). Everybody was mum when I was reaching out.

            And with Kotaku, I had a chance to work with Austin Walker over at VICE. My career has been blessed in giving me incredibly cool opportunities
            every few years, and I like to take advantage of them.

            Fair enough.

            And like Mr. Towel mentioned, kudos for at least stepping into the lion’s den. I know some people here may be harsh or kind of frustrated with Kotaku over the past few years, so they’re obviously going to express that frustration. But thanks for stopping by to clear things up.

          • Because we though it was silly that people were even questioning what was going on. You don’t have to try and respond to everything people write about you on the Internet. That’s a long and dangerous road.

            There was only secrecy because Kotaku wanted me to start earlier, but I asked to stay at Giant Bomb through the GOTY discussions; they were my favorite part of working there. Since we didn’t want my departure to distract from the discussions, we put it at the end of the last podcast.

          • You don’t have to try and respond to everything people write about you on the Internet. That’s a long and dangerous road.

            Fair enough.

          • It’s interesting to note how much more professional you behave here than at Kotaku, where you had the balls to mock people correcting you on issues like the Alison Rapp thing.

            Kudos for having the sack to come in here, but you’re still fear mongering scum with an axe to grind. All because some people called out a few friends of yours.

            Congrats on getting another job due to nepotism, btw. With Gawker tanking. I would have pegged you, Nathan, Jason and Patricia as being unemployable after all the bullshit of the last 2 years.

          • I’m not nor ever have been friends with Alison Rapp. Following and interacting with someone on Twitter is hardly the same thing, but hey, you can see it how you want to see it. I can’t stop you, friend-o!

          • I wasn’t referring to Alison. Your beef over that was entirely because you wanted something to bitch about Gamergate over, irregardless of their involvement in it.

            I’m referring to your GJP buddies who hoisted up your old pal Zoe Quinn like a shield, and you fell in line and haven’t dropped the axe since.

          • Ghost

            irregardless lol.

          • King of Bros

            He can’t censor you here,he has to appear courteous to dodge any ire.

            Like a snake.

          • “you’re still fear mongering scum with an axe to grind.”


            Not only are they fear-mongering people who dare speak out against their cronyism and nepotism, but they have a very disgusting habit of doing the same to prevent developers, indie developers and companies from producing material they would personally dislike. For example, DOAX3 wasn’t brought out to the West because of them.

            If that’s not suppression of free speech and expression (what they claim to be against) then I don’t know what is.

            It’s all done in the name of so-called “diversity” and “equality” you know. Which of course, we all know that the SJW’s and feminist’s definition of those two words never mean what they should do.

          • Laurence Tite Menthe

            Hi Klepek

            About how you are doing journalism

            In your articles about the Alison Rapp debacle, you were never explicit about why Alison got fired. Yes, you did said «The escort allegation has been based on pictures found on an escort website [Maria Mint], and closely comparing tattoos and photographic metadata and because of « risque modeling photos» (with a Nintendo 3DS btw).

            However, you are just subversive when you claim that you can’t draw any conclusion at the «possibilities that it was an elaborate hoax or that it was real.»
            You are just lying by omission and by exploiting, in bad faith, the benefit of the doubt and the trust of your readers.

            If you had seen the metadata, you saw that the photos took for Maria Mint and Alison Rapp came from the *same* camera AND the *same * lens (and by the same, I mean the same model and serial numbers).

            You also saw, on the photos, that Maria Mint and Alison Rapp share the same red star and fox tatoo at the same place on their bodies.
            It is very unlikely that it was an elaborate hoax and you know it.That’s why you didn’t link any lolcow, kiwi farms and Maria Mint website in your articles because a reasonable person couldn’t draw any other conclusion that Maria Mint and Alison Rapp are the same person.

            You also describ a paper college wrote by Alison as an essay about « Japan should be allowed to define its own cultural boundaries and not bow to the pressures of outside forces» where in fact it was a defence of real photography and video of abused kids, not just cartoons. Your claim that « At no point does she defend or advocate for the abuse of children, and in fact argues for stronger laws against child exploitation » is ludicrous at best since she label as « legal bullshit » the arrest of man you had in his possession child pornography and her paper made crystal clear that child pornography laws have no dissuasion effect on pedophiles.

            You knew all that stuff and as of today, you still try to juggle with this overwhelmly evidences and your initial story that Rapp firing was the result of an harassment campaign.

            In conclusion, it is sad and pathetic that in order today to get the whole picture of a story, you need to rely on « internet detective», as you called them, and not professional journalist like you.

          • reaVer

            This would about cover it, if it was only the only time you lied to people’s faces. When is #gamergate getting the description that is based on facts and is actually accurate? Also, is following @nero on twitter harassment? Because it got me on the big block list…

            But hey, you’re moving from one sinking ship to another, so nothing really changes for you anyway…

        • Mr.Towel

          Credit where is due: Kudos to you for coming into the lion’s den!