Patrick Klepek Departs From Kotaku

After joining Kotaku on January 2nd, 2015, Patrick Klepek has zipped up his bags, buttoned his coat and tipped his fedora “adieu!” to Kotaku.

The video game journalist posted a message on the Gawker subsidiary today, August 2nd, 2016, saying “Farewell, Kotaku”.

Klepek keeps the post short, opening up with a succinct goodbye…

“It is with a heavy heart that I begin to say my goodbyes, readers. It’s been an honor to be part of Team Kotaku for the last two years.”

Klepek joined after leaving Giant Bomb abruptly back in December of 2014. He was in the middle of building a new studio in Chicago when a couple of days later things can to quick end. Some readers asked if it had anything to do with the Game Journo Pros and the blacklisting allegations that surfaced a few days before he left Giant Bomb, but Klepek laughed it off.

At this juncture, the writer from previous outlets such as 1UP, MTV, G4 and EGM is sticking with the journalism gig but he hasn’t revealed where that is… not yet. He does state…

“I’m staying in journalism, building on my work over the past decade, but my byline will appear elsewhere. “

Earlier this year Klepek led the charge in reporting on former Nintendo representative Alison Rapp, resulting in misreports going around about Rapp being a victim of #GamerGate with no real evidence to share. That didn’t stop others like former Playboy Gaming editor Mike Rougeau – who was a former member of the Game Journo Pros – from reiterating Klepek’s claims, only for the real news to later spread that Nintendo let go of Rapp for moonlighting as a Seattle escort.

A lot of the twisting of the news and mislabeling of information has led to a lot of negative feelings dumped onto the gaming industry, creating more divisiveness and chaos than anything else.

Klepek doesn’t explain why exactly he’s parting ways from Kotaku, but just recently the owner of Kotaku’s parent company, Nick Denton, had to file for personal bankruptcy due to the Hulk Hogan sex tape case, where the Hulkster is looking to zap every penny possible out of the online tabloid.

It will be interesting to see where Klepek ends up next. You can learn more about Klepek and his career over the years by checking out his page over on

(Main image courtesy of Kotaku)


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