PlayStation VR Getting 5 New Launch Titles From Oasis Games

Oasis Games recently announced that they have five games planned for the release of the PlayStation VR. The China-based independent publisher has been working with developers on a handful of games for Sony’s upcoming VR headset, which will debut this fall in October.

Majority of the games are basic 3D indie titles, such as Ace Banana, which is about a banana archer trying to protect a stash of bananas by shooting enemies in wave-based rounds. The objective is to use the Move controller and shoot opponents with arrows in either single or multiplayer modes. Screenshots of the game were featured in a post over on the PlayStation Blog.

Weeping Doll is an adventure horror game set within an eerie environment themed around solving puzzles and attempting to survive a young girl’s doll attempting to get revenge on her parents. Another horror game called Dying: Reborn will also find its way onto the PlayStation VR, which you can check out below from Jixuan Fang.

It appears to be an Outlast type game from Nekcom Entertainment, as players will explore dark environments and attempt to collect items and escape from wherever it is they are located. The trailer doesn’t really do that great of a job explaining anything and the description is pretty basic. It looks like a mix of Saw meets Resident Evil.

A first-person shooter called Pixel Gear is also on the way, it’s a first-person 3D shooter with voxel graphics like Minecraft. The shooter utilizes low-end graphics to work well enough on the PS4 and the PSVR, and features upgradeable weapons and special power-ups like the ability to slow down time.

The final game on the list is an arcade flyer called Mixip. The space-themed shooter features weapon upgrades, bosses, and bullet-hell combat. It’s described a little like a poor man’s version of Star Fox for the PlayStation VR. However, the gimmick that sets it apart from other games is that you get to control two ships at one time by using two PlayStation Move controllers at once. It’s also possible to combine both ships to unlock new abilities.

The games will launch between October, 2016 and January, 2017. They’ll be part of the 50 games made available during the launch window for the PlayStation VR.


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