Pokemon Go Earned $200 Million In First Month, According To Market Estimates

A data analysis and estimate report from SensorTower revealed that they put Pokemon Go at around $200 million in revenue for its first month out, making about seven times as much in first month sales compared to King’s 2014 outing Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Over on the SensorTower website they show a data chart for the first month of Pokemon Go, Clash Royale and Candy Crush Soda Saga. You can see that according to SensorTower’s estimates, Pokemon Go has easily superseded the $200 million mark, separating itself by a wide margin from other top contenders in the mobile app field.

Of course, first month sales for a trendy new app that’s the latest mobile fad is nothing too special. In the world of smartphones and hundreds of new apps appearing on the market each month, the real test for Pokemon Go is how well it’ll do in its second month on the market.

Given that the game is expanding its reach and hitting up more markets, I suspect that there’s going to continue to be a steady revenue incline up until they saturate all of the available markets that they can. I’m sure they’ll likely also find some way to get Pokemon Go out and available in China, as that would be their ace in the hole for a long tail end of sustainable revenue.

SensorTower notes that the popularity of Pokemon Go speaks “volumes” about the increase in mobile revenue in just two year’s time, but I think they’re missing the forest for the trees. This is the MMO Pokemon game that a lot of people have been begging Nintendo for. It’s been years of pent up desire from feverish fans and casuals alike. I don’t think this speaks volumes at all to the growth of mobile gaming so much as it speaks to the power of Nintendo allowing Niantic Labs to deliver on a much requested style of game for a globally significant gaming brand.

The only way one could say that the market has changed significantly regarding mobile apps is if a copycat clone can also find similar success on the market as Pokemon Go, similar to how Candy Crush cannibalized Bejeweled, or how Clash Royale cannibalized Clash of Clans.

For now we’ll have to wait and see what other regions they can get the game up and out in, as well as what the revenue intake will look like on the second month out.


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