Quest For Glory 1 -5 Make A Return Via Steam

One of the most unique adventure series ever made on any platform has made a return to the market via Steam. Roberta Williams’ classic Quest For Glory series is currently available for purchase right now from over on the Steam store.

Quest For Glory was a unique series of games, insofar that while it was a point-and-click adventure title it wasn’t a standard non-violent game like King’s Quest or a redundant hack-and-slash game like The Legend of Zelda. Players had to utilize both their wits and their reflexes, having to solve puzzles and engage in real-time combat. The series oftentimes pushed players to make some tough decisions that could result in various endings or outcomes that you couldn’t always foresee for some characters.

Activision re-published the Quest For Glory Collection on Steam featuring all five parts of the game series, leading up to the final game, which made the leap to 3D graphics. It’s an amazing transition to see the series evolve from the old 16 colors and move through the 256-color age and then eventually evolve into the 16-bit color era.

They mention on the store page that they include the VGA and the standard original version of Quest For Glory 1. The games still retain the three different combat classes, ranging from magic users and thieves to the sword-and-board tactics of a fighter. The port was also done proper enough so that after you complete each game, you can successfully transfer your saved game and character into the next title. That was always a really cool touch they added to the Quest For Glory series.

And if the header image didn’t give it away, the games have plenty of boobs… lots of boobs. Lots.

If you don’t mind the high-fantasy, the 256-color scheme and the dated gameplay, you might enjoy the old Quest For Glory games. They really don’t make games like that anymore. It’s a real shame.

For more info or to pick up a digital copy of this classic, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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