Review Report: Super Star’s Fan-Service Fails To Win Over Steam’s Stiff Crowd

SakuraGame’s Super Star is a game about cultivating a young girl into a superstar. The visual novel title recently launched on Steam for $7.99. Players take on the role of a manager of a talent agency looking to take a young starlet into the stratosphere, only things take a decidedly lascivious twist when after playing an H-game a young girl magically ends up in your bed and you must coach and cultivate her into a superstar within the span of three years.

Super Star sees players training the young maiden by getting her jobs, performances and scheduling for her to attend events as you mix business and pleasure in equal turns. The game also sports the ability to customize her clothes and outfit her in the kind of wardrobe that fits your fancy.

There’s a small clip of the game to give you an idea of what the dialogue and interactions are like in Super Star.

Despite the sexual themes, nudity and obvious fan-service pandering, Super Star did not want over fans from the Steam audience who expected much more out of a visual novel like this.

Simon.cleric didn’t stick around long enough to play it until the end, refunding it for being boring and redundant…

“It is kinda along the lines of Princess Trainer, but the training process is incredibly boring, the events are minimal, the story is rather boring and the English translation is just a little better than if it was made by google translate. Would not recommend. Refunded.”

Mrnaruto had similar complaints, keeping it simple by writing…

“Bad gameplay, storyline and really dull for a H-type game. Waste of money, not recommended”

Out of the 172 reviews, 69 of them are negative. Even some of the positive ones aren’t entirely positive.

Boat gave it a thumbs up but still agreed that the characters and story were “rough”, echoing criticisms painted across the textual review walls by others who gave Super Star a thumbs down….

“I’m not sure of how I feel about this game. While the story and characters are a bit rough, but still fun.“

Adric gave it a thumbs up but still felt like a lot of the assets were ripped right out of the storehouse of Google Images, writing…

“Wow this game has so many assets from google image its crazy. Any how if you like games like Cookie Clicker you will easily be able to enjoy it.”

Lesnat Alucard attempted to rationalize the dislike for the game and the growing pile of negative criticisms, explaining…

“I think this game is more likeable in Asia Region …


“The story is simple, you are an agent and you must raise and maintain the career of a girl so she can became the next idol and superstar as a model, singer/composer and movie star.


“You can meet the late Bruce Lee and Leslie Cheung, not only that, you can also meet Lee-Min Ho, Jet Lee, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Aaron Kwok, and many more, Sheldon and Sherlock character are here too, LOL… This game is really interesting


“I love the gameplay and the story, i wish there will be some hentai-patch to make this game more interesting.”

Speaking of the “hentai-patch”… even without it there was still plenty of chatter on the forums, with a number of people complaining about fan-service games.

Bush did harambe groveled at the thought of ecchi titles being on Steam, writing…

“Can we just stop with these “nudity games” please. These games are slowing making rotting the steam community. If you want Hentai just look it up on google”

Most users took bush did harambe to task, explaining that no nudity is actually in the game and that it’s not a hentai game, per se. Others informed him that there may be an 18+ patch for Super Star down the line.

At the end of the day, Super Star is a visual novel that caters to gamers longing for plenty of ecchi fan-service but nothing too extreme. However, for $7.99 there are plenty of gamers warning the community away for its stiff dialogue, poor translation and boring gameplay. If you’re still interested you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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