Sakura Shrine Girls Involves Cat Girls And A Priest In Training
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2016)

If you’ve played all the previous Winged Cloud game sunder the Sekai Project label, you’re not getting anything particularly new here with Sakura Shrine Girls. The game sees players taking on the role of Toru, a skeptical priest in training, who one day encounters two voluptuous cat girls.

The game follows the same ‘ole formula, involving one of the cat girls being rigid and serious and the other being fun-loving and free-spirited. Players will get to woo the cat girls and eventually get them undressed, as is common in most Winged Club visual novels.

There’s a quick trailer for the VN that you can check out below, featuring a look at some of the gorgeous CG backgrounds and character designs.

The visual novel hasn’t been receiving the most loving support from users on the Steam store page, and it’s not for the reasons you might think. While SJWs would clearly not like this game, some fans have slowly been turning on Winged Cloud because they feel as if the stories aren’t quite living up to the art and design of the characters.

Meru did a lengthy review explaining that the biggest drawback for Sakura Shrine Girls is that it’s a “cookie-cutter” model with little of anything new explored as far as characters and story is concerned.

LeoDragoneel mentioned something similar, writing…

“They need to get better at writting. Scripts stay messed up. I’d rather watch someone on youtube play it spending there money than buying something that you do the same thing in and just watch. Plus the story line gets boring easy.”

There are a couple of other comments noting that the game is boring and that there isn’t enough interaction like some other visual novels that give you more choices and options when it comes to choosing character stories and interacting with some of the branching romance angles.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy cat girls, three-way romances and plenty of shiny boobs, you might like Sakura Shrine Girls. Plenty of Steam users are also saying that the music is pretty good and the art is absolutely spot on. It’s available right now for $9.99 on the Steam store.

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