Space Engineers Updated With Star Wars Cloud Car And Plenty Of Bug Fixes
Space Engineers Mod

The Space Engineers modding community have continued to roll out new content for the game, though it’s not quite as big or as grandiose as a lot of the 2014 outings. I imagine some gamers have moved on to other projects while builder’s fatigue may have set in for some modders. Nevertheless, for modder retech, he’s still trucking forward with new content for Space Engineers, including the Storm IV Cloud Car Ion from Star Wars’ Cloud City.

The Storm IV Cloud Car is a pretty small mod for Space Engineers, featuring the dual cockpit that the vehicle is known for, along with sporting the dirt-orange color scheme and twin engine design.

If you already have a collection of Star Wars content for Space Engineers, this should fit alongside them quite easily. You can grab the Storm IV Cloud Car from over on the Steam Workshop right now.

In addition to that, Keen Software House also updated the game with a number of playability improvements and plenty of housekeeping in the form of squashing bugs.

Over on the Steam page, there’s a quick update from the developers containing a two minute video covering some of the fixes and features that they’ve tweaked in version 0.1.144 for Space Engineers. You can check out the video below.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, they basically mention that they’ve added new animations when rotating blocks; improvements to rotos, pistons and wheels on a flying ship, along with fixing trees and reducing their power from being too strong.

Some issues with ships sinking through the voxels have also been addressed, along with some ships magically teleporting through walls.

Keen Software House have also been tweaking with the modding and building systems that they plan to roll out soon enough, along with a brand new meteor system, which should be exciting to see in action.

Space Engineers is available in Early Access right now and you can pick up a copy from over on the Steam store or learn more by hitting up the game’s official website.


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