Street Fighter 5 Nude Male Mod Exposes A Lot Of Male Genitalia
Street Fighter 5

The modding community is known for going out on a limb to make the already visually appetizing female characters even that much more mouth-watering. The dudes rarely get that kind of treatment because most gamers are heterosexuals who enjoy the female form. Well, every once in a while a modder will get so good and release so much content that they start to deviate from the norm; they start to dabble their dingle in the pond of deviance. That’s exactly what happened with modder Sakura4 who decided to step away from the usual female nude mods for Street Fighter V.

Over on the Undertow.Club, user Sakura4 released a mod package for Street Fighter V that contains… lots of packages.

If you enjoy watching bananas swing in a tree, wobbling, dangling, jiggling with the sway of a hefty breeze, you’ll definitely enjoy this particular mod from Sakura4.

It’s a basic mesh swap for the alternate character clothes for various members of Street Fighter V‘s roster. The nude mods include garment-free genitalia for Urien, Necalli and Ryu.

There’s a censored image below of what the mod does, but if you click through the image it’s a NSFW version showcasing exactly what sort of detail you can expect from the mod.

I have no idea how popular a mod package like this will be for a game like Street Fighter V. Lots of gamers prefer mods for female characters, of which there are plenty.

Of course, for anyone complaining about nude mod equality… you can now show them this mod. You can snap a zoomed in shot of Ryu’s Johnson at 4K ultra HD and say “You want equality? Look at it… LOOK. At. IT!” They’ll either run out of batteries that night, run out of clean socks or stop talking to you forever. Either way, it’ll shut them up.

You can download the various mod packages for Urien, Ryu and Necalli from the NSFW Undertow.Club.


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