Super Mario Gets Spotlight At Rio Olympics In Face Of Media’s Onslaught Against Gaming
Nintendo 2020 Olympics
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

Gaming has been under a negative spotlight for years, especially during the 1990s. Things died down toward the latter half of the turn of the century, but picked right back up when Jack Thompson led a renewed army of media and political assailants against the interactive entertainment industry. Just as things were starting to die down again, another enemy appeared, this time in the form of Social Justice Warriors, labeling things as “problematic” and “toxic”, thus making efforts to get games censored and banned.

Thankfully, we’ve had a small light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Nintendo.

Despite all the hoopla they create over content ID controversies and copyrighted takedown notices, it was Super Mario who stood tall at the center of the world’s focus at this year’s closing ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

NBC uploaded a small clip showing Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, turning into a 3D version of Mario to travel from Tokyo to Brazil using a green warp tunnel, and popping out the other side dressed as the iconic Brooklyn plumber. You can check out the clip below.

That was Japan’s way of saying “Welcome to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan”.

It was a bold-faced middle-finger from Japan to the rest of the media for not only all the Nintendoom that we get almost every other quarter proclaiming the death of Nintendo, but also a strike back against the media’s consistent two-year onslaught against gaming, where it’s become the target of blame for Islamic terrorist shootings, as well as being blamed for causing gamers to become sexist, resulting in some countries like France and Britain trying to attempt to pass laws that penalize developers for not portraying women in an auspicious light. The U.N., also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get Japan to censor and ban anime, manga and video games that they felt depicted women in problematic situations.

That’s not to mention that various regions have been making it more difficult to allow certain kinds of games to be sold on store shelves, and the media has perpetually put the blame of all of society’s ills on #GamerGate, which has been labeled as “worse than ISIS”, as reported by TheGG.

It was nice to see Nintendo and Japan basically embrace a large part of their cultural identity as a joyous and uplifting celebration. Besides, video games and the Olympic Games are all about the spirit of competition, so it’s nice to see the marriage between the two made on a public stage and in a way that exemplifies the good in gaming.

Unfortunately, the Regressive politics in today’s media has been working overtime to keep the medium in as negative a light as possible, but hopefully with the death of outrage-peddling outlets like, we’ll begin to see a shift in the sails of media representation for video games.

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  • Alistair

    I think using Video games as a theme in that mini host event is special and a bold move.

    After all it was there that video games was invited not talking about the square dot going across the screen.

    But i played that too. My 1st console was indeed a 8-Bit NES was £99.99 i should know as my mother forgot to removed the price sticker.

    That why it really pains me the way ninty went when it comes to ecchi games like Tokyo mirage.

    Looking forward what Tokyo games hold for us and unbiased/Biase media reporting the games.

    The sign already not good as 1 BBC reporter Called mario as a cartoon character the other day it a video game character BBC.

    • I live in the UK and the BBC are one of the most regressive leftist SJW organizations.

      • Alistair

        BBC Has change over the years its lost its shine.

        BBC In the 70s wasn’t afraid of drama showing full blown nudity or programs that was deem racist in today age.

        Like “in sickness & in health” & “Till death do we part” & others shows ITV Was the same with the show “Mind your language”

        Try to redo these shows along with benny hill and black and white minstrel shows.

        Oh yes then you can see the cracks cuase by these suppressor SJWs cucks over the years new target video games.

        Edit: you dont get great telly now & They wonder why there is a drop of people watching the box.

  • scemar

    rip anime tho, rip weeb culture too and anything weird in japan
    they’re going to come for it, gotta gentrify japan before the gaijin man comes in and freaks out over all of it

    if they wanted to go gaming as a theme, mario’s sure a great gaming choice as mascot because he is easily recognizable by all the olympic’s demographics of mostly old people

    still pretty impressive they’d go there, we’ll see how much they play into the theme tho

    • Oscar Garza

      As if! They’re japanese and if there’s one thing they have proved lately is that they just don’t give a single fuck about western sensibilities.

      In fact, the New Tokyo Mayor (and first woman to hold the charge) wants to turn it into “anime land” so not only they wont gentrify it, they will go the other way and turn it up to eleven, in a way Only the Japanese can!

      • “They’re japanese and if there’s one thing they have proved lately is that they just don’t give a single fuck about western sensibilities.”

        Actually, we’ll have to see about that.

        Some Japanese developers have already censored or self-censored their games,two examples are tri-Ace (diaper in Star Ocean 5) and Capcom (R.Mika, Cammy nipples etc.) because of SJWs.

        Then you have Koei Tecmo not bringing DOAX3 to the West because of SJWs.

        Not to mention Namco developer Katsuhiro Harada saying that Summer Lesson may not come out to the West due to SJWs.

        IF you’re going to say that the above is “trivial”, then I would respond by saying that censorship is censorship no matter what the scale is, and excusing it will only lead to them doing it even more in the future.

        • C G Saturation

          I recall Tri-Ace and Squenix saying they were afraid to get blasted, so they self-censored.

          Companies like Crapcom don’t seem to care as much about their Japanese customer base. Crapcom in particular makes more Western-themed games, and even relies more on Western devs. They openly pander to Western FPS Call of Duty fans, and I think they also sometimes release English versions ahead of Japanese versions. Their localization of GTA4 was also reportedly garbage, they didn’t translate a good portion of the game into Japanese. That’s how little they care.

          Not bringing games to the West is a different matter. The West constantly tells other countries, “fuck you, you are not welcome, you disgusting regressive sexist racist” and nobody wants to deal with the SJW bullshit, so it’s easier to avoid them completely. People who really want the game will still import it anyway.

        • Alistair

          Censorship whoever endorse it are basically SJWs even though when DEVs say they not, Im looking at you NISA.

          Censorship is Censorship self censorship is just another term for it.

          Censorship = a Order, pressure etc.

          Self Censorship = Self harm, Scared, pressure etc.

          The latter self censorship is lowest of the low. You have no respect of your product and No faith in it as well.

          The only people that happy from censorship is the media that fuels SJWs cucks.

          I want at the games the ones that SJWs want then diversity of games mention over there.

          But i wont hold my breath as no echhi reference be mention. It be rather intreasting what games be mention if at all.

      • scemar

        I don’t know you so I cannot tell how much you know or not

        but there’s stuff out there man
        stuff most people don’t know
        stuff most people wouldn’t want to know about

        but it’s still stuff that exists at the creative heart of that culture, stuff that is part of it and drives its passion, so it still matters a lot

        and I fear it won’t survive the upcoming events unscathed