The Rise of Gambling Games, And Their Future Potential

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Gambling games, like poker and other casino classics, have really made a huge splash in online circles in the past decade. Be that because of the high profile (and huge money) wins, or the emergence of these activities on TV channels the world over, these games are now very popular. It’s easy to get caught up in these stories of big wins, and become inspired yourself to start playing games such as poker, in the hope of one day, having a big win yourself.

From Simple Beginnings:

These kinds of games have almost always been available to consumers, alongside personal computers. However, it was only with the rise of decent internet access that these games began to become monetized. Before this, if you wanted to go to a Casino Online, you could but if your internet provider’s connection was not up to speed, games would be virtually impossible to play, plagued by lag, and faulty connections. Or pre broadband – if somebody picked up the phone!

On the Rise:

As internet connections began to improve, so did the potential to play these kinds of games online with others. Speeds and connections became far more consistent, meaning that you could now play with confidence. Casinos and advertisers noted this move, and began to develop their own services, offering gamers / poker players bigger prizes. Help sites such as APNET also emerged, assisting novice players in getting better skilled at playing poker.

To the Future – Where is it Headed:

In current times, it seems that Virtual Reality is going to burst out onto the market and change the way many things are done, even in perhaps, previously unthought of ways. Oculus have already released their Rift Head Mounted Display, Samsung have their Gear, and HTC offer the Vive. All specialized items, requiring expensive graphics cards, or proprietary phones for them to work. However, many feel that when Sony release their PlayStation VR Headset, this will be the impetus that changes the market. The PlayStation 4 is all that is required to use this headset, and there is already an install base of 40 million units sold, meaning that, even if 2% of owners buy a headset, that’s still 2 million headsets out there in the open.

What does this all mean for gambling games though? Well, imagine being able to sit at a virtual poker table, at the WSOP, sat next to Phil Hellmuth. This is possible, and right now. You can be sat, at this virtual table, with 360 degree, 3D visuals in front of you, but never leaving the comfort of your own home. You could visit any casino in the world, virtually. Playing some baccarat at Casino de Monte Carlo has just now become possible, for everybody – and all you need is a Head Mounted Display.

This is only scraping the surface in relation to what is possible with future tech and online gambling games.


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