Thirst, Literal Arcade Rail-Shooter For VR Is Voted Through Greenlight

Thirst is a Mad Max style arcade rail shooter that literally takes place on the rails of a train track, and it’s developed by the indie team at RLTY CHK. Your train has a large supply of water, and your job is to defend it at all costs in this post apocalyptic style shooter.

If you grew up playing classic arcade rail shooters such as Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, or House Of The Dead, then you might really like this modern day take on rail shooters. Thirst utilizes the HTC Vive VR headset to immerse you into this action packed world of rampaging dune buggies, flying helicopters, and blazing fast Hollywood-style action as waves of enemies attack your train to kill you to either take your precious supply of water, or destroy it.

In this world water is scarce, so everyone is in high demand of water to survive. Your main objective is to safely transport the water and protect it from bandits. To help you achieve your goal, you are armed with a special riot shield in your left hand and a machine gun in your right, shooting at anything that tries to destroy your train transport. Check out the action packed video down below that showcases the gameplay for Thirst so that you can see exactly how the battles play out for yourself.

There is a downside however, because the developers say that they made Thirst exclusively for the HTC Vive. Now this could possibly change in the future as they move forward with development, but if they made some type of deal with the HTC Vive then it means that you won’t be able to use any other headset to play the game. If you already own another headset, such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR then you will be out of luck and won’t be able to play.

Thirst has already been Greenlit for Steam, so if you are into VR shooter games just might enjoy this one. The developers say that Thirst will launch for the summer of 2016, so you should expect to see it available for purchase soon.


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