Thirst, VR Rail Shooter Gets Off To Rocky Start On Early Access

The 3D VR rail-shooter from RLTY CHK has launched into Early Access on Steam. The game is played with the HTC Vive 3D HMD, and it puts players in the role of a protector of a water transport as vicious enemies use helicopters, dune buggies and rockets in an attempt to take over the train.

If it sounds a lot like the end sequence to The Road Warrior, you probably aren’t alone. The only difference was that in that movie it was all about fuel, and in this case it’s all about water.

Thirst is billed as an “easy to pick, hard to master” sort of game where you’ll need to hone your skills and get good to master the ins and outs of this virtual reality sim. You can check out the gameplay video below to see the game in action.

The game is available for only $2.99, and has launched into Steam Early Access following a short stint on Greenlight, where gamers voted it through to appear on Valve’s digital storefront.

At the moment the reviews for the game are mixed. While some people are saying that the game is a-okay and that considering how cheap it is the price is decent for the amount of content you get, others are a little more perturbed at the quality of the gameplay.

Some users are citing poor controls, gunplay and inconsistent AI behavior as part of the many reasons why they had to give the game a thumbs down. Others noted that the frame-rate has issues and there are serious optimization tweaks that need to be made to bring the game up to par.

Thankfully, RLTY CHK has plans on spending the next two months ironing out Thirst and fixing up the content before it’s released in full. Hopefully the critical and constructive feedback from the community is taken into account as Thirst is fixed up right proper before its release.

For more info feel free to visit the Steam Early Access page.


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