Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Only Sells 35,000 In July
(Last Updated On: August 12, 2016)

The Nintendo published title Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has managed to maintain its course on a downwards spiral on the sales charts. For the month of July, the game has only managed to sell 35,000 copies, dropping from the 50,000 it moved in June.

Nintendo Everything did a quick write-up based on the numbers being posted by Aquamarine on gamrConnect. Many of the figures aren’t surprising, with games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 holding steady with strong sales, with the NPD numbers putting it at 194,000 SKUs moved at retail.

The real story, however, is that the highly censored and poorly promoted niche JRPG, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE managed to sell even less throughout the entirety of July than what it sold on the last week of June.

It’s a stark testament that not marketing to your core market and making changes that goes directly against what would entice them to buy your product is the perfect way to lose sales.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE wasn’t the only poor seller at retail… Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst also failed to take off. The game only managed 40,000 in July, down from the 99,000 it shifted at retail in June. The note from Aquamarine states that the game moved most of its units through digital distribution. EA has yet to say what the total sales are for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst but a lukewarm response from gamers and a lot of the same problems that plague other open-world games hampered the potential for the game.

Now some people might use the data for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to say that Nintendo games just no longer sell well, but Capcom’s Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS along with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire all managed to make the top 10 for July. Capcom had a steady and consistent marketing campaign for Monster Hunter Generations and Pokemon is Pokemon.

Hopefully if Nintendo decides to bring over any other niche Japanese games, they lay off the thick censorship and focus on promoting the game squarely to people who enjoy niche gaming.

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  • Stealth

    Tokyo Mirage has sold 100k in the West which is very good for any JRPG. A game of the year JRPG contender from most people who have played it. A very bias article.

  • TT

    i’m hoping they take a hit. What went through their head for the censorship bullshit, I can’t even think of how they thought it was a good idea. I feel bad, gameplay wise it looked like a decent JRPG, but if they are going to be this bad with censorship, I mean ffs a wedding dress of all things, they deserve to take a loss.

  • MusouTensei

    Could have been more.

  • Alistair

    Bam just like that, the myth that censorship rises sells then decrease has been utter destroyed. And proves them so fucking wrong, how does it feel SJWs that your silly excuses come back.

    & bite you in the arse. There minor censorship but there a heavy dose of censorship and this game got it in spards.

  • scemar

    I’m still disappointed it managed to sell that much tho

    I wanted there to be so many leftover copies enough to rot in the bargain bin until the stench got so bad they had to find a landfill to bury them away to hide their shame, so bad the investors took note

  • Grey

    I’m a bit surprised it managed to even sell that well.

  • CRES

    When Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE first made the rounds at Nintendo of America, Mr. Localizer and Mr. Translator had a conversation.

    Translator: TMS didn’t do that well in Japan. It’s a very niche game with a very niche but devoted fanbase of Fire Emblem fans and Atlus fans. What should we do?

    Localizer: I know. In order to cut down on costs Localizing the game, let’s leave it with the Japanese dub only.

    Translator: Okay, niche fans tend to prefer the authentic Japanese experience.

    Localizer: Yeah… Except let’s redo a few lines.

    Translator: What?

    Localizer: You know, the ones referring to character’s ages. We can’t have underage girls dress like THAT now can we? We need to bump up the ages a bit.

    Translator: Okay… There’s only one or two lines that need to be changed.

    Localizer: Oh, and those lines about the dirty magazines. Oh, and those about handing out tissues. In fact, let’s change all the lines that refer to Japanese culture.

    Translator: But the game is called Tokyo Mirage Sessions. As in the capital of Japan.

    Localizer: Yeah, but we don’t want it to be TOO Japanese. You hear me?

    Translator: Umm…

    Localizer: OH! And change all those lines referring to swimsuit modeling.

    Translator: But that’s a HUGE part within the game. We can’t change those lines without changing the entire dungeon associated with it.

    Localizer: Yeah, change those as well. In fact, let’s remove all the swimsuits in the game.

    Translator: Wait, you want to remove ALL the swimsuit outfits!?

    Localizer: Yeah, just replace them with the characters being fully clothed from top to bottom. We can’t have underage girls showing that much skin, you know?

    Translator: But we are already raising their ages! They won’t be underage anymore.

    Localizer: Yeah, the swimsuits still have to go. Oh and that wedding dress.

    Translator: What about it?

    Localizer: It shows too much skin. Have her wear a white skin-tight bodysuit underneath. That will be wholesome.

    Translator: A skin-tight bodysuit is “wholesome”? Anyway, you do realize that this will cost a lot more money to do than to just release the game as is? Besides, if the fans find out about this, and they will, there will be a shitstorm coming our way. I mean, look at what Fire Emblem Fates did to the fanbase.

    Localizer: It will be fine, we will reach a larger audience this way! Oh, and that boss with the impressive rack, I’m going to need you to add something to the cinematic to cover her up.

    Translator: Do you want me to change her in-game model too?

    Localizer: What!? No, you think we have the money to do that? Now if you will excuse me I have to see a man about a few vagina bones.

    The moral of this story is censorship SUCKS.

    • I think the wedding dress censorship really speaks volumes about it being for idealogical reasons rather than ‘moral’ reasons.

      I mean, real wedding dresses that women wear in ceremonies (where family, friends and children are present), NEVER show any of the woman’s skin do they?

      Oh wait.