Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Won’t Be Sold In Australia
Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2016)

If you wanted to pick up a copy of the busty, lesbian-themed action game, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni for the PlayStation Vita over in Australia, you can’t. The game will not be sold in Australia because it has been refused classification from the Australian Classification Ratings Board.

Censored Gaming spotted the update over on the Classification website where there’s a notice showing that it has been refused classification.

The reason for the refusal of a rating? Well, it’s the same reasoning they used for other games containing sexually suggestive or themed content, such as Meiq: Labyrinth of Death. The refusal reads…

“The computer game is classified RC in accordance with the National Classification Code, Computer Games Table, 1. (a) as computer games that “depict, express or otherwise deal with matters of sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or revolting or abhorrent phenomena in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that they should not be classified.”

This is just another long line of games that cannot be sold in Australia. The Bug Butcher was also denied a classification because one of the power-ups used a syringe, and therefore they refused to rate the game and it cannot be sold in Australia. NIS America also announced recently that they are also not able to sell Criminal Girls 2 in Australia at retail because it has no rating.

It’s completely unsurprising that a game like Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni would be denied classification in Australia. The country is very censorship heavy and the themes of using lesbian titillation to create weapons of destruction was bound to draw the ire of the ratings board.

Ultimately, all of this increased censorship from various nations has probably resulted in big businesses for Play-Asia. Speaking of which you can look for Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni to launch later this year for the PS Vita in North America, but if you live in Australia you’ll need to import the game from a site like Play-Asia.

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  • Gradash

    WoW! Violence it’s a something that make games be banned? Why Mortal Kombat can be sold in Australia?

  • Alistair

    God this is so soul crushing depressing After yesterday i woke up feel fresh alert and happy.

    Then this happens, then i just cotton on what Korea gamergate really is that rather depressing. I thought it was about ethics And censorship but it opposite Anti-Gamergate is more like it.

    That explains why blade and soul had another censored update. If this keeps up over there and god forbid if it spill over to japan then we will be 1 hell of a bumpy ride.

    “we not taking away your games only destroying them with censorship.”

    • “Then this happens, then i just cotton on what Korea gamergate really is that rather depressing.”

      If you don’t know yet, you should read up on the Korean SJW/feminist shit-show about that voice actress who wore that retarded feminist T-shirt:

      It’s basically South Korea’s version of a GamerGate event. Centers around some voice actress who put on a feminist T-Shirt, which was created by some misandrist feminist group called “Megalia” (I think), and when the bosses of the voice actress discarded her (because they did not want association with the creators of the
      T-Shirt), hell ensued. Basically, other developers, artists, etc. went
      in to support the voice actress, and claimed the company who discarded her material (voice clips, etc.) of “misogyny” and “sexism”. Then of course, anyone who criticised the voice actress or the T-Shirt was immediately labelled a misogynist and sexist.

      I do believe protests (i.e. lynch mobs) from these SJW spastics were held outside of the Nexus company building.

      As a result, this seems to have affected a Korean game called Sudden Attack 2, which is a free-to-play FPS with quite a lot of sexy female characters, published by a company called Nexon. Nexon then decided to censor some sexy female designs or something (most likely due to SJW/Megalia/feminist whining, but not confirmed), this then led to the developers GameHi cutting all ties to Nexon – most likely because the censorship has made a lot of fans angry, and resulted in them losing interest in the game, which of course means lost income for the developers.

      It seems that Sudden Attack 2’s driving force is the sexy female characters (I think the female models are pretty damn good myself), once fans found out they will be censored, they got pissed. And rightfully so.

      Male/geek anime/video games culture has been hit pretty bad by SJWs and feminists over in Korea for a long while now, and is just further proof that political correctness and feminism is cancer.

      • Alistair

        And anybody that dismissed the SJWs like they didnt exist are delusional themselves as white knights.

        My frontline is on a brink at the moment, if the whole farce continues and worst come to the worst by japan being effected and PEGI Been effected too and start refuse a game with rating then its over my frontline has burn-Out.

        • “And anybody that dismissed the SJWs like they didnt exist are delusional themselves as white knights.”

          Some are delusional. But a lot of these people are intellectually dishonest. When they claim that SJWs do not exist, they do it to make it seem as if it’s the majority opinion of everyone.

          They know full well that SJWs exist.

          “Telling them to bog off or Fuck off, or idiot even called paranoid, is not none of these. And there are other hurtful words as long its not a
          death/Rape threat. Speaking of threat what did become of a woman femmist on youtube said “That all men should die ” As a good example for all.

          But the law doesn’t work that way.”

          And things will not change until the mainstream media changes. Whatever the mainstream media reports is what society will be.

          It’s clear that mainstream media has is an extreme bias for leftist SJW/feminism, and bias against conservatives and men.

          You can blame gynocentrism for that, which has created endless white knights, manginas and cucks ready to put their lives on the line for women and feminists.

          • Alistair

            Another trick they tried to do is turn the tables on you making you feel you 1 of them.

            like this “You dont like this, so we dont like this, we like this bad!!!! “

  • Alistair

    Another game eh to get the bullet & there no such link between SJWs influence oh why this happen. According to 1 commenter *huff*

    So censorship is cause by itself no influence, no link at to them what utter BS is this.

    The question is why have a rating at all in Australia so please tell what R-18 games permitted. It sounds to me just violence of just the strong kind.

    The kind of violence that in a BBFC 15 rated game is permitted but didn’t the Witcher 3 get a rating & that full of extreme violence & nudity and sex.

    But any hint the game having that Japanese feel to it is banned. Then they are racist SJWs then.

    • Michael P

      It’s really not the SJW’s in this case though Alistair, The Australian Classification Board is full of old and out of touch conservatives (always has been) that had been banning/censoring games long before all the SoJus shit even started.

      Know your enemy as they say and it’s old school conservative fuckery at work here.

  • C G Saturation

    Australia behaves in such a way that it offends against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults.

    • “Then there are all the exclusive job and study offers for females only. Gotta love “equality”. I heard they are making women’s studies compulsory. Meanwhile, the Australian media boasts that Australia is a “multicultural paradise”. Yeah, of RACISM and MISANDRY.”

      I blame the men for not sticking up for themselves and fighting against it to be honest.

      If they’re just gonna sit back, take it on the chin and watch it happen then they deserve all the feminist turd sandwiches they get

      • C G Saturation

        It’s easy to say that though. You’ve seen how everyone treats men’s rights movements or anyone who even tries to suggest that men aren’t ultra hyper god-like privileged perfect joy.

        • Yeah that’s true man. The Men’s Rights Movement have been an utter failure for the last 2 decades.

          The points and arguments they make are actually good and sound, but they are Moderates at the end of the day, and being a Moderate just makes you an easy target punching bag

          • C G Saturation

            They’re already often portrayed as terrorist extremists, though. At the same time, the real terrorist extremists are treated like liberators and saviors.

            The world is literally topsy-turvy and backwards. Nothing makes sense anymore, and most people don’t find it strange because they’re so easily influenced by media.

          • Yeah, one of the biggest problems is the brain-dead drones of society (basically the ‘normies’ or ‘sheeple’) that swallow every drop of faeces the mainstream media shoves into their mouths.

            Because of this, we are now stuck in a society where whatever the mainstream media reports is what will be considered “fact” for the majority.

            And that is why you get so many white knights, manginas and cucks fighting for the rights of wymmin. Obviously they still don’t know that women have MORE rights than men in the Western societies.

            I am in my 20s, so I hope to be around to see this feminist narrative be burnt to the ground and pissed on. It’s gone on for too long.

          • C G Saturation

            Even if it went away, in a few decades, people will forget, and the same shit will happen again. It’s so sad. I mean, look at most people now. They keep saying, “I don’t remember what happened yesterday” and “it’s in the past, it doesn’t matter”. They just don’t care.

            Reminds me of a quote I heard: “those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it”, or something along those lines. It’s so true.

            I read an article a few months ago that talked about how nobody can have a decent discussion anymore because everything’s being misreported to the extent that nobody can agree on what should be basic, consistent facts.

          • Alistair

            That is so true stateing your facts to some-one that dont listen is bad enough but doing so on a restricted website is also bad enough.

            That happen to me, okay what im saying is this suppose that certain website break the news that a game be censored. The restricted is follow the rules, be civil, be polite and stay on topic.

            So what do you do, you would be upset about it you want to prove why it didnt need to be censored saying censorship is influence by SJWs but can you do all that with-Out going off-Topic you cant even make comparison with-out going off-topic.

            So yeah what you said about things get misreported that you Cant have a decent discussion rings true.

    • ScarredBushido

      Don’t forget gays can’t marry here either. I think that could of been the reason as well

      • C G Saturation

        Really? Well, that’s something I didn’t know.

        • ScarredBushido

          really? the way your talking i thought you lived here because it all was spot on LOL.

  • scemar

    good reminder why regional restrictions are bad, and how dangerous a rating body can become, and why PC is the king

    all those factors can come together to stop games from being sold

    australia continues to be one of the most hostile countries to be if you like games

    • C G Saturation

      Censorship, poor localization, refusal of sale, expensive importing, expensive local prices, expensive digital prices, and a hell of a shitty treatment by society if you happen to like games or computers. At least, back when I was young, anyway.

      At least PAL and completely different console speeds aren’t a thing anymore. I had no idea that all the super tough NES games I beat were running much slower than the originals. Probably screwed with my reflex/reaction time, too.

      Oh, and don’t forget charming commercials like this:

  • Cats736

    Stop trying to get these types of games rated in Australia already, it’s a waste of time.

  • Australia needs burning.

    • Michael P

      lol Mate, please put the blowtorch away. Not only are we fighting the SJW influence but it seems we’ll have to reignite the fight with the conservative fucktards at the ACB who seem to be ignoring our R18 classification to protect the ̶c̶h̶i̶l̶d̶r̶e̶n̶ grown ass adults from the sexy vidya….again. We’re fighting on 2 fronts now.

      Goddamn it, I thought we’d mostly defeated these clowns but it seems their (likely religious) morality fix needs sating again so they’ve gone on a banning spree after all those violent games they had to let through because of R18.