VR Space Game Detached Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early 2017

One of the latest VR games to hit Steam “Coming Soon” section is Detached. Anshar Studios seeks to bring PvP and single player space-survival action through Detached to both PC (via Steam) and consoles early next year.

I really do like VR games, but it seems as if some are very lackluster or generic when it comes to innovative ideas. However, it looks like developer Anshar Studios wants to do something different with Detached, and make it more than a typical cash-grab VR game.

You can read the official description below.

“Detached is a First Person PvP Experience, focused on rivalry, exploration and survival, designed specifically for Virtual Reality headsets from scratch. The game features a single player and multiplayer mode, both of them focusing on intense skill based flying in an astronaut suit.”

Running on the Unreal Engine 4, the VR game can be played with or without VR support according to the main site, despite the notice on its Steam Early Access page.

Furthermore, the game is said to focus on the player being left behind in a detached cargo from a big B Class Trawler ship, named Big Zoe. Players are said to navigate and escape from the space station to call for help before all necessary resources run out to survive.

Additionally, players will be equipped with a space EVA suite to manipulate zero gravity in order to traverse around outside the station. The suit will play an important role in both multiplayer and in the single player game modes, as noted by the devs.

Two videos showing Detached can be seen below. The first is a teaser trailer, while the second is an in-game PvP capture the ball video. Both come in courtesy of Anshar Studios.

There doesn’t seem to be any weapons or guns, but seeing how we are a year out from the game’s final results, I’m sure the whole first person exploration thing will have lots more to accompany it on release, hopefully.

Before signing out, the VR game is said to be designed for an “intense experience” and not for the faint of heart, or sensitive players. If that sounds interesting, the full rundown is over on detachedgame.com.

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