Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Adds New Co-op, Bounty Hunt Modes

Watch Dogs 2

During this year’s GamesCom Ubisoft rolled out a lot of new information for their slate of upcoming games for home console and PC, one of those games happened to be Watch Dogs 2. The new trailer for the game features a breakdown of the three main modes that players will have to mess around with in the upcoming open-world hacktion game.

The trailer covers the game’s new co-op mode, which allows players to team up with anyone online and participate in competitive co-op activities or go on specific co-op missions where two players must hack and attack their way through enemy forces to complete an objective.

The co-op mode also contains fluid transitions into the Bounty Hunt and Online Invasion modes where two players can work together against the world. The Online Invasion is a mode that’s returning from the first Watch Dogs, where one player invades the other player’s game and attempts to steal data from them. You can see it in action with the GamesCom trailer below.

Perhaps the most significant new update to Watch Dogs 2 is the Bounty Hunt mode. It’s the sort of thing that finally gives unfettered, open-world chaos its just rewards: a contract on the head of the chaos maker.

Players the world around will be invited in to take down the chaos maker, with up to three players per session tasked with taking down the lawbreaker. It’s a cool little mode where these three players will be attempting to help subdue the one player wrecking havoc while AI police also work to take out the troublemaker. However, the person doing all the damage can fight back, using their hacktion skills to run over, blow up, shoot and incapacitate anyone in their path. It’s a cool sounding mode and I would love to see more of it in action before making any final judgments about it.

You can learn a little bit more about the multiplayer with the video below from GamesCom.

The game will not have session rooms like GTA V. The whole world will supposedly be seamless and natural so that players will just find others and interact with them without having to use server/session menus.

The multiplayer modes sound like the natural progression from the first Watch Dogs. The fact that all of the progress from the multiplayer can carry over into unlocking new goods for single-player only raises the value of the multiplayer modes.

You can look to play Watch Dogs 2 starting November 15th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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