Weekly Recap Aug 20th: The Ballad Of Gawker’s Fall

Weekly Recap

The entire week ending on August 20th was pretty much entirely dedicated to Gawker. It was about the site and its subsidiaries being auction off to the Spanish corporation Univision. It was about Kotaku being under a new home, which could spell a change in how their ethics and direction are fit in line with the Spanish conglomerate. We learned that Gawker.com was shutting down, and most importantly, we learned right from the former editor-in-chief that #GamerGate helped spell doom for the tabloid media site’s demise.

You could pretty much sum up this week as the ballad of Gawker’s fall. There’s also a ton of other stories centered around all sorts of announcements, trailers and censorship as well in this August 20th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.

No Cosplay Guns At GamesCom 2016

The organizers at GamesCom 2016 made it known that cosplayers are prohibited from bringing fake guns, toy guns and imitation weapons to GamesCom 2016 in Cologne, Germany due to all the Islamic terrorist attacks that have befallen the country. It’s a real shame but real life violence is preventing gamers from enjoying their hobby. After Nintendo sent cease and desist letters to the makers of Pokemon Uranium other gamers popped in to make alternate download links to keep the dream alive. A new game called Orwell is designed to mimic the future of 1984 where players get to fulfill the role of Big Brother. And the newest Cemu 1.5.5 has released, giving gamers an even more highly compatible emulator to run Wii U games.


Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed

The rumors had been running rampant all weekend long, with many websites claiming that Square had delayed Final Fantasy XV from September 30th to November 29th, and Square finally confirmed it square and early on a Monday morning. WWE continues to tease a confrontation between Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, this time coming from Paul Heyman and Lesnar, both of whom made a short video to promote the upcoming WWE 2K17. New PCs from Xotic PC have been outfitted with Nvidia’s GTX 10 series all in an attempt to give mobile gamers an opportunity to game while on the go and do so with the opportunity to experience VR gaming. And a new Metroidvania called Demon Peak has landed on Steam Greenlight.


Gawker Assets Auctioned Off, Kotaku Has A New Home

The big news for the day is that Gawker’s assets were liquidated and they had to auction off their goods, including popular tech sites like Gizmodo and their gaming outlet Kotaku. Jezebel was even sought by a start-up for $10 million. The new game Psychic Isolation is seeking some attention as a psychological horror game. The Gears of War 4 PC launch specs were released and you’ll need a very hefty PC to run the game… try 80GB on for size. The beta dates for Titanfall 2 have been rolled out, and will take place this weekend and next weekend within August. And the release date for The Tomorrow Children has finally been set in stone, with the game launching during the early first half of September.


Univision Purchases Gawker For $135 Million

You could sum this week up so far as the week of Gawker. The drama has been unfolding ever since Hulk Hogan took the financial leg drop and three-count to Nick Denton and his Gawker brand, putting them knee deep in debt by $140 million thanks to the final judgment call from court, which caused the domino effect of both Denton and Gawker having to file for bankruptcy. There to pick up the pieces, Univision managed to buy up the conglomerate for $135 million. Konami unleashed the first Metal Gear Survive trailer, promising a game that will hit the market post-Kojima, but most fans are not pleased. One of the most anticipated games due out this generation is Nier: Automata and some really good news surfaced when it was revealed that the title will be appearing on Steam in early 2017.


Gawker.com Shutting Down

The week of Gawker continues. The most important news item of the day was that #GamerGate’s arch nemesis, Gawker, was being cut out of the woodwork by Univision. The Spanish mega-giant decided to shutter the doors of Gawker.com. Capcom’s footage of Resident Evil 7 hasn’t entirely gone over too well given that the game seems to have lost the identity of the Resident Evil franchise. More censorship news, this time it’s Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni getting a second shot in the spotlight as it’s been banned from being sold in Germany alongside the Australian ban. And even more censorship news… this time it’s NPR, who has decided to completely close down their comment section and prevent people from commenting any further on their news articles. Now, the only way to comment on an NPR piece is through Twitter or Facebook.


How #GamerGate Helped Kill Gawker

Former editor-in-chief at Gawker.com, Max Read, took to the New York Magazine to spill spaghetti in the form of a textual screed against the likes of #Gamergate. Read credits the consumer movement for being a lot more dangerous than he gave it credit for, and it caused some serious financial damage to the brand. Titanfall 2’s open beta got underway yesterday and will run through the weekend, the first of two betas to be exact. A new update to Endereal for Skyrim was released, featuring better compatibility and graphics updates. And it turns out that VR and AR are expected to make a ton of money… but not from the consumer sector.