Weekly Recap Aug 6th: Deux Ex Augs Lives Matter Triggers SJWs
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2016)

This week was mostly tame. Nothing really big happened in the world of gaming and nothing really important happened in the industry. What we did get is some small news here and there, such as Patrick Klepek leaving Kotaku to join Vice Gaming alongside Austin Walker.

The other big news item that’s being called a “nontroversy” by the more common sense thinkers of the planet, is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided being ridiculed by the lead designer on Mass Effect Andromeda from BioWare for a poster that read “Augs Lives Matter”. The BioWare developer called them racial appropriators and that they were being culturally insensitive. Eidos called it a “coincidence” that it was similar to “Black Lives Matter”, which also spawned an equally controversial stepchild-saying called “All Lives Matter”. The issue managed to get widespread attention across the gaming industry despite the fact that the poster about “Augs Lives Matter” is directly related to the content happening in the game.

These (pathetic) stories and more in this August 6th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Fixes Inbound

Activision rushed out a re-release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PC and it came out broken. Well, the developers are back at it to fix the game and rectify some of the major issues plaguing the title. DOOM is receiving some new content, including two new modes and new maps, in addition to improved SnapMap features. Little King’s Story has launched on Steam this week, giving gamers a taste of a classic from not too long ago. A new game that could end up being the spiritual successor to Devil May Cry called Lost Soul Aside shows just how much detail and gameplay can be put together by a single person using the Unreal Engine 4. And Cortana from Halo has landed on the Xbox One as an AI assistant that responds to voice commands.


Patrick Klepek Leaves Kotaku

Whether by force or by choice, Patrick Klepek has moved on from Kotaku. This marks the second major change in gigs for Klepek within the span of just two years. On the crowd-funding front, a game centered around the controversial conflict taking place in Syria called That Day We Left has entered into Kickstarter with a decent bit of momentum. Some new gameplay footage for Etrian Odyssey V has been released, giving gamers 14 minutes worth of gameplay to check out. And Capcom has increased their budget for the VR aspects being implemented into Resident Evil 7.


BioWare Dev Accuses Deus Ex Devs Of Racism

In the land of the perpetually offended, we’ve now entered into the stage where developers from BioWare are offended at how the Eidos developers are promoting hot-button topic games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. One developer from BioWare accused the Eidos crew of culturally appropriating the topic of Black Lives Matter. The controversial and politically incorrect management sim This Is The Police has launched with quite a bit of positive feedback from the gaming community. The game Megalomaniac is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight. And the old-school industry simulator Industry Giant 2 is set to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One later this year.


Facebook Cracks Down On Clickbait

People have been complaining about clickbait and fakebait for years, but search engines and social media networks have been facilitating corporations utilizing clickbait to make bank. In a supposed bid to help users find more of the news they’re looking for, Facebook claims that they’re getting rid of the clickbait that shows up news feeds. Some brand new shots have appeared for Berserk featuring Zodd and the character transformations. The Suicide Squad skins and content based on David Ayer’s movie has found its way into Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile devices. And the latest update for DOOM has gone live for home consoles and PC.


Criminal Girls 2 Banned In Germany

Even after kowtowing to the censors and removing content, obscuring images and changing the themes of Criminal Girls 2 from a bondage sex sim to a consenting piece of pleasure fluff, NIS America still couldn’t win over the ratings boards in Germany and Australia, resulting in the game being banned in both regions. Just goes to show you that sometimes censorship doesn’t pay. Rumors have begun to make the rounds that a StarCraft HD is in the works, but Blizzard has yet to comment or confirm the news. The upcoming pirate game named Tempest is due to exit Early Access at the end of September. Niche Gamer is reporting on why Niantic Labs has closed down third-party support for Pokemon Go trackers. And Techraptor is reporting that No Man’s Sky has been delayed on PC.

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