XCOM 2 Dragonpunk Mod Featuring Vivian James Receives New Video

XCOM 2 Dragonpunk

The Dragonpunk mod in development for XCOM 2 is coming along nicely. The developers released a new video recently to give gamers a look at the progress of the mod and the new online co-op mode that is being implemented into the game.

PC Gamer recently spotted the update video that was posted to the Dragonpunk YouTube channel, featuring six minutes of gameplay and a way in which the co-op mode works for XCOM 2.

Unfortunately Vivian James isn’t featured in this particular video, since it focuses more on the integration of cooperative play between two players. During the loadout screen it’s possible to invite a friend to the game and actually have them join your team. It’s really cool. Both players can then customize the armor, weapons and items that each of the characters bring with them onto the battlefield.

While Vivian James didn’t appear in this particular video, she has been featured in some of the other promotional content featured in the development of the mod for XCOM 2. For instance, the theme song for Vivian was published six months ago on the channel. You can catch a listen below if you haven’t heard it before.

Dragonpunk will feature dragons (just as the name implies), along with all new weapons, armor, new drones, customizable magic attacks, as well as an all new story mode. I’m interested to see what the magic attacks will look like and I also can’t wait to see Vivian James in the actual game. That will be a real sight to behold.

There’s still tons of work to be done so don’t hold your breath on seeing the mod released anytime soon. They’re expecting the conversion mod for XCOM 2 to arrive sometime during 2018.

For more info on mod and other content that the developers are working on, you can check out Dragonware Studio’s official website.

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