Xotic PC Gaming Laptops Feature Nvidia GTX 10 Series GPUs For VR Gaming
Xotic PC

Xotic PC announced that they have a selection of new gaming laptops outfitted with Nvidia’s latest GTX 10xx series of GPUs. This includes the coveted GTX 1080, the moderate GTX 1070 and the affordable GTX 1060.

The Xotic PC gaming brand will be available with a number of configurations, including having GPUs from MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, and more. Each of these units will be powered by the Pascal architecture of Nvidia’s latest brand of graphics processors, part of which includes native support for VR gaming and apps.

This also means that these cards will be ready for DirectX 12 software on Windows, offering gamers GDDR5X VRAM within the mobile versions of the GPUs.

The press release doesn’t indicate what the pricing will be for the various iterations of the Xotic PC gaming laptops. I can’t imagine the laptops being any cheaper than $1,000.

The GTX 1080 really opens up the gap between home consoles and PCs due to the fact that the GPU is designed for native 4K gaming and VR support. This means that if you want to game and game hard, you go with the 1080 and you can run practically everything on the highest settings and in ultra HD, assuming they aren’t piss-poor imitation ports coming hot off a home console release like Batman: Arkham Knight or No Man’s Sky.

Of course, while these new Xotic PC gaming laptops may bolster and proclaim that they may be some of the best on the market, we won’t know exactly how good they are until they get put through the ringer and the benchmarks are made public.

A good mobile gaming laptop with VR capabilities wouldn’t be a bad way to get more gamers interested in the VR craze. Lowering the barrier by raising the compatibility is a solid tactic. Now all we need is actual games worth playing in VR to make the hardware worth owning.

You can check out Xotic PC’s catalog of available GTX 10xx-ready gaming laptops by hitting up their official website.


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