YouTube Blocks Ad Revenue For Anti-SJW Content
YouTube SJWs
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2016)

[Update 9/1/2016:] H3H3 Productions breaks down and explains how YouTube is targeting videos for demonetization.

[Original article:] If you make money, name and fame publishing anti-Social Justice Warrior content then you’re going to need a new source of revenue. YouTube is cracking down on YouTubers by blocking ad revenue with their updated enforcement for the terms of service regarding video monetization.

Recently, Youtuber Philip DeFranco, a young man with 4.5 million YouTube subscribers and 728,000 followers on Twitter, made a few comments on Twitter revealing that the video below could no longer be monetized by YouTube because it breached their new ad revenue terms of service.

DeFranco wrote…

“Seems like @Youtube will be stripping most of my advertising from now on. Oh well. I’m not going to censor myself. Don’t worry though. I built the show and secondary $$$ sources for this exact reason. You never know when your platform will turn on you.


“Producer just got off the phone with Youtube and it wasn’t a mistake. Feels a little bit like getting stabbed in the back after 10 years.”


A few hours later DeFranco revealed that due to YouTube’s new enforcement on the terms of service for monetization, controversial or sensitive subjects could no longer be monetized and that they were retroactively removing ads from his videos and stifling his ad revenue…

“Update: At least 12 more of my videos have been hit and I’m nowhere near done. This might be part of the reason. Wow”

This is not a joke.

Over on the official support page relating to “Advertiser-friendly content guidelines” they now list what is no longer considered “advertiser-friendly”. You can view the list below.

Content that is considered “not advertiser-friendly” includes, but is not limited to:
• Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor
• Violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
• Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language
• Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown

Basically just about every major YouTuber – whether that’s discussing video games or pop-culture politics – will likely be affected by this enforcement of the terms of service. This rings especially true for those who monetize videos where they frequently drop ‘F’ bombs or call out Social Justice Warriors.

In fact, if you didn’t see the video above, it was basically about the fact that an SJW tried to get a driver for the cab service Lyft fired because he had a hula dancer figurine on his dashboard. Lauren Southern, from Rebel Media, confirmed that the SJW blow-up over the driver cost him a few days of work before a video exonerated him of the crimes levied at him by the SJW.

Sadly, calling out this kind of disruptive behavior will net you an ad penalty by YouTube, according to what transpired with Philip DeFranco.

DeFranco was not alone, however. Another provocateur going by the handle of BroTeamPill was also hit with a video removal restriction relating to the recent Crash Override Network leaks that revealed that the anti-abuse organization had members and affiliates who were actually engaging in abuse, harassment, doxxing and sabotage.

BroTeamPill had a series of streams where the chat logs were being read aloud for everyone to see and hear. The videos gained widespread popularity amongst certain groups for confirming that the logs vindicate #GamerGate in its original claims where it was stated that members of Crash Override Network were engaged in harassment and doxxing.

The videos, however, are available through Mega. Broteampill posted up a link on Kotaku in Action that allows you to download and view the videos covering the CON leaks.

As for Philip DeFranco and others like him, they’ll need to look toward other means of revenue for their content now that YouTube is cracking down on anti-SJW media and other forms of content that they may deem sensitive or inappropriate for advertisers.

This move fits in line with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter’s recent initiatives to censor what they deem to be online “hate speech” and “harassment”.  Back in June, YouTube made an update to the terms of service stating that they would be policing content more harshly.

Also keep in mind that videos that YouTube may repeatedly deem as being in violation of their ad revenue policies may result in the entire channel stripped of monetization rights, as explained on the support page…

“If any of the above describes any portion of your video, then the video may not be approved for monetization. If monetization is approved, your video may not be eligible for all available ad formats. YouTube reserves the right to not monetize a video, as well as suspend monetization features on channels that repeatedly submit videos violating our policies.”

This certainly brings into question whether videos containing violent movie scenes, mature-themed trailers or violent video games like Mortal Kombat X or Hotline Miami will still be eligible for monetization?

I also wonder if this is YouTube’s way of curbing popular content creators like Chris Ray Gun, Sargon of Akkad, ShoeOnHead and others from constantly making anti-SJW videos?

[Update:] According to YouTuber Mr. Repzion, using “Rape” in the title of a video is also grounds for demonetization.

[Update 9/1/2016:] The Young Turks network also appear to have been affected by the change, stating that more than 100 videos from 2016 and 400 videos from 2015 have been affected by YouTube’s new enforcement. Although they don’t specify which videos.

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  • duder

    so basicly youtube is ran by the ayatollahs of Iran

  • Pretty soon someone is going to make a web site that’s like YouTube except without all the restrictions and crap. Then YouTube will fade into yesteryear, kind of like what Myspace and Blockbuster did.

  • Minuteworld92


  • Alistair

    You can add lame, crazy, political correctness, man-up in the list of No-No for college students in NA.

    How fucking retarded is that the guy on the left that endorsed it said that crazy word. Now certain words that been use many time over is not a no ground for students. Because some one may take offence.

  • Hmm. I wonder how hard organizations like BuzzFeed will be hit by this sort of thing. It seems a shame. They’re really doing themselves in now, aren’t they?

    • C G Saturation

      The Hateful Content thing posted below seems to imply that SJWs and compulsive liars with an agenda like BuzzFeed will be completely exempt from the new rules. As expected.

      • Well, I guess we’ll see in the weeks to come who’s really affected and if they’ll be cherry-picking the rules and playing favorites.

        • C G Saturation

          It’s Google/YouTube, they’ve always been doing that.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      BuzzFeed are SJWs/feminists. They will be allowed to peddle their misandrist, sexist (anti-men) and racist (anti-white) bile.

      Minorities and Women are a “protected group” remember? As outlined in their rules/policy. That will allow them to get away with murder.

      Men however, especially Caucasians, are NOT a protected group. Isn’t that fucking convenient eh?

      I would love to be proved wrong on this though.

    • I don’t think places like BuzzFeed rely much on the ads from places like YouTube so much as they use it as a platform to push their own content and brand recognition, which ultimately feeds back into their site. Most sites make the most of their revenue from native ads anyway.

  • Cherryh Ontoppe

    Cool. What other video hosting sites are there?

  • fnd

    Fucking bullshit. Fighting the enemy in their own platform can only work for so long, it will be getting worse by the minute. Let’s hope the anti-SJW’s can have a workaround.

    We do need to directly support the anti-SJW’s, because few techlords wants that.

    • GamerGate is well-equipped for this, and if united would be one of the strong(ish) forces against them. But a faction of them are too busy being Moderates and ethics-only

  • Mr.Towel

    Youtube needs a competitor, like yesterday!

  • Reaper of Salt

    1984 is just around the corner.

  • Alistair

    You could also boycott in masses wave that wil hurt them.

    Im thinking of doing just that my youtube hasnt got a lot of gameplay vids but making 1 more then stop and close my channel down.

    If others do the same it will hurt them also i can change my search engine too from google to yahoo own by BT a brit company.

    So FUCK YOU Google.

    • “You could also boycott in masses wave that wil hurt them.”

      I’m sure YouTube knows that themselves.

      Seems this is really a case where they care more about their political agenda ideals rather than the money. But of course, I’m sure Google has been paid a good sum of money by the agenda-pushers anyway.

      We’re heading into some really dark times now. Obama is set to hand the US’s Internet over to the UN on October 1st 2016.

  • Alistair

    So when i have time later im trying to find the contact sites, woke up this morning in a fighting mood lol.

  • Alistair

    So it begins it was only a matter of time this was to happen, twitter is cracking down on criticism on people that deem hurtful even though no malice was involved.

    If you give them the impression that they views are unreasonable they will silence you. To sqaush disent. My writing sometimes is Naff i been called out a few times that criticism on me. And that fine with me.

    My trigger scale out of ten is 3, a regression leftists scale out of ten vary from person to person the woman with that driver vid is about 7 when sober and 8 when drunk that criticism on her.

    So now what youtube has did is flip freedom of speech on its head and censored anyone that gonna called out SJW bullshit. Yup indeed youtube is turning into one mess up SJW site.

    Plus this rather worrying on a different scale so no money if you have a anti SJW stance. What if you are pro regression leftist saying wonderful things
    Will you get rewarded? That in it self is a concern and bang out of order.

    But it not all doom and gloom as No one is immune from criticism even me and YouTube is not immune too and twitter and these regression leftists femmists.

    Take a look at gawker it thought it was immune in UK we got this thing called rights freedom of speech and expression and youtube is cracking down on that. In NA it attack on freedom of speech and expression there too.

    Long story short there are lawyers out there to challenge this, and we can send emails to ads markers about youtube as youtube has ads too.
    So no youtube, twitter is never immune. Even bosses has bosses and youtube will be the same.

  • Peter Crowley

    Youtube should get to removing SJW promoting content. Sick of the pussification that is going on.

    I think if someone is a SJW, you should report their videos enmasse for political reasons, as the excuse can be used both ways.

    • “I think if someone is a SJW, you should report their videos enmasse for political reasons, as the excuse can be used both ways.”

      Problem is Google/YouTube are completely on the side of SJWs. They’ll take down anti-SJW content but they’ll completely ignore complaints towards pro-SJW content.

      These tossers are biased and corrupt as fuck.

      • Peter Crowley

        Sounds like a reason to file a lawsuit when you look at it. A site like Youtube/Google can’t pick a side in a political issue.

        • Easier said than done, because most people do not have the funds to pay the high fees for the legal costs/services to do it.

          • Peter Crowley

            Class action lawsuit. It’s where a LOT of people file a collective suit against an entity, and given the sheer numbers, a class action suit tends to favor the plaintiff, as was the example when account owners lost a lot of money when PSN was hacked into, and before Sony got the order from the Japanese government to shut down the servers until they were updated from the linux-based system they had.

  • Arbitrary


    It’s over.

    • C G Saturation

      Make a time machine.

    • Is there any way to fight this? Mass-complaints from YouTubers, or something of the sort?

      Unless you mean subverting the system, the only alternative is an alternative video hosting service.

    • Alistair

      You can send emails to google higher bosses if google has share holders ask them too. If i was a share holder i would stop putting my shares in.

      Big companies are not immune they just harder to hit lol.

      • C G Saturation

        They will probably all bend over and shed tears for the poor oppressed self-identified dragon car books.

        I saw some weirdos on Reddit saying government doesn’t have anything to do with SJW stuff. Did people already forget Obama’s trans toilet fiasco?

        • Alistair

          In UK you can hear the ones in power on the news interviews quoteing the pharse “Soical justice” it in every dam interview.

          But they never tell of what these social justice till later on.

          So is it social justice to cut benefit cuts for the poorly, then later we thinking of putting a new sexist label for games. Social justice is good to a point.

          Anything approve people wages is good but to usd moral judgement on people that play certain kind of games is just wrong.

          And this thing is a added bonus to oppression of the masses that what google is doing. Fine go after terrorist rants on youtube and twitter but they are the minority with a killing agenda.

        • “I saw some weirdos on Reddit saying government doesn’t have anything to do with SJW stuff.”

          I think I can safely say that the weirdos are either ignorant, misinformed or lying pieces of shit.

  • FlamingoJet

    Fucking christ.

    I think we are looking at the beginning of the end.

    • C G Saturation

      I did say we seem to be approaching their endgame. Lately, it feels like there has been an increase in warning signs that they are ready to officially start fucking us hard.

      • FlamingoJet

        Recent leaks?

        • The Crash Override Network leaks showing that the abuse specialists are actually abusers and sabotagers.

  • Grey

    If anyone has been waiting to launch a competing video service, then they may not have a better opportunity than this. Youtube is essentially begging for an exodus of some of it’s big content creators with this. The only problem is that, so far, there is nowhere for them to migrate too. Which Youtube was probably completely aware of when they made this choice.

    I hope their hubris bites them in the ass.

    • I feel like Dailymotion is a direct competitor , They already have a monetization system and everything , the bad side of it is the design of the website and “sometimes” the playback is slow
      but , it’s better than a new platform from scratch , if they improve i’ll be happy to drop the shit that has became youtube for them

      • fnd

        Dailymotion did a great purge of their softcore porn videos some time ago, so don’t hold your breath? :^)

      • From what I’ve heard, DM seem to have turned out to be the biggest prudes on earth. Here is what I was told:

        I know someone who uploads Anime stuff, and he told me that after he uploaded an all-girl anime banner image (no nudity, just bikinis) for his channel, DM removed the image the next day. Then when he re-uploaded the image, it was removed in the next several hours. He re-uploaded it a 3rd time, and the banner was gone again in a few hours. It was like he was constantly put on a watch-list and monitored.

        He then changed to a banner image which had the same girls all covered up, and it was fine from therein.

        Uploading videos was a problem as well apparently, as that seems to be monitored quite regularly. He told me that his uploaded videos had to be approved first before they can be listed?!! Because some videos he was uploading (no soft porn, no nudity, no scantily-clad) were being removed for no reason at all. He could upload a video and have it listed, but the next 2 days or so it will be removed because it violated terms and services. THEN a few days later the same video could mysteriously come back.

        He said he felt like he was being monitored regularly after the banner/image incident, and after he found out that SOME of his videos were being removed for no reason, he lost confidence in DM and gave up. He has deleted his account.

        That’s just one opinion though. But from judging from the above, I would not trust DM.

      • C G Saturation

        I saw some Reddit threads of people saying they would rather go back to watching TV than go anywhere near DailyMotion.

      • Minuteworld92

        Use critical endorses it.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Facebook and Twitter are becoming great alternatives lately.

      • No way for facebook.. They’ve been filtering content hardcore for a long time. The only difference here is facebook just restricts content they disapprove of from making it to followers/friends timelines. Their ad system also works in reverse. Youtube want’s millions to see videos, and will pay you for the result of it spreading (until now, in some cases..) Facebook makes you pay them if you want your content to reach a wider audience. Only way to earn revenue through facebook is selling merch/services/inventing candy crush.

    • Minuteworld92

  • Hachisu

    I wanna see Boogie’s reaction video to this. Would be one of his most epic rants ever.

  • WTF Disqus? Adding ads after I specifically disabled them?

    • Tamago1

      Why disable ads? Don’t you get any revenue from it? I have adblock disabled for this site because I want to somehow support you dude!

      • Google blocks articles running Disqus’ Reveal ads. That’s why I disabled them before. We lost a lot of hits back when Google started blocking the Disqus ad resources on Blogjob.

        I saw the e-mail earlier from Disqus that the ads were re-enabled for the site automatically, but I didn’t think they actually went ahead and turned the ads on without permission.

        • Alistair

          So billy DIsqus is your boss then.

          • Ethan42

            Disqus can act like a punk at times. Some times I’m not able to comment on certain things because the comment or reply button goes missing. I remember one time it lasted for a full week.

        • Reaper of Salt

          If things ever go south with Disqus in the future would you consider using a new comment section plugin?

          • I guess. I just like how easy Disqus is to use, setup, moderate and administer between sites. I don’t know if there is another comment plugin out there are user-friendly and as wide-reaching as Disqus… is there?

          • Reaper of Salt

            Hmm good question. There are a couple of user friendly comment section alternative plugins out there like livefyre and wpdiscuz, but I can’t think of any that are as wide reaching as Disqus is now that I think about it. Because pretty much every site I visit uses Disqus.

      • Ghost

        Support me instead, I’m a victim of less hours at work.

    • Smug

      Man this forced propaganda

      “S-S-See? Not all muslims are bad!!!”

      • C G Saturation

        What I don’t understand is the people suddenly trying to get everyone to love muslims seem to be the same people who fearmongered them for the past decade. Like they’re trying to make us guilty for all their bullshit. Or create race/religion issues.

        I never bought any of the bullshit to begin with.

        • Smug

          Govts and elites believe that they will gain more wealth by importing middle-east barbarians for low-wage job candidates and potential voters.

          The point of “diversity” (code for anti-white just like “racism”) is also to destroy what’s left of the sovereign populaces from western countries, and their national identities and cultures, through racemixing and immigration. The purpose is to control the masses by having one big “united” nation. This is also why Germany and the EU wants to make all the european countries into a single super-nation.

          Globalist governments arent afraid of jihad attacks. They’re however afraid of the rampant nationalism and far-right movements happening in every western country, and on the Internet.

          • C G Saturation

            Yeah, I know that part. I just don’t get why they tell us muslims are bad, and then tell us we’re bad if we agree with them. The whole thing is ridiculous and stupid.

            I know the assholes are trying to make themselves into the highest level of government by “uniting” everyone. A few out-of-touch rich assholes making broad general decisions for millions of people that they don’t personally know or care about. It does not, cannot and will not work.

            But I don’t think importing middle-east culture is part of uniting people or gaining more wealth. I hear that a lot of those people do not or cannot work after they immigrate, and are draining the system whilst refusing to integrate. That’s more the opposite of uniting everyone, isn’t it?

            I’ve heard that a certain organization has been throwing loads of cash at assholes who push for things that are tearing society apart, such as feminism, racism, the refugee crisis, etc. That organization seems to have a different agenda from the other assholes.

            Whatever the case, it’s sad that people are so greedy, selfish and shortsighted that they blindly accept temporary riches in exchange for destabilizing and destroying society. I’ve said this before: they’re only able to enjoy their spoiled rich lives because the rest of us are propping them up. If we go, they go. But they don’t seem to realize this at all, or just don’t care.

    • Alistair

      Yes im getting ads and it effecting the Ps4 browser making the comments not fully loaded. :'( IM TRIGGERED.

  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I heard about this earlier. People were raging on a friend’s Twitter and he told me about it. I immediately saw it as a convenient excuse for YouTube to screw over people who say stuff they don’t like. I guess they weren’t satisfied with screwing people behind the scenes.

    • C G Saturation

      Something else that seems strange to me: when I try searching this subject on Google, there don’t seem to be any mainstream media sites covering this news. At all.

      So either Google/YouTube is trying to keep quiet about it, or the mainstream media sites are in on it. I’d be willing to wager that it’s both.

      • Ah, that explains why this article is gaining so much traffic. Lack of competition. lol.

        It’s got a few of the top keyword spots on search engines right now according to Google Analytics, like “YouTube censorship” and “are SJWs running YouTube” (not even making that last one up).

        But give it a few hours. I’m sure CNN and the like will flood GNews with articles about how Google/YouTube is cracking down on evil Pepe and his Patriarchal sockpuppets.

  • giygas

    Google’s selective rules enforcement strikes again.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I wonder if any of the SJW crazies are going to get their videos about how terrible all white people are, genderfludity, how great Tumblr is, how evil all men are, etc, demonetized. Or is YouTube is going to play favorites with the snowflakes?

    • Crackhead Bob
      • C G Saturation

        Protected by WHOM, is the question.

      • Alistair

        But none of the vids are express violence towards them or does youtube version of violence is swearing hurtful things.

        So one consider “Anita you suck” Is so hurtful that you are a bad person saying it.

        So now even if you say Boo you can be done for spooking them is quite silly.

        • Crackhead Bob

          I don’t think it really matters what the actual content is. The only thing that matters is if the person/people you’re talking about have collected more oppression points than you have.

          So the example “Anita you suck” would definitely be hateful content because as a woman, she earns 7,000,000,000 oppression points at birth. There’s a reason they specifically made that say “protected group” instead of simply “group”.

    • Alistair

      Oh yes and get paid doing so, while the other side get sqat all.

      & we say this is a well balance fair of opinions so calling out names like “Anita you suck” Is a hate speech is rather funny.

    • ElKonsolero

      Well the Young Turks seem to have taken a hit :

      • Hawk Hopper

        I checked some of the big news outlets and found that CNN and ABC had ads whereas Fox and MSNBC didn’t. I don’t know if Fox and MSNBC don’t normally have ads or what, or if the big news channels get special favors, or if the system is screwed up right now and is targeting sporadically.

      • Good catch. That was added to the article.

  • Fucking Google. Burn in hell.

    • Minuteworld92

      Spread the word about

  • Ghost

    Those rules are so broad that just about literally everyone is affected. Guess the bubble that is youtube is finally bursting.

    • “Those rules are so broad that just about literally everyone is affected.”

      Except SJWs and feminists of course.

      And they love to have rules that are broad and unclear so they can make it up as they go along, punish people they dislike easily and be selective on who they apply it to.

    • DDD-kun

      Not as broad as you think. We’ll understand that more in the coming weeks when only specific targets are made. And then we’ll know that some YTers are more equal than others.

      • C G Saturation

        “Equality: we’re more special than you are”.

        • Smug

          More like “equality for everyone except whitey (males)”

          • C G Saturation

            I like your name+avatar combination.

  • Saw this coming, I’m surprised it took YouTube / Google this long.

    Indirect censorship of Anti-SJW content.

    RIP Free Speech.

    • Smug

      Prepare for Internet to be globally censored if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship to the UN, as planned at midnight on Sept. 30

      • C G Saturation

        The U.N. is so damn useless. The internet will probably crap out because they don’t know how to keep it running, or something equally stupid.

  • Saw this coming, I’m surprised it took YouTube / Google this long.

    Indirect censorship of Anti-SJW content.

    RIP Free Speech.