Zombie Survival Game Infectonator: Survivors Now Available On Steam

Making a long run through Greenlight and Early Access, zombie survival game Infectonator: Survivors is officially now on Steam. Sporting quite a bit of common features found in other indie zombie survival games, Toge Productions’ work is officially out of Early Access and now on Steam.

Following every single tag used in any other zombie survival game, Infectonator: Survivors fits into the vast games similar to it very well. In other words features like permadeath, randomized locations, the overused rogue-like stuff and zombies are prominent in this game.

However, if you enjoy the above and find that kinda stuff to be fun, you’ll be in for a surprise due to the game exiting Early Access and gaining some new features after update 43.

Anyways, if you want to learn more about Infectonator: Survivors and its mechanics, you can read its official description below:

“Infectonator : Survivors is a Randomized Permadeath Survival Simulator that combines RTS, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation gameplay. The goal is to lead a group of survivors in a struggle to stay alive and find rescue in a zombie apocalyptic world.”

Folks will need to scavenge around environments and find items so that fending off hordes of the living dead will be easier. Weapon upgrades also reside in the apocalyptic world, as well as gun workshops that hold better equipment to blast bigger and badder hordes quicker.

You can check out both official videos for the game below, which come in courtesy of Toge Production.

As of this writing the game holds a rating of “Mostly Positive” on Steam. However, if you are in a zombie mood and want to mow down an onslaught of dead weight walking, the game currently holds a 30% off deal. The weekend deal brings its price down from $11.99 to $8.39, and will end on August 15th.

For more information on Infectonator: Survivors and the developers, you can head on over to Steam or togeproductions.com.


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