70% Of Americans Feel Mainstream News Media Is Negatively Affecting Nation

A Pew Research poll conducted between August and September of 2016 sampling more than a thousand adults above 18 years of age in the United States across all 50 states has concluded that more than 70% of those participants felt as if national mainstream news programming and the media are negatively affecting the nation.

The results from the poll were posted up over on the Pew Research website, where they revealed the chart that shows that only 22% of Americans feel that news media is having a positive effect on the nation. 8% were undecided.

Breaking down that number even further, 85% of Republicans feel as if the media is having a negative effect on America in general, compared to only 59% of Democrats who share similar sentiments. It’s likely that more Liberal Democrats in America feel as if the media is only touting what they want, instead of looking objectively at a lot of the misinformation being spread, such as the debunked story about Pepe being a symbol of white nationalism.

Republicans also heavily believe that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the nation, with 45% of Republicans thinking that they’re moving in the wrong direction, where-as only 18% of Democrats feel as if colleges and universities are negatively affecting the nation.

The only two things that both sides seem to agree are negatively impacting the United States of America are large corporations and banks and financial institutions – the latter of which only has an 11 point percentage difference between both Democrats and Republics.

Pew’s latest poll fits in line with yet another poll that recently indicated that only 32% of Americans trust mainstream media.

Some Americans are finding that new wave media outlets such as YouTube, bloggers and independent news sources are the better alternative in which to receive trustworthy information. Mainstream media has devolved into clickbaiting, hit-pieces, race-baiting, rage-baiting and general political mockery to be considered reliable by some.

So not only do a majority of Americans not trust mainstream media, but an equal majority of them also feel as if the media is having a negative effect on the country. Given all the misinformation being spread, ideological battlegrounds like Wikipedia feeding misinformation from biased sources lacking fact-checking skills, and the complete breakdown of communication between journalists and their audiences, it’s no surprise that people are generally fed up with the way mainstream corporate media is being run.


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