Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle Is A VR Game Featuring Flying Dragons

A lot of the VR titles that initially launched with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were mostly experimental games with very little ingenuity put into the gameplay outside of a few indie titles here and there. As the VR headsets begin to saturate the market and slowly move beyond the enthusiast circles, we’re beginning to see some slightly original games starting to make their appearance, one of which includes the aerial dragon title Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle.

Those of you who have a PS3 might instantly be reminded of Lair from Factor 5, which launched early on in the console’s lifecycle, featuring top notch cinematic sequences and great graphical effects, but it ultimately suffered from poorly implemented controls and samey gameplay. Well, with the added benefit of VR, things could turn out very different for dragon-flying exploits in Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle from 4 Lab Studio.

It takes on a similar concept as Lair, but attempts to focus more on the visceral thrill of riding and flying on a dragon while navigating through various levels. A teaser trailer was released to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like. Check it out below.

We don’t get to see much because Ahros: One Warrior Chronicle is still heavily in development, and they plan on introducing gamers to the title first on September 29th when it enters into Early Access for the very first time.

The initial release will contain one location and six different missions to complete, including riding on the dragon and utilizing the turret.

Ahros will be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Hopefully it can capture the feeling of riding a dragon that Lair failed to do so many years ago. We’ll find out just how solid the gameplay experience is when it launches on September 29th at the end of the month.


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