Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 Walkthrough

Telltale released the second episode for Batman: The Telltale Series for home consoles and PC. The second episode is titled the “Children of Arkham”. For gamers curious about the game and might have trouble with some of the puzzles there’s a walkthrough available.

YouTuber TetraNinja has a complete playthrough of the second episode from start to finish, clocking in at just over an hour. You can check out the complete walkthrough below.

After going through a few dialogue sequences, your first interactive sequence will be examining the site of Wayne’s parents being murdered.

The second major interactive sequence involves scanning Montoya for evidence; you’ll then need to head back to the Batcave and examine the compound analyzed from Montoya. There’s nothing particularly special about the sequences that require much. The majority of it is just choosing dialogue options and interacting briefly with the environment.

When it’s time to scan for the signal using the drones, the first signal is located in the upper left hand corner of the city map. The second part of the signal is located on the isle. The third part of the signal is near the lower part of the map.

There’s a series of fights to deal with, along with a pretty cool tag-team fight with Catwoman.

You’ll then have a choice of being able to talk to Mayor Hill – after finding out his involvement with tarnishing Wayne’s reputation – as either Bruce Wayne or Batman. As Wayne you can guile your way into convincing Hill to spill the beans, assuming you can convince Hill he’s your friend. However, you’ll have to betray Harvey to gain Hill’s trust. Alternatively you can threaten Hill as Batman.

The final major segment of the episode involves a big showdown at the debate between Dent and Hill. Batman and Catwoman will have to take out the Penguin’s men who have taken over the auditorium where the debate is taking place, which means more fighting.


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