Battlefield 1 Will Launch With 9 Multiplayer Maps And 6 Game Modes

According to EA and DICE’s latest update on Battlefield’s official website, there will be nine multiplayer maps and six game modes to participate in when the game drops next month. Battlefield 1 is set to come out for PS4, PC and Xbox One on October 21st.

It seems as if the data mines and leaks are pretty much close to the actual list that EA and DICE have planned for alternate WW1 goers. Instead of wasting your time, lets get straight to the meat.

Ballroom Blitz: This is the first stage listed and will follow the final offensive of the war on the Meuse River in 1918. Players will also partake in trenches and fight near the railway hub at the edge of the map.

Argonne Forest: This map is more focused on infantry. Loaded with bunkers and machine guns scattered about, cover is said to be a soldiers friend on this map, next to any weapon.

The French town of Amiens: Center focused on urban warfare, vintage style, players will be nestled between Central Power offense and the Allies push through tight alleys.

Suez: This map has players fighting over the famous canal. It is noted that players will see a lot of sand dunes and open areas, which will also provide traction for lighter defenses.

Fao Fortress: Fighting near a massive Ottoman castle, marshes, bridges, sand dunes and the massive fortress itself, many locations will be in this stage.

The Saint Quentin’s Scar: Set during the Northern part of France, a massive battle rages in the town of Travecy.

Monte Grappa: Not blind like a Venetian, but high like the Venetian Alps. This map is centered around the Italians and Austro-Hungarians forces fighting over a fortress on a mountain that holds big cannons.

Empire’s Edge: Swimming through the horrors of war, we take to the Adriatic cost of Italy. Featuring Dreadnaught battleships and the shoreline of the Mediterranean, this battle holds a lot of diversity.

Sinai Desert: This map holds large open space, a small section of canyons, a small town to fight in, train tracks, and brutal desert conditions fit for planes, tanks and horses.

Giant’s Shadow: This map comes in as a bonus. It’s sole purpose stands to be DLC, but it is free for folks to download after the game comes out. More information on this map will most likely drop in the coming future.

As for game modes, the six (or seven) modes can be seen below:

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Operations
  • Rush
  • War Pigeon
  • Team Deathmatch
  • And a mystery mode named “Check Back for more”.

Battlefield 1 is set to come out for PS4, PC and Xbox One on October 21st. For more information on these stages and game modes you can head on over to

But, before signing out, I got to show you guys some funny stuff from the Open Beta. I myself also witnessed some of these things, but YouTuber CrowbCat reveals EA and DICE at their finest.


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