BioShock Remastered Cheat Trainer Enables Infinite Health, Money, Adam
(Last Updated On: September 17, 2016)

The BioShock collection bundle featuring remastered versions of the first two games has released on PC. A lot of gamers are having problems with the supposed remastered editions of the games, but for those who aren’t… there’s a new cheat trainer available that allows you to access unlimited health and money (amongst other things).

Over on the Mr. Antifun website Mr. Antifun himself released the new cheat trainer for the remastered edition of the original BioShock. The trainer features five different cheats to utilize, including:
• Inf.Health
• Inf.Eve
• Inf.Money
• Inf.Adams
• Inf.Ammo

The infinite stuff will help you seriously in battle against a number of different opponents. Later in the game things get real nasty, so I can see how the cheats might help you out a lot, especially against those Big Daddies.

Ammo was never an issue for me in BioShock but some people may use some weapons more than others and ammo might be an issue for those people. Even still, the cheat trainer is available in a small 4.4mb package, just like the rest of Mr. Antifun’s cheat trainers and you can grab it from over on the Mr. Antifun website.

Be warned, though, some people are having trouble with the remastered version of BioShock. The first two games on PC having undergone the remastered treatment may have come out with higher quality audio, better textures at higher resolutions, 4K support, improved shadows and lighting and better scaling, but at the same time the game has also apparently been the bane in the sides of gamers having trouble with the lack of an FOV slider, poor mouse acceleration, as well as constant crashing when attempting to enter into the very first level.

The myriad of issues plaguing some gamers has managed to muddy the waters for 2K’s grand remastered re-release of two classics, forcing the review score to drop significantly. Many people hope that there will be a patch to fix and address some of the issues. If you aren’t having any issues, well… grab the cheat trainer and have a blast.

(Main image courtesy of It’s a me Mario)

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