Birth.Movies.Death, Polygon Supported CON But Stay Silent On Harassment, Doxing
(Last Updated On: September 14, 2016)

The Crash Override Network leaks have been making their way around the world wide web, revealing that one of the internet media’s most praised organizations for dealing with abuse and harassment actually turned out to engage in abuse, harassment and doxing. They adopted in action a saying by movie critic Bob Chipman who claimed that there was no such thing as bad tactics, only bad targets.

Well, the chat log leaks from Skype and the card leaks from Trello has revealed that Crash Override Network have been involved in some of the very same things they claimed that they were victims of. Outlets like Heat Street and the Washington Examiner along with Age of Shitlords and AllThink have been giving a bit of attention to these leaked chat logs, but the websites that were praising Crash Override Network as the savior of anti-harassment and cyber-bullying prevention have been abnormally silent about the leaks.

I’ve tried reaching out to some of the journalists who previous reported on the Crash Override Network to inform them about the leaks but many of them have me blocked on Twitter. I did, however, send in some manual requests through the contact forms on some sites, such as Birth.Movies.Death in order to see if they would run any stories about the CON leaks or at least update their previous articles covering the organization, but after a week there has been no response from them.

Birth.Movies.Death wrote a couple of pieces about Zoe Quinn, one of which included a piece dedicated to Crash Override Network, co-founded by Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz. The article about CON was published on January 17th, 2015 by Andrew Todd, where he describes it as…

“[…] the Crash Override Network – and after operating in secret for weeks, it’s gone public, to the hilarious uproar of GamerGaters outraged that there actually is a secret SJW army out there somewhere.


“So seek help if you need it; if you don’t, speak out against harassers and support others in their attempts to do so. Only by standing up to these bullies will we take them down.”

Many of those who use the GamerGate hashtag have been attempting to speak out against Crash Override Network’s documented harassment and doxing, but there has been no response from the media.

I tried contacting Todd specifically about correcting his article or at least considering updating it but I’m blocked by Todd and cannot communicate with him.

Polygon also wrote about Crash Override on March 11th, 2015. Polygon wrote…

“In the face of harassment, there is no wrong way to feel, Quinn said. Your feelings are valid, and how you deal with the stress of being harassed is unique to you. The slogan of “don’t feed the trolls” is as tired as it is useless, she added — they want your silence.


“The best thing you can do is be proactive. This is a principle her anti-harassment network Crash Override — which recently partnered with nonprofit organization The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative — practices.”

So far Polygon has made no mention, correction, update or new article detailing Crash Override Network and the chat log leaks confirming the corporate sabotage of a $400,000 production by Maker Studios, targeting a Purple Heart veteran, and attempting to dox and incite harassment against people they didn’t like.

Polygon’s editor-in-chief, Chris Grant, was sent the initial press package containing the CON leaks that various other outlets such as Kotaku, IGN, Eurogamer, and even One Angry Gamer received back on August 25th, 2016, but they’ve been silent about the leaks despite their significance.

There are a lot more outlets who wrote about Crash Override Network, attempts are still being made to contact them to see if they have any plans to update their articles or inform their readers about the nefarious behavior that has been exposed by the supposed anti-abuse organization.

At the moment, sub-Reddits like GamerGhazi are working in overtime to scrub and delete any mention of the Crash Override Network leaks, as archived and evidenced by the deleted threads that were recovered by Reddit user lucben999.

(Main image courtesy of Tran4of3)

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  • durka durka

    ” one of the internet media’s most praised organizations ”

    i stepped away from this kind of stuff after GG i dont even watch sargon of akkad anymore.

    So how important is CON right now? Is it promoted by the usual suspects?

    • Any time Quinn does anything, they give praise to CON. Recently the gravy train of promotion was brought to a halt because the leaks happened, and now a lot of the sites have grown incomprehensibly silent.

  • Alistair

    Andrew todd is a fucking hypocrite if i need help i get some-one smarter then them did you see he bang on his fucking war drum.

    Like a crybaby block you, then theated to take down gamergate.

    That you regression lefts retards you dealing with.

  • lucben999

    Senpai noticed me.

  • Alistair

    Another godsend that polygon got is not having the DISQUS comment system as if they did we be right over there calling out they bullshit.

    But Kotaku has gotten the DISQUS, i sometimes comment on there but now it very Rare have you notice Kotaku doesn’t do regular unfavorable articles like it use too.

    Because kotaku didnt have the DISQUS at one time as it ask me to sign up.

    Besides no other websites are covering this story not even suppose Anti-censorship Niche gamer they often wrote about GG in its early days but no more.

    Maybe its time to say goodbye to Niche gamer. Because do not be surprise if NG been called out when they report on a censored game. or a GG article when they didnt cover this. By staying silent they knottowing to SJWs.

    It’s rather sad all round, it a matter of time before something gives.

    So lets test this out, we can send the link to of the leaks to your’ve media twitter account mine media output comes from. @BBCNEWS.

    & see what response it get. If any.

    • “Besides no other websites are covering this story not even suppose Anti-censorship Niche gamer they often wrote about GG in its early days but no more.

      Maybe its time to say goodbye to Niche gamer. Because do not be surprise if NG been called out when they report on a censored game. or a GG article when they didnt cover this. By staying silent they knottowing to SJWs.

      It’s rather sad all round, it a matter of time before something gives.”

      I think Niche Gamer are okay. I think they’ve (Brandon) decided to just cover video games and avoid the GamerGate drama. Their reporting on video games news is good, no bias and no bullshit SJW/feminist spin.

      Their reviews however may be slightly biased at times, but that’s the opinion of the reviewer himself/herself. The only thing I do have a concern with is when they review Western censored games and give so little attention to the fact that the game was butchered. It’s almost like they try to sweep it under the rug. Then again that could be down to some contractual obligation from the developers supplying them their games to review? No-one knows.

      But I understand your concern though. NG staying silent on the issue means that normies, sheeple and new gamers who visit the site will miss out on the GamerGate issues.

  • Expect this kind of thing to continue until the political spectrum starts shifting right, edging into the middle where there would be a fair balance for both sides.

    Right now, the political pendulum has swung so far to the left that all the advantage is with the regressive leftist “liberal” pieces of shits. Examples of these include BLM, feminism, LGBT, etc.

    With Donald Trump, his supporters, GamerGate, the Alt-Right, Milo, Infowars, Breitbart, etc… could this really be the start of the end of the regressive little SJW snowflakes that has dominated Western society for the last 30 years?

    • Mr.Towel

      If Trump gets elected, it’s very likely that it happens.

      Trump is no saint, but as far as the cultural war goes,that’s a good thing. Trump represents old white money, but right-sided, so it would be fire against fire. You can be sure that as soon as Trump gets to power, various media enterprises will seek his assistance to seize the moment for a fighting chance against current media giants, and Trump will obviously support that by changing a lot of laws around Libel claims and journalism Ethics.

      • Alistair

        The thing is wasn’t trump against Porn, we know hillary views on video games.

        Either way gamers are screwed. There no guarantee what happen over there wont reach us in UK and rest of EU.

        This year already being a suck year. 🙁

        • Mr.Towel

          Trump himself definetely does not seem to have any problem with porn hahahaha His voters… that might be another story. That would be a worst case scenario for us. We would have to fight back against moralists SJW from today and the ressurected religious fanatics from the past.

          • Alistair

            That true everything is never set in stone, there are others from congress to keep them in check & Us gamers.

        • durka durka

          “here wont reach us in UK and rest of EU.”

          You wanna know what will take longer than UK exiting the EU? enforcing EU rules when everyone is like “meh i do what i want” this is why Europe will never become usa and will always be weak.

          • Alistair

            I dont know about being weak, If we start in UK censorsing channel 4 shows full nudity and channel 5 porn nights. Gal gun, senran series, etc etc then that does show we weak.

            Basically we lay back of questionable content, can it be said over there in NA.

            What if hiliary get elected then what gonna happen then. We got 2nd woman PM we still do not know her views and wont know till she calls the general election.

      • One-Eye

        And if Hillary wins (*shudder*) the first thing she’ll do is regulate the internet and effectively shut down all libertarian and conservative speech online.

        Because, you know, feelings and stuff.

        • durka durka

          hillary is a corporaretist she couldnt give a fuck what you shitpost.

          • One-Eye

            So Twitter, Google and Facebook aren’t corporations that will gladly bend over for her?

            Shit, mate, they’re doing it already.

      • durka durka

        Trump is a gigantic fucking buffoon so are most of the republicans, but dont worry like i said to the other side once those crazy people are in charge you will remember what the right is. For example trump does not want to stop libel, he IS libel, when you say crazy shit all the time and you got a trail of lawsuits against other people, it is blatantly clear you are not a respectable businessman nor a serious leader but a loudmouthed whinny manchild buffoon.

        • An Hillary Clinton, the ultimate SJW-feminist candidate, is so much better.

          Oh wait.

    • durka durka

      Am sorry but this is bullshit and you are bullshit as well usa is a centeright country and this happened because you fucktards had to deal with the right so long. It seems you forgot what the right is, dont worry if the crazy people you talking about take over you will see the other side of the coin. I mean fuck alt right? They are racist, infowars? Cray conspiracy theories?

      Trump is a diplomatic incident waiting to happen and the republicans party platform considers porn a public menace dont by an idiot.

      • Donald Trump is by no means a saint, we all know that. However when he is compared to Hillary Clinton, he is a saint.

        And sorry to break it to you but the Alt-Right are most definitely not the same as the ultra-right wing conservative Bible-thumping idiots.

        The Alt-Right are actually a diverse group that is more against SJWs, political correctness and the globalists.

        If you honestly think that the Alt-Right are just a set of racists, sexists and white supremecists then you’re a gullible idiot who has been swallowing up what mainstream media feeds you.

        So what are you then? A Hillary shill?

    • Guy Dudebro

      The barrier between mainstream media and the internet was demolished about ten years ago, and the hole has been widening ever since.

      Did we really need to reach the point where Pepe the Frog is being named by mainstream media as a mascot for neo-nazism, before we fucking stop and look at what our world has become?

      • “Did we really need to reach the point where Pepe the Frog is being named by mainstream media as a mascot for neo-nazism, before we fucking stop and look at what our world has become?”

        It should’ve happened at least 10 years earlier.

        Back then, whenever SJWs and feminists did retarded things, we were continously told by brain-dead normies to “just ignore them and they’ll go away”.

        Boy, I hope these same normies are enjoying choking down their SJW-feminist turd sandwiches now.

  • scemar

    everything is as expected
    what matters is what happens next

    this should not be allowed to be forgotten or hidden under the rug or minimized

    they have to forever be remembered of their choices
    what they have supported, what they have said, when they have remained silent, etc

    • It’s all we can do for now. Mainstream media and news outlets will always protect them no matter what.

      Basically we need to keep hammering home their corruption so that it reaches a point where the MSM and MSGM (Mainstream Games Media) can no longer afford to ignore it.

  • Crackhead Bob

    Not really surprising that places like Polygon won’t cover it. Hell, a month or so ago I saw an article where they were still pretending that Alison Rapp got fired because of big twitter meanies and not because she was, you know..a hooker

    • One-Eye

      Not to mention she’s pro-child pornography.

      • durka durka

        There is a great comment on a selfie of hers in ED

        “I don’t think she wants to fuck children… I think she wants to go back to being a child and get fucked”

  • Graham

    This is incredibly unjust. These people that have infiltrated the gaming sub-culture are so devoid of ethics and they go on with impunity because the mainstream media supports them.
    Gamergate (rather Anti-Gamergate) is just an example of the fuckery that goes on all over.

  • One-Eye

    Not to mention Quinn and Randi Harper directly organising a racist harassment campaign against African-American Candace Owens, who was trying to get that ‘Social Autopsy’ program Kickstarted.

    Quinn stuck her nose in, basically told Owens that this was her world and she would have obey Queen Quinn’s orders. Owens told her to go jump and within minutes found her personal email inbox flooded with vile racist comments.

    Owens also found herself being viciously attacked and lied about by the MEDIA; people who were simpatico with Quinn and her cabal of professional victims. Owens admits she was completely naive about the collusion between the antiGGers and the Leftist media and she was taken for a ride.

    The Ralph Retort (for all his flaws) did a spectacular job exposing Quinn and Harper’s blindingly obvious hand in this.

    Oh, and fuck Devin Faraci and his of beta manginas over there at Birth.Movies.Death. That site is an SJW dumpster fire.

    In fact, they just recently posted another loving ode to Zoe Quinn, and the story that she was going a game with Chuck Tingle.

    I thought: “Really, Devin, you’re willing to triple-down on this piece of garbage?”

    • Alistair

      Oh yes a social app to counter bullying that a bullying group doesn’t like it makes total sense. It also speads doom on the rest of us too.

      Double edge sword it is. The only time im for SJWs is that social autopsy, it can open up for abuse, even minors that should be protected will find themselves on it. What ever happen to ” Oh please think of the children”.

  • C G Saturation

    I forget the details, but I remember that Polygon was created by, funded by and run by assholes, who make up lots of bullshit and promote their friends. So they can go fuck themselves. I don’t understand why non-masochists go there.

    Never heard of “Birth.Movies.Death”, but I wouldn’t have guessed in a thousand years that it’s a website. I initially thought it was something Polygon was whining about to dictate how we should feel offended.

    • One-Eye

      It’s a movie website run by a mangina named Devin Faraci, who is one of the most hated regressive leftists on the web.

      He started as the resident ban-hammer at C.H.U.D. and was legendary for his thin skin and willingness to ban anybody who disagreed with him in any way. A tradition that has continued to this day.

      • Alistair

        The name “birth,movies,death” Sounds like a cult doesn’t it a SJWs cult of nutjobs.

        and should stay the fuck away. Isnt that cuck man said that gamers are like IS terrorists. 1 more reason to dont belive what devin says. Devin is the Devil.

      • Guy Dudebro

        Him and Peter Coffin should meet for coffee sometime. They can start the Human Trash Society.

    • durka durka

      “. I don’t understand why non-masochists go there. ”

      Good sir are you insinuating that sjws who cant stop talking about petty nonexistent bullshit like cultural appropriation and talk about their FEELINGS and the morals of a story and try to identify with everything and engage in discussion based on tolerance are masochistic? You meant to tell me they are fucked up in the head and dont like fun?

  • Hawk Hopper

    …the Crash Override Network – and after operating in secret for weeks, it’s gone public, to the hilarious uproar of GamerGaters outraged that there actually is a secret SJW army out there somewhere.

    GamerGaters also had an hilarious uproar when the CONleaks showed CON doing all the things they said they were trying to stop.

    Also, I never heard about big fat cat fucker Andrew Todd until reading this article and…

    • One-Eye

      I’d only read his articles and that’s EXACTLY what I imagined he would look like.

      • By the way, even though that movie Valhalla kind of sucked… Mads Mikkelson was super badass in that. Loved the One-Eye character.

    • durka durka

      You mean to tell me there is some kind of autoblocker designed to protect sjws who dont exist, from GG? No way, you are crazy next up you gonna tell me that they are all connected and this neckbeard standing behind him is Devin Faraci…..wait that is Devin Faraci in the in the picture!!