Brief Karate Foolish Replaces Sexy Underwear Fighting Girls With Men

There are quite a few games on Steam with sexy women fighting in their underwear in deadly tournaments for fame and glory, well Brief Karate Foolish is a parody of that genre and takes the same concept but replaces those sexy ladies with not-so-sexy, flabby Asian guys in underwear!

Developers DreamCreationSystem released a few videos on their YouTube channel showcasing their new game. Brief Karate Foolish is a 2D arcade fighting game, but the funny part about it is they took the classic old-school Mortal Kombat sprite system and took real life humans, captured their movements and pasted them into the game. This gives Brief Karate Foolish a retro 90s look and pixel art style that is quite different from what we normally get out of indie retro game titles.

brief-karate-foolishAlthough Brief Karate Foolish is a parody game that you shouldn’t take seriously, they actually took the time to develop several characters and put together a functioning combat system that appears to include about nine underwear wearing combatants for you to choose from, each with their own unique fighting styles and special abilities for you to master.

You can dodge, jump, duck, air-juggle and string together powerful combos to defeat your opponents. There are a few moves that you will recognize from other series, such as Ryu and Ken’s Hadoken or E. Honda’s palm strike combo from the Street Fighter series, but majority of their “fighting” moves are silly comical attacks.

It says that language is all in Japanese, but there are parts of Spanish that pops up as well… so I don’t know what’s up with that, but there currently isn’t an English translation version listed for release. From the moment I saw this game’s thumbnail my first thought was “What in the world am I looking at?” and proceeded to chuckle at the character designs and fighting moves in the below video. Take a look at Brief Karate Foolish in action in the combat trailer I linked below.

If it wasn’t already obvious, this is a Steam Greenlight game (because I doubt you can find these types of games anywhere else) that is looking to gain approval from the community. Brief Karate Foolish will be free to play upon release, and is currently scheduled for a fourth quarter 2016 release date. Brief Karate Foolish will also feature two player local combat so you can play with your buddies as well.

If for whatever reason you are interested in seeing more out-of-shape Asian men fighting in their briefs, then follow the provided link to learn more about the game and cast your vote.