Crash Override Network Leaks Spawn New Corruption Entries on Deep Freeze

Crash Override Network

The website Deep Freeze has been described as “Pokedex for games journalist” by Destructoid and is looked upon with great contempt by the denizens of NeoGaf. The truth of the matter is that Deep Freeze, operated by one Bone Golem, is an archive of wrongdoing, corruption, collusion, conspiracies and clickbait committed by video game journalists. In light of the recent Crash Override Network chat log leaks, several new entries have been made to the Deep Freeze database.

The chat logs were leaked by a former member of the specialist abuse organization, Crash Override Network. It was started up by Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinn as a way to combat online harassment and abuse. However, some of the chat logs revealed that members and associates of Crash Override Network have been engaging in harassment, doxxing and abuse.

With the logs now out and available for general perusal, Bone Golem began making ties to some of the journalists who gave certain members of Crash Override Network coverage, as well as some of the conflicts of interest and corruption that may have spawned from those connections.

Bone Golem made a lengthy post over on Kotaku In Action, detailing the games journalists who skirted the line of ethics in favor of giving close friends some free coverage. This includes several articles by Brendan Keogh, who wrote favorably about Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest on several occasions, including an article on Polygon in 2013, an interview in Unwinnable Monthly in 2014, and an article on Overland in 2015. Keogh has close ties with Quinn according to Bone Golem’s diggings, and even supported her crowd-funding efforts back in 2012, according to a tweet he made four years ago.

Philip Kollar also financially supported Zoe Quinn, with Kollar contributing to Quinn’s Patreon and one of her crowd-funding campaigns, previous to writing about Quinn on in his piece on Polygon about the Law & Order: SVU episode that tackled #GamerGate. Kollar had no disclosures about his financial ties to Quinn.

Ian Miles Cheong from GameRanx also was listed in Bone Golem’s roll out, but those two entries have been amended after the COIs were brought to Cheong’s attention and disclosures were added retroactively.


And Danny O’Dwyer, who recently departed ways from Gamespot, also gets an entry on Deep Freeze for having contributed to Zoe Quinn’s crowd-funding campaign and was featured in the credits for Depression Quest. So why the entry? Because he made couple of videos about Quinn without disclosing his ties.

There are more entries than what’s listed here made on Deep Freeze. You can check out all of the latest updates by visiting the website.

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