Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 VR Triggers Journalists Into Calling It Sexual Assault
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2016)

Koei Tecmo has not, will not and have taken a stance at all costs to not release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West. It’s only available in Asia. Regardless of this fact, Western journalists are attacking the game, calling it sexual assault, over the depiction of the virtual women because the VR update for the game will let players fondle the bikini-clad models.

While some sites have expressed excitement and heart-racing anticipation for the VR update for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 – arriving in time for the launch of the PlayStation VR, which is due out this October for the PS4 – other journalists have become “triggered”.

The term “triggered” has become popularized recently by Social Justice Warriors, relating to content that frightens them or causes great distress and anxiety. That’s precisely what happened with many websites after witnessing a short demo of a Japanese man poking the buttocks of Kasumi and bobbling her breasts like a giddy newborn, flailing in an attempt to fetch hold for milky nourishment.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it below.

Various outlets have been reiterating claims along the lines of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR basically being “Sexual Assault: The Game”. In fact, that was literally the headline for Sean Buckley’s piece on Engadget.

Polygon’s Allegra Frank likened it to “creepy” “harassment”, writing…

“[…] it’s the notion of VR as paradise that boggles the mind. The mode appeals directly to that customer who reduces a woman to an object, not a character with personality quirks and interests. The head-tracking device transforms the body into a controller, making the user at once more vulnerable and more powerful. This makes VR a terrifying conceit to me, as the owner of a dangerous body. A woman can be physically intimidated in the view of a VR headset, and her personal space can be actively invaded.”

Frank throws around often buzzwords like “male gaze” and “ownership”, attempting to make gamers feel guilty for being sexually attracted to women based on their physical form.

Metro’s Olivia Waring dropped the game in a bucket labeled “interactive sexual assault”. Waring writes…

“Let’s just say the VR version of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 is not designed with female players in mind – rather, horny men who want the full buxom avatar experience.”

CogConnected stated that the game promoted “rape culture”, writing…

“When PlayStation VR hits the market it will be launching with this piece of trash in its library. In a recent video from it shows an active VR game mode that actually allows the player to ogle and harass female characters. It goes so far as allowing the player to virtually ‘touch’ the characters while they verbally protest and quite frankly, look downright uncomfortable. This isn’t scantily clad characters, that’s hardly worth being in an uproar over. This is violent and aggressive promotion of sexual assault.”

Interestingly enough, it seems to be lost in the media’s invective conversation that in reality, if you’re an American you can’t buy this game from store shelves.

Last year there was such a fuss over feminism, sexism and female portrayal in video games kicked up by the media that Koei Tecmo originally stated they weren’t going to sell the game in the West. The Facebook operator for the Dead or Alive page bluntly revealed back in November of 2015 exactly why Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 wasn’t heading West, writing…

“Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.”

Koei just didn’t want to become exasperated dealing with SJWs and third-wave feminist advocates. Therefore, the only way to get your hands on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is to import it.

This move made a lot of fans of the series incensed, so much so that open revolt against SJWs became a thing. However, it became so bad that Anime News Network prohibited users from blaming Social Justice Warriors for preventing the game from being sold in the West.

If the revolt of the game wasn’t made apparent by media back at the end of 2015, it’s very apparent now.

Sites like Next Shark and Tech.Mic, along with Polygon, Metro, and even Australia’s have all basically reacted in the exact way that Koei Tecmo expected, attacking the game in ways they were desperately trying to avoid by keeping the game out of America.

Other companies like Bandai Namco have also seen the headlines and have opted not to bring over games like Summer Lesson VR to the West in order to avoid being attacked by the media or SJWs. Idea Factory International also relinquished efforts to bring some titles West when they discovered how much would have to be censored to allow the games to be sold. Thus, the attacks from media, the bombardment from the Social Justice Warriors and the effort to run perpetual damage control is actually causing some developers to avoid releasing their games in America altogether.

Regardless of the protests, Western gamers can still import Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 from shops like Play-Asia, and it will be possible to utilize the VR aspects when the update goes live alongside the launch of the PlayStation VR this October.

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  • Trolly Cart

    I bought this game just to give them another sale. Buying the Vita version too.

    I can’t wait for this to finally launch, VR chicks are vastly better than dealing with the complaining of a real woman.

    At least you can hit a button and shut them the fuck up if you want to.

    Freaking awesome.

  • Mr. M

    It is a GAME. It is NOT real. You usually KILL people in games and no one says anything. You play in the privacy of your own room. You do not harm anyone. And, besides all, harassment for sure does not come from players of this game or other ones of his kind, but from some criminal individuals that maybe even does not play games. A last thought: in TV and cinema, violence differs from porn, because the first one is not true. Instead, porn is true, there are two or more people doing real sex. So it can be understood that violence is more accepted than porn in our society. BUT in videogames all is FAKE. No sex is real. No violence is real. No persons are real. We can not expect adults unable to distinguis between real and fake, this would create an army of stupid and indoctrinated persons. People must have their own criteria and take decisions. That is the basic freedom.

  • Jimmy

    That’s the developer decision to not bring it here to the west so blame them, hell look at rockstar they got flak for the GTA series and they were just fine so it’s just a marketing ploy from koei and especially play Asia because no can b this to believe that they can realease the game in the west because of sjw going to criticize them

    • it’s just a marketing ploy from koei and especially play Asia

      Play-Asia sure, they make a hefty buck every time a game gets banned or censored and you have to order through them to get the full or uncensored game.

      Koei Tecmo? Um, no. They lose A LOT. The amount of money they made from imports pales in comparison to releasing a game regionally because 1.) only people who followed the controversy would know that they would have to import a game like DOAX3. 2.) Fewer shops are carrying the game so that’s lower market reach and lower market reach means fewer customers. 3) The game isn’t available as a digital purchase outside of Asia, which also hurts Koei Tecmo’s bottom line (fewer sales).

      However, companies like Koei Tecmo have to weigh the possibility of fewer sales against an onslaught of media backlash, which CAN affect their stock price based on potentially harming investor confidence. 10+ articles from people all claiming your company is a misogynistic, woman-hating corporation? Koei took the road with least resistance, and as a Japanese company that has kept their profile rather modest over the years (unlike Konami or Capcom) I can’t entirely blame them for the decision.

      • Jimmy

        If team ninja would of treat their female characters like actual characters instead of just fap material or be like tekken with their female characters

        • If team ninja would of treat their female characters like actual characters instead of just fap material or be like tekken with their female characters

          But here’s the thing… why can’t a company have a game with fap-material characters?

          It’s not as if Koei Tecmo has any sort of social/political aspirations attached to the Dead or Alive series. It’s not like they’re telling people to go out and fondle buxom women or to go get into fights and rip off each other’s clothes. Ultimately, if companies like SNK and Namco have female characters who you’ve labeled as “actual characters” why can’t Koei Tecmo have a series with characters who are fap material?

          It’s no different than some FPS games being nothing but gore fests (Killing Floor 2) while some FPS games have mature, thought-provoking stories. Why can’t we have both?

          • Jimmy

            There’s nothing wrong with having both is that if they want to improve on the reputation they have to be atleast be a bit like snk or tekken where the girls are hot but not over sexualize to the point they disrespect their characters

    • Frostbite883

      >>it’s just a marketing ploy from koei and especially play Asia because no can b this to believe that they can realease the game in the west because of sjw going to criticize them

      Can actually see that being the case.

  • phatmanXXL

    They need a topless mode then I’ll buy.

    • If they put it on PC there will be aneurysms from journalists for days.

      • Nick Sivetz

        So be it

    • Alistair

      dont think that gonna happen CERO does not like to see nipples at all and genitals. so i do not see why the gaming press need to be up in arms about this.

      so with that knowledge what can the devs do?, their can only do the next best thing. semi naked of lolis females while the western devs does fully expose tit in games so the gaming press navigate views are mooted.

  • jjj0309

    This article is literal factual assault lynch.

  • static5225

    Meanwhile, actual sexism, rapes, and sexual assaults from Muslim majority countries and migrants are being ignored. Remember the sexual assaults in Cologne? A leaked report revealed that the number of migrants and victims were not in the hundreds, but the thousands. And we wouldn’t have known had someone not leaked this information to the public.

    But sure, let us be more concerned about how virtual women are treated…

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      we have to protect their virtual rights huh?
      so they can become virtual feniminazis and join the virtual feminazi militia

  • scemar

    keep em coming
    their hypocrisy is a great way to generate some temporal outrage within their echo chambers, but it’s also a sure way to kill whatever’s left of their reliability as an information source

  • Jimmy

    What the hell is wrong with you they can’t have their own opinion, why do every time people criticize a game you like you have to botch and moan about it instead of ignoring it and realizing not everybody like doax3, you don’t see anime fans get butt hurt when some one complain about an anime having too much fanservice

    • Because they’re criticising a game by outright lying, slandering and bullying to push an extremely authoritarian political agenda that is hurting the gamers and the industry.

      What happened to being open-minded and changing the channel if you don’t like what you see? That way everyone wins.

      Don’t let me stop you cucking away on your soapbox though

    • Mr.Towel

      If you say an anime is shit because it has too much fan service… it’s ok. That’s how it usually goes.

      However what is happening here is not that. What is happenning here is this: “Watching/playing/liking/empathisizing with this anime/game is evil. Because this anime/game is evil and everyone who likes it’s evil. They’re truly evil. They incite rape, sexual assault, misoginy, women genocide. This game should not be allowed to exist, it should be burned and everyone who defends or likes should be punished as well. It condones sexual assault, therefore it condones rape, therefore it creates rapists, therefore it makes women suffer, there it’s evil.”

      That’s whats happening here.

    • lucben999

      This is not criticism, they’re making authoritative claims about the effects of the game on society, without evidence, and even when evidence to the contrary exists. This is exactly what Jack Thompson did and the only road it leads to is censorship.

    • They can totally have their opinions, but I wanted to record those opinions and do an article about it so that in the future when they claim that they never set out to attack the game/company/etc., to get it banned, censured, etc., it’s on record that they did.

      Back when Koei Tecmo first said DOAX3 wasn’t coming to the West due to feminism/SJWs, the media all claimed “There are no SJWs and SJWs never attacked this game.”

      Next time they say that about a game not coming to the West due to (insert political agenda here), there’s an article to point to.

      • Jimmy

        Have you seen the video, don’t you think Doax vr little comes across a little bit creepy or your standards are that low and it not like the game is banned you can still get of its not release here in the west

        • kalil6

          “across a little bit creepy”
          no i dont, you know why because… is… FUCKING… fictional.
          “you can still get”
          is this gonna be your new defence? you people insult the game, gamers, the company and the game developers. you are a cancer in the industry that needs to die out. if you dont like the games GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

        • Here we go, here comes the SJW moral high-horse preaching

          Just what would we do without you, Mr. Arbiter? Please save us all

        • Whether I think it’s creepy or not doesn’t matter because I didn’t buy the game. But… that shouldn’t mean that the demographic who would buy it should be restricted from doing so at the behest of moral arbiters in the media. If the ratings boards have problems with it then so be it. But who is a journalist to dictate what should be allowed on the free market?

          There are plenty of games with creepy content that still get sold, two of the upcoming games that go way beyond what you see in DOAX3VR includes Agony and Scorn and I don’t see those games getting protested (yet).

          • Alistair

            you are spot on you know you right when SJWs slate anyone who buy this game.

            and the hypocrisy of them even though they got the game not release for the west but got the gall to import it to further slate the game now it still getting slated.

        • C G Saturation

          Just because you think it’s creepy doesn’t mean it should be banned or that the media (who are supposed to be fucking objective) should gang up on it out of some twisted sense of “justice”, and dictate how everyone should should feel about it.

          Have you ever considered that what you see as creepy has been defined for you by the same media?

          Most people who like the DOA series for various reasons have always been annoyed that people don’t take DOA seriously because of the fan service. I’m one of those people, but you don’t see me going around telling everyone it should be banned or is sexual harassment.

          I’ve always liked DOA for how its combat feels, and I only got DOAX because I thought it’d be fun to enjoy a beach resort as an attractive girl. There aren’t any games like that. But I didn’t think DOAX would be so bare bones. If I’ve told people not to buy it, it’s for that reason.

          I showed DOAX to a Japanese female friend, and while she liked various parts of the game, she didn’t like the camera panning around the bed (which is understandable). Notice she didn’t get offended at the game in general, because *gasp* females in Japan understand that males find females attractive. They don’t get all offended about it, because they accept it as a natural fact of life.

          • SayWhatNow

            Tecmo didn’t bring it to the west because:

            A) it’s weird
            B) it’s a feature for weird nerds
            C) the media rightly called them out for being weirdos
            D) tecmo don’t want to be associated primarily with weird games for weird nerds.

            Forget all your lame whining about the “SJWs” who are ruining society etc etc. and accept the fact that if you’re into this, you’re weird.

          • Alistair

            i think the same thing i think anybody that thinks fiction characters got the same rules of right as real persons, and cant tell the difference between Real and fantasy are strange.

            a mental health problem, the doctor will now see you now..

          • say what now, SJW?

        • fdjs

          No, it’s not creepy at all, because no real people are being affected.

    • Dancouga

      Lol people can dislike their outrage which keeps games out from here

    • C G Saturation

      A professional reviewer’s priority should be an objective review. That’s not to say they can’t have an opinion, but they shouldn’t be trying to push that opinion as fact, and it should be more of an afterthought than the main meat of any review.

      There’s also a difference between having an opinion about something and trying to push everyone into agreeing via implied moral guilt.

      • Alistair

        they got killed by the 1st demon because they sucked no need to belittle the game.

    • Smug

      There is a big difference between “not liking a game” and “claiming the game is promoting rape”

    • fdjs

      “I don’t like thing” != “People shouldn’t be allowed to make thing”.

      Get it through your fucking skull.

  • Imagine if the gender roles in the game were reversed. So for example, instead of being able to bash into breasts and booty of the bikini girls, you could bash into the bulges and abs of the speed guys.

    What’s the bet that these same mainstream journalist’s tunes would be completely different?

    “it’s only a bit of fun!”
    “something for the ladies to enjoy!”
    “VR demonstrates it’s progressiveness by including female gamers”
    “are you ready ladies? meet the boys of DOA!”
    “harmless virtual reality means something for the lady gamers to enjoy!”
    “our dislike for Koei Tecmo has lowered, as they show they are capable of diversity and inclusivity”
    “ladies, want a good time with some handsome men? try DOAX3 VR!”

    etc. etc. etc.

    • But everybody knows that sexism only works one way!

    • Alistair

      indeed the flesh of a man 6 pack get the juices flowing. No eyecandy for billy and the shitlords it is written by Queen Anita moonlight.
      so i written a book too it called 1001 ways to piss off and defy SJWs.

    • Mr. M


  • C G Saturation

    I see the mainstream media is still full of shit. It’s interesting how they tell everyone what should be perceived as “sexual harassment”, like teaching a batch of sheep how to get offended.

    • Sevuz

      Still and always will be full of it. If they don’t want to turn every women into a fem and make men ashamed of being… well men, they will try to shame you for criticizing Islam, BLM and mentally whiny college + university student’s behavior.

      • “mentally whiny college + university student’s behavior.”

        The issue with the SJW and the Lyft cab driver irked me quite a bit.

        It’s shocking how the mainstream media, academia and entertainment media constantly defends and enables this disgraceful behaviour.

        People like her are pretty much the reason on why I am an Anti-SJW/feminist.

        • C G Saturation

          I’ve read that she created and runs an elite private club for very rich girls. So she’s probably yet another entitled rich brat trying to make herself feel better by attacking other people.

          • scemar

            yeah, most likely
            same as those BLM types who would speak of their “oppression” while demanding people’s sympathy for being rich kids in elitist colleges that guarantee they’ll have a better job than 90% of the population

            a second layer of irony is the fact that they rile poor people up so they go and torch down their own towns and spread anti cop sentiments but of course you don’t see them torching down their own towns and or their family’s businesses

          • scemar

            yeah, most likely
            same as those BLM types who would speak of their “oppression” while demanding people’s sympathy for being rich kids in elitist colleges that guarantee they’ll have a better job than 90% of the population

            a second layer of irony is the fact that they rile poor people up so they go and torch down their own towns and spread anti cop sentiments but of course you don’t see them torching down their own towns and or their family’s businesses

          • Alistair

            she putting her body on display a SJW that all what they stand to get rid of every thing offensive after i see a thumbnail of that vid.

            her tattoos says alot of her. she played the offensive victim well while own a porn site that SJWs loath.

  • Arbitrary

    “…so much so that open revolt against SJWs became a thing.”

    Ha. Ha.


    • Even Joe Rogan doesn’t like SJWs and he’s a pretty far lefty.

      • durka durka

        or secular talk

    • C G Saturation

      While that may sound like overstatement, I have certainly been seeing more anti-SJW sentiment than before. Nearly everyone used to ignore it, hoping it would go away. Now I’m seeing all kinds of people on different sites complaining about it. Too little, too late, of course.

      • DizzyGear

        We could sure use more companies like Play Asia who turned taunting and mocking SJW’s into an effective marketing strategy.
        Most other companies have spines made of pudding when it comes to SJW’s.

        • C G Saturation

          Yeah, and now we have assholes like Google/YouTube banning the term “SJW”.

          • Alistair

            the question is why mundanmatt a hardcore critic of SJWs has gone soft with youtube.

            it doest make sense.

    • MusouTensei

      Yes actually, I’ve seen gamers on a german gaming forum, who else never did it before and “attacked” me from doing it very often in the past, cursing SJWs because DoAX3.

    • durka durka

      it didnt? i saw so much of it that i got tired of it.